What are Pages about?…

Human Evolution... until now!!!

Being completely new at blogging,  I’m not sure yet exactly what a page is, as compared let’s say with a Category.

So I just decided I’ll experiment about it, by posting this little bit of my present exploration, and seeing what the result will be on tn my blog!!!:-D

This is a direct call to Carol, from Silk Road Visions, who has been my patient and caring midwife for the birth of this blog, which she herself suggested to me that I should start,  and she is still my lifeline for this… this is why I have put this post also under the category ‘Silk Road Visions’, as a gesture of recognition and  gratitude…


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  1. Bhaga
    May 17, 2011 @ 04:40:02

    The following is actually 3 comments exchanged between Carol (of Silk Road Visions) and myself, which in my previous technical ignorance I didn’t know how to access and make visible on screen, so I had done it in that indirect manner, sorry about that! 🙂

    3 Comments (+add yours?)

    1. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A.
    May 05, 2011 @ 05:19:47 [Edit]

    Congratulations! Love your blog…

    A “Page” is something you create exactly like a “post” – you’ll see “Pages” on your dashboard as an option, down the left side. Posts have a date on them, and gradually disappear from view as each new post is entered. Pages are more like those on a Web site – “Pages” will appear on the right hand side in a menu all their own – It looks like you already have created some pages as they are shown on the right-hand side under Pages.

    There, you will want to have items that you want people to always see – like “About Me” or About this blog” or some documents that maybe should always be there for people as background to refer to when reading your posts.

    The blog posts that appear in the centre of your blog, one by one, in most recent date order, are created in your “New Post” section. Save the Pages for more reference materials (I have a background on Jane Roberts’ death “Page”…)

    If you want to make a blog post into a page, you can copy/paste the whole “post” over onto a “new page”….and vice versa. If you decide at some point to make a “page” into a post, just copy the whole page and paste it into a “new post”.

    The “Page” can be useful for long documents or reference documens, or posts you later decide are “classic” and should appear for quick reference for your readers right there down in the Widgets section down your right side.

    If you don’t want to do Pages at all, or don’t like the ones you have, you can delete them, or just click on the Widgets option down the left side of your dashboard, and once at the Widgets “working view” – you’ll see all the little boxes with their titles on the right, and you can just click on the Pages one and drag it back over to the list of possible Widgets there and just let it sit there until you one day want to use it again…

    Caution, on some templates, like this gorgeous one (!), Pages can be a nuisance, as all the titles of any Page you create are going to show up across the top of your blog and maybe you will feel this interferes with the design. Sometimes you can get around this by clicking on “Menus” and setting it to blank but often not, with WordPress!

    With photos, you start by clicking on the little video box on the menu that appears about your “New Post” or New Page” box…you can zip around the net, and if you like a picture somewhere (put something in the Google search, then click “Images” rather than usual web search to bring up tons of pictures…) Right-click your mouse on the picture, click Save As, and you’ll be given a choice to save to someplace on your computer….I always pick my “Desktop” as then I don’t forget…give the picture a name in the wide skinny box below, then click Save.

    Come back to WordPress post or page, click on wee video-like box above your post with all the other wee icons…it will give you the option to browse computer and when it does you go to desktop, click on the picture sitting there that you saved, and hit “select file”…go through the little song and dance there, and voila, (select size, and whether you want it to be left, center or right) it should pop into your post!

    Can you work with HTML at all? If not, don’t give it a thought, you should be fine.

    Lots of luck and hope you can make out some of these instructions. You’ll get very nimble with all this as time goes on!! Congratulations!

    2. Bhaga
    May 06, 2011 @ 03:51:01 [Edit]

    Oh, Carol, thank you so much for typing all those great explanations for me, it must have taken you quite some time to do that!
    I’ll try to put all of it to good use, assuming I’ll be able to do at least some of it on my own here, on my old little Apple laptop!!! Your kind encouragements do boost my energy up, as I appreciate your own site very much and got from it the visual pleasure that inspired me to follow your advice and start indeed creating my own blog as well…
    There is a beautiful photo of Joan Grant I would really like to manage to put at last on the corresponding post, before you come back perhaps to read it…! Once the first pic is in, that resounding victory will help me get more images in faster and faster, I’m sure. You are right, soon I’ll be ‘nimble’ at it (love that so evocative word)!!! So, back now to the challenge of getting Joan’s pic in to start with… *rolling up sleeves*… (figuratively, that is, as it is much too hot right now to wear long sleeves!) Down here in South India, and particularly near the beach where I live, there is the additional difficulty of an unreliable, constantly stopping Internet connection, due to the frequent very low power voltage… Aaaargh! 😀 Those constant interruptions make it actually quite a ‘tour de force’ to get anything done at all, and doesn’t help to stay relaxed while doing it, I must say!…
    P.S. Thank you also for materializing into this blog of mine not only the first actual picture, but at the same time the first camel I was indeed hoping would one day come from your blog, bringing with itself the specific aromas and flavours and landscapes and rhythms of this North Africa we both have ancient roots in… I love the various camels that amble quietly through your Silk Road Visions; welcome to this first one, however tiny, making its discrete entrance into my inner landscape!

    3. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A.
    May 06, 2011 @ 04:30:30 [Edit]

    Oh that is so funny! I forgot about my ambling along on my camel on my small gravatar and I do love it so! In certain moments I have been lost in the marvels of the camel…especially when I found that internet page with the marvellous facts so little known about the camel – I’ll try to find it again as I really want to link to it…

    I can just imagine the frustration with the internet…so thankful you have it at least part of the time. I have been reading up on Mother and Sri Aurobindo, as I have had Pandit’s Upanishads: Gateways to Knowledge, for years, a favorite of mine, so there is an old connection there with India too – and my parents visited in 1973, mostly in the Punjab. They were going to retire there, but father got ill and they had to return post haste. Small world, even smaller cosmos?

    Good luck with the pictures and I’ll be back to see!



  2. Bhaga
    May 17, 2011 @ 04:44:01

    VICTORY!!! Victory at last!… At last I have my first image up on this blog!… As should be, it is the image for my header. I’ll have to write a short text about what it is.
    A little song and dance indeed, as dear Carol said… For me those things are not easy, so I take this minute to congratulate myself, and give myself the assurance that from now on it will get better and better! 🙂



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