‘Entering the Circle’, by Olga Kharitidi

Entering the Circle: The Secrets of Ancient Siberian Wisdom Discovered by a Russian Psychiatrist, Kharitidi, Olga

Various reviews and comments:

From Publishers Weekly
“The term “shaman” is Russian and, until recently, was applied only to members of the indigenous tribes of Siberia and Central Asia by such scholars as Mircea Eliade. This exciting autobiography cum spiritual adventure by a Soviet psychiatrist is the first popular account of initiation into those tribes’ ancient and mysterious traditions. Kharitidi writes (with no translator) in the slightly stilted English of a native Russian-speaker, an effect that highlights the fantastic nature of her encounters. From the grim state hospital where patients are fed only gruel to the isolated Altai Mountains, Kharitidi is inexorably led to Umai, a female shaman who passes her power to Kharitidi on her death and who continues to instruct her from the spirit world. The author’s involvement with shamanism is fraught with danger, for in the Soviet Union, interest in the occult can lead to psychiatric commitment. But Kharitidi manages secretly to incorporate her new powers into her practice at the hospital. During her trance voyages, she visits Belovodia, more commonly known in the West by its Tibetan name of Shambhala, where a parallel human race with advanced spiritual knowledge hints at a radical new future for humanity. Others are also discovering Belovodia, Kharitidi learns, particularly a Soviet physicist researching the nature of time.
(Whether one swallows this whole, with salt or not at all, there’s no doubt that with its classic New Age elements?the skeptical protagonist turned believer, exotic locales and esoteric knowledge, suspense and synchronicity?this is a great read that should sell briskly. Drawings, not seen by PW. $75,000 ad/promo; BOMC, QPB and One Spirit selections; film rights to North Tower Films; translation rights sold in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland; author tour. Copyright 1996)”

Reed Business Information, Inc. Product Description:
“When the young Russian psychiatrist Olga Kharitidi set out on an impetuous journey into the snowbound Altai Mountains of Siberia, she never dreamed that her experience there would shatter and rebuild her view of reality. Among the wintry villages and pine forests of Siberia, guided by mysterious native sages, Kharitidi unearthed the wellspring of the worlds mystical traditions, discovered deep secrets of healing and magic, and encountered revolutionary teachings about the true nature of the human soul. Entering the Circle shares her thrilling adventure–and her stunning discoveries–with the world. As a dedicated young psychiatrist at an austere state hospital in the former Soviet Union, Olga Kharitidi battled the difficulties of Soviet life and the constraints of medical science in her fight to save her suffering patients. Joining an ailing friend on a spur-of-the-moment trip into Siberia’s Altai Mountains, Kharitidi was launched on an unexpected journey of revelation when she was taken into apprenticeship by an enigmatic native shaman. The wild adventure that followed would forever change Kharitidi’s view of healing, science, consciousness–and the potential of the human soul itself. Entering the Circle shares Kharitidi’s remarkable true story and the revelatory teachings she received during her sojourn with mysterious sages of Siberia. Guided through bizarre, magical, and often terrifying experiences by her shaman-teacher Umai–and by a radical Soviet physicist whose studies challenged the very nature of reality–Kharitidi unlocked a storehouse of spiritual learning that had lain hidden in inaccessible Siberia for centuries. Deep in Siberia, Kharitidi’s path of knowledge led her ever closer to unlocking the secrets of Belovodia, also known as Shambala, a fabled civilization of highly evolved humans who have for eons spread their sacred knowledge through the world’s great faiths, including Buddhism, Christian mysticism, Sufism, and Vedic Hinduism. She learned, through firsthand experience, that waking reality–the fabric of our daily lives–is only the near shore of our Spirit Lake, the sea of…..(?)”

By: Isle
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Regular Topic Posted: Apr 05, 2004 – 11:25 PM

A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* * *
Entering the Circle : Ancient Secrets of Siberian Wisdom Discovered by a Russian Psychiatrist
by Olga Kharitidi (Author)
* * *
Allright, I shall admit, the real reason I even opened this book was because I am Russian, and in love with my far away homeland (I live in NY, but don’t get me wrong, I LUV NY).
But by the Lady, the moment you start reading this book, there is no putting it down.
And there is also a VERY lovely bonus.
This book will be found in your public library. (Trust me, if my tiny library has it, yours does too.)
That’s right, no dishing out the green for Wisdom, Adventure and Knowledge.
And trust me, by the time you finish this book, not only will you want to write to Olga and tell her she’s the woman! and want to catch the next plane to Russia, then down to Siberia to visit the Altai Mointains, but you will also begin to search for your own Belovodia. If you have not already begun.
And I will be willing to stake all I have on that.
My only regret is that she did not write a published copy in Russian so I could get the full sensation…ahh…one cannot have everything. *wink*
By: Isle
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Regular Topic Posted: Apr 05, 2004 – 11:35 PM

Spelling Error:
***Mointains, allright, I wanted to write MOUNTAINS.
Mointains…I’m sorry, but does anyone else find it a bit funny………………..right.

Ohh and here’s the Amazon.com Summary:

Book Description
“Olga Kharitidi’s debut book is a remarkable account of her spiritual adventure in snowbound Siberia.Joining an ailing friend on a spontaneous trip to the Atai Mountains, Dr. Kharitidi is taken into apprenticeship by a native Shaman who guides her through bizarre, magical, and often terrifying experiences that open her eyes to a wellspring of deeper learning. On the road to Belovedia, a fabled civilization of highly evolved beings, she encounters revolutionary mystical teachings while discovering ancient secrets of magic and healing. At once a modern odyssey and a timeless dreamscape, Entering the Circle is an inspiring story of personal growth and an insightful work about the limitless potential of human spirit.”

From Library Journal
“A sort of autobiographical adventure, this book describes Kharitidi’s mystical experiences in the Altai Mountains in Siberia. When a friend asked her to come along and observe a healing ceremony there, the perceptions of the Soviet-trained psychiatrist suddenly and drastically changed. Kharitidi’s whole belief system was shaken with the help of Umai the shaman/teacher, whose wisdom is imparted through dreams. The author set out to broaden the base of this knowledge and met a prestigious physicist who also experiments with time/space studies and filled in some of the gaps in Kharitidi’s knowledge. Now committed to sharing her new-found understanding, Kharitidi has moved to New Mexico and lectures all over the world.”

Los Angeles Times
“[This Book] may prove as revelatory to readers at the end of the millennium as anthropologist Carlos Castaneda’s… in the late `60s.”

“This exciting autobiography cum spiritual adventure by a soviet psychiatrist is the first popular account of initiation into…”

Michael Harner, Ph.D., author of The Way of the Shaman
“Castaneda a la Russe-a psychiatrist’s account of transformation through encounters with a Siberian shaman.”

OMG, I cannot express how much this book is just…there are no words. Read it…for yourself.
From http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/4076/gbarchives/qt_2_2000.html

Fransje Bik – 06/01/00 12:59:56
My Email:fransjebik@zonnet.nl
How you found us: http://weten.shamanismweb.org/index.htm

Thank you so much for all your work and beautiful sites. i am many times on your pages. I want you to return something. I have made on my trip to Altai in Siberia, Russia, a beautiful picture of the holy Mountain Belucha, the natural Shaman of Siberia. Yo can use this and the other photoos in your articels when you want, I do not use copyright, because it has a healing power and transformation powe in it and that power is not mine!!! I speak about the healing power in the photo of Belucha. In the old Mongolian-sanskriet language it is called: Utsch Sumer, The Three in One. (Holy Trinity)How do you find this fotoos of Altai: you go to the http as I give you in: how did you find us. Thi is the Dutch Sjamanic circle. Than you go to homepage or guestbook. In guestbook you will find Fransje Bik and my e-mail adres. Klik op Fransje Bik and than the front page is coming. When you klik on the foto of belucha, it will be a bigger one. In the frontpage you will see some items: Klik Altai and there is two pages with fotoos. Go to Altai frame again, and klik on info: There you will find the spiritual mountain Yarlu in the vallei from Belucha. Panorama of the smaal Altai village Tyungur, what means: Tambourin of the Shaman. And a foto from the Baba stone, with face. Baba means wise old woman or man and the were the Sha ans of the area. This place is also called: the initiation place of the Shaman. Wonder happens there, there are power-stones too. The Baba stones give anwers on all your questions, coming from your hart. Go up in this tekst again and next to Yarlo foto you see in the text: de zeven chacra meren. Klik there and you will find one of the seven coulored lakes, called too: the seven chacra lakes. Too in the vally of Belucha. And the white horse took met the fi st trip (1994) to Belucha!!! And if you ore someone else are interested to go to Belucha in Altai Siberia, i will give you the e-mail adres of the Russian organisation, who organise those trkkings from Tyungur to belucha. They make a combination of trekking, adventure and spiritualit and they are very trustfull people. When you make contact, say hi from Fransje Bik!!! Just for fun. So, this was my message to you. Thank you again for your beautiful site. My power animal for the past is a ground squirrel and for now and the future a polarbear. I found the meanings on your page. Myself, I give the workshop that Olga Kharitidi gave here in Amsterdam last year: my workshop is called: Dream Healer – war healer and based on healing trauma spirits in us and in the meanwhile for all who is connected with us in the past (seven generations) and for them who will come to earth (seven generations). it is trauma therapy with miracoulus results. Olgha Kharitidi is an psychiater from Novosibirsk. She wrote the book: Entering the circle and now she works in America. Bye bye, Fransje Bik


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A.
    May 08, 2011 @ 17:39:20

    What a treasure this post is – such a resource on this amazing book. I am going to put it on my list as it is time I spent some time just reading and exploring once again (I work at home online in medical transcription and it takes up such a lot of my time, such is the nature of the work – sigh – but still, I am grateful for the joy of being at home!)

    In any case – your own experience is really remarkable with the Lady from so long ago, as if you were called, and are being called?

    I know, Shamanism is something that seemed to introduce itself to me – even then, I sort of felt it was something I had “done” rather naturally in other lifetimes but had left behind…I felt myself to no longer be likely to think in “Shamanic, ritualistic, animal allies” terms! Yet, it quietly, without drum or rattle, has settled in, as part of my overall Path. I find I can’t do any one Path anymore and I suspect a synthesis is the natural trajectory as one goes on…

    And as we know, going back and picking up “other lives” and re-weaving them into the current one is very much part of the yogi’s practice. None of these things, in spiritual practic, seem to lend themselves to over-regimentation, as the Higher Self and Soul is so playful – and, as we would say in science – “an open System”….

    I’ll be back to reread!!

    So I sense, dear Bhaga, that your Siberian Shaman and Lady experiences are just beginning!!!



    • Bhaga
      May 09, 2011 @ 04:47:36

      I just answered your great comments… but in the wrong place, as i clilcked on the wrong ‘Reply’ button…!
      PLease do pass by and read my real answer further down from my post, after your own comment.



    • Bhaga
      May 13, 2011 @ 13:22:20

      I am back in the Altai Mountains in my thoughts this evening – yes, with my Siberian Shaman and Lady, as you call her… I am rather scared of horses in this lifetime, but when I was younger I did go horse-riding briefly, only up to trotting – after that the teacher left – although what interested me really was galloping, because I had that strange memory of the sheer exhilaration of galloping alone on my small, powerful horse, in the vast steppes of Central Asia…! Do they have steppes up there, on the high plateaus in the Altai Mountains?…
      Later in the book, thanks to the advanced, daring research work done by a scientist in the area, Olga finds herself inside the mythic Belovodia, where a being explains to her more about those tombs:
      ‘Some of the ancient tombs opened by your scientists have actually been tombs belonging to other dimensions, other evolutionary streams. These are not just physical manifestations. The seemingly dead inhabitants actually have alive intentions. They serve as channels of communication with other human dimensions. These channels were created with the specific purpose of making contact with your people. There are only a few places on earth where this has been done. Altai is one of them. Your journey there was not a chain of accidents. Every step you took was intended to awaken a memory. And you are moving along your path. The tomb uncovered in Altai was intended to be opened only when the coming transformation was ready to be widely visible. The fact that it has already been opened means that the changes will be speeded up naturally. It means that more and more people will experience the need for a new existence. Many different teachers and schools will emerge, but they will all point in the same direction.’



  2. Bhaga
    May 09, 2011 @ 04:44:31

    Of course, dear Carol, I myself just reread ‘Entering the Circle’ in its entirety!… I couldn’t simply take out of it only what I needed to quote in here, I had to take it all in again, it is really worth it on many accounts.
    About Shamanism and how that too must somehow be integrated now with whatever spiritual path each of us is on, all that you are saying is quite true, and I am glad to see that you too had difficulties and reticences at first, as you tell in that nice and funny way.
    I couldn’t agree more with what you say also about that necessity for all of us nowadays of integrating all that we have been, reconciling in an ever wider understanding, an ever vaster being, all the ways we have experienced the Divine in ourselves and in All That Is. This necessity is something that comes most wonderfully out in Robert Monroe’s last book, ‘The Ultimate Journey’… but that will be for yet another post!… Thank you for participating in this one with such important remarks as the ones you wrote!



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