To Carol, on ‘Silk Road Visions’

Wow!!! What a succession of tremendously ‘right on’ articles on your ‘Home’ page!… The piece about the various accusations against New Age, applied to Christianism and other main stream, unquestioned fields of collective crimes, is simply perfect – thank you also for writing it so strongly, it was needed.

But it is this piece on this page, so moving, about your Lybian inner roots, that hit my heart with the emotion of soul-recognition: I ‘know’ that I have also within the Me of my eternal Present a Berber ‘of long ago’ – and in this lifetime I have managed to be born in Algiers, when my parents stayed there only for a few months at the end of WWII, without any personal interest in the place or North Africa in general. I literally crave couscous and always had a fascination for the Touareg and other remnants of the original Berber people. Sparked off by some Readings from Edgar Cayce (also one of my favorite sources) about the Atlantean refugees on various coasts at the time, I did a few months ago a whole research (on Google mostly) and constituted a file of documents studying languages, cultures, genetics, etc, that, put all together, showed the relation between all the places where Modern Science sees what it calls ‘Cro-Magnon Civilisation’ around the world… all the places mentioned also by Edgar Cayce, of course!… Even in the case of the Berbers and that whole area, I suddenly noticed what is the name of the chain of mountains there: the ‘Atlas’ mountains!!!
My family comes actually from the Caribbean West Indies (the French little island Martinique) very near the location of the main area of the submerged continent; I grew up myself in West Africa where my parents were diplomats for the French Government (it was still the colonial times), but I still remember the Canary Islands where the big ship we were on stopped for a day, on our way back to Martinique for a short visit; during my research I saw that in the Canary Islands were the now lost Guanches; and in France itself the Basques, whose very special culture, pride and intense temperament struck me so much as a child, are still quite aware, I read, of their Atlantean origins!!!
I won’t go on here, but if you are interested this is a topic I would love to go more into – including the personal memories, however faint or precise, that some of us may have of those lifetimes.
May I add that I too chose the feminine gender this time around, and am in my mid-sixties too…? Glad to meet you! …Or is it, to meet you again??? My pendulum says “Yes”, but I have no psychic ability to sense directly this kind of thing, as you seem to be able to, so I leave it up to you to verify what my pendulum says – if such a verification is of any interest for you, that is!…
My mother-tongue being French in this incarnation, please excuse the mistakes I may make in my use of the English language; I enjoy very much your very refined, wonderful way of using it yourself, so I feel somewhat limited in my capacity of expression here, but it will be only a minor problem I hope.


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