DNA Pictures – Molecular Biology Photo Gallery

DNA Pictures – Molecular Biology Photo Gallery.

Well… I’m thinking this photo could make  an excellent ‘gravatar’ or whatever that is called… if I manage to also put it in thumbnail form!

This DNA  topic is nowadays a very important one for anyone presently living in a human body and wanting to help it go into the already started next stage of terrestrial evolution… Many people by now are talking about ‘Cellular Memory’, and it is very good, but our relationship to our cells must go even further, and become truly a relationship, for our cells are not only endowed with memory, but also with consciousness, so the potential is there to communicate with them inwardly, if we are willing to learn how to do it.

This started happening between the Mother and her own body-cells from 1956 on, with astonishing results made possible by the new, higher energy that had been activated then in the planet’s atmosphere and very matter for its further evolution. At the time when ‘Mother’s Agenda’ got gradually published, people – including me and others in Auroville as well as the Ashram – assumed it was all ‘far out stuff’ that we did not need to concern ourselves with, but apparently we were wrong: in quite a few people’s bodies – including mine and some others’ here – the body-cells just awakened on their own and decided to join in the evolutive process of the whole being in their own way and out of their own aspiration…!

In my own case, physical life has become since thirty years a most fascinating and rewarding shared evolutive adventure with my cells. Let the posting of the picture above be a way of honoring and making visible on screen their active and indispensable participation in the very purpose of this blog as well as of my life.


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  1. Bhaga
    May 11, 2011 @ 09:35:01

    This is Bhaga!
    The comment I want to add here is in fact plural: it is a copy I just made of all those comments Carol from Silk Road Visions and myself exchanged for a while, answering each other, under my post ‘The Essential Meaning of The Lord of the Rings’… but which were actually sparked by some other posts of mine, this one in particular.
    So what follows in this comment is that part of our conversation which ought to be recorded here too…

    Carol Leigh Rice, M.A.
    May 09, 2011 @ 06:38:52 [Edit]

    I know exactly what you mean…how lonely it must seem to be surrounded by people you expect to speak that same spiritual language, and yet they don’t and you have to contain it and keep much to yourself…

    It seems so very hard to find someone who understands that all of this is real, down to every breath each cell breathes, and that these energies are animated by Mind and Love, and that the Myths are really copies of even vaster “Myths” the Creator is unfurling – that we are so passionately part of.

    We seem to both know about the higher levels of spiritual practice, even though we have not managed to DO those practices yet – or consistently -though we have glimpses – you, I think more than I..

    But we also still have our own clingings to what is “ours” here on Earth (Libya, the deserts, the palms, our camels!), still the passion to live yet unlived stories before it is time to become ethereal and leave a planet in which the very soil and rocks, if we listen to “aboriginal peoples” are alive with spirituality. No wonder we don’t want to leave, and we are so willing to come back…

    But you know, with these considerations among others, I have concluded that it is okay to take our time. Where I differ from so many waves of thought in our time is that I don’t have a sense that we collectively must “hurry up” with our evolution. “Time” only exists here and is just a framework given us by the Creator who exists beyond Time…so why would the Creator get inside Time, and be looking at His wrist-watch and thinking “Rats! Another Pleistocene Age gone by and they are still lagging behind Schedule!”

    If souls (either newly created or hitherto in other realms choose to come here as a “first” for them, and begin the journey as human beings – which I gather they do, what would be the point of having their evolution hastened?

    I am open to thinking about this, however. I know the urge is universal – this tremendous desire to boost humanity with a kind of Gene-Changing, Consciousness-Shifting spiritual, medical or even political technology… It goes back as far as hundreds of thousands of years ago in Sumer and the tales which Sitchin has decoded tell us of hominid genes crossed-matched with those of the “Gods”…

    And of course, we have vague memories and channelled information that on Atlantis there was great medical and psychic/spiritual effort put into transformations of the genetic bases, not entirely successful.

    Christianity has been very focussed on a Second Coming and sudden ending – so not really evolution at all….It seems almost to be a “gotcha” mentality where God catches a good part of humanity napping and gets a perverted pleasure out of using that stop-watch.

    Many of the Revolutions, like the French, were fuelled by occult knowledge which was moved by the passion to lift humanity with one massive infusion of new thought and social organization. Marx was driven by the desire to end history and bring the dialectical materialist transformation of humanity to a triumphant close…Mao, Lenin, all bitten with this bug.

    I do find the story of humanity fascinating from the political science perspective – note that Hannah Arendt, my mentor in political science and philosophy, was a German Jewess but came to America from France during WW II…and then I see Mother, with her Jewish parents, also came from France (to India) and became your soul-mentor!? Fascinating parallel…Mother even looks like Hannah Arendt to me…

    Anyway, I understand…and I am so happy to meet you too! And this blog will be surprising to you I think, as mine has been to me…



    May 10, 2011 @ 12:27:08 [Edit]

    Quite a few points of yours I have myself to comment on…
    I’ll do it from bottom to top, if you don’t mind; and so I’ll start with Mother: her family was Jewish indeed, but her parents were not practicing (totally materialists actually); her mother was from Egypt while her father came from Turkey; Mother’s elder brother was born in Italy, but Mother herself wanted to be born in France, so she waited until the following year when the family moved to Paris…!
    The political science perspective, from the impact it seems to have had on you, found some interesting conclusions to the studies it made? I’d be grateful if you would elaborate a little?Do you have something posted about that on your blog?
    As for Christianity and the ‘gotcha’ mentality it has attributed to its God, it has influenced a lot our Western collective mind; but perhaps by now people are really fed up with that concept and are shifting to a deeper, vaster and truer perception of That Overall Reality we are all part of?
    Late last night, prompted by this particular comment of yours, plus something else about ‘playing’ that you wrote in another recent comment, I put up a post about ‘The Laughing God’, described mostly through quotes from Sri Aurobindo, but who is definitely to me too an essential part of the divine nature which is there also in us: to emphasize the major importance I see in this capacity to laugh, I put the whole thing under a new category: ‘The Way of FUN’!…
    Coming to the genes now: the real transformation of our present bodies into a better expression of their divine potential will happen mostly from within, the genetic manipulations are not what will really do the job. If course I’ll have more posts about that, now that I have started writing on this topic of Cellular Consciousness – by the way, I remember seeing some mentions of the cells in a few of our posts as well, on your own so rich blog, ‘Silk Road Visions’, so I immediately thought there might be a shared interest there too?



    Carol Leigh Rice, M.A.
    May 10, 2011 @ 18:21:25 [Edit]

    I loved your post with Sri Aurobindo’s quotes!

    As to the political science connection – I think there are 2 things for me – one is the sheer fascination with the very Capricornian concepts of “laws and matter” – the frameworks of kingship, archetypes and Law in the life of groups and nations…Which leads to the occult “secret societies” through the ages often behind the political revolutions with their blueprints for human transformation en masse…Having studied these revolutions, I am concerned they are misguided and driven by intense spiritual guilt about the human condition – and I am not sure why except that “the Gods” may have interfered with our evolution before, and be concerned that they must try to balance this…I sense this is part of the answer…

    So my political science studies have dovetailed with my more psychic research one might say, and a great interest in why there is such a focus on “revolutions and evolution” – among both secular humanists and spiritual communities. The call to evolve – quickly, and en masse – seems fraught with an urgency and promotion of haste that overlooks the beautiful and the given, the private freedom to evolve within a larger Timetable which is actually Eternal…

    Western or westernized spiritual communities – whether Christian or New Age – often seem (to me) excessively focused on hurrying things up (either “End Times” for Christians or for the New Age, a belief/hope in a massive and relatively sudden Transformation that will also, “end our times” and usher in a New Age. Thus I wonder if the West has actually ever emerged at all from Judae-Christian theology of History as a linear process with a Beginning, Middle and Ending (Marx had the same focus?) Jewish, Christian, New Age and Marxist doctrines all promise – and promote active efforts to hasten – a dramatic ending to life as we know it now.

    Yes, I realize Mother came from a most unique background….I thought it was so neat that she immediately reminded me of Hannah Arendt – the expression in her eyes in some photos, the shape and lines of her face and expression on her face…there is an unmistakeable kinship there I think. I don’t doubt the Jewish gifts of the spirit and mind are part of their kinship, but I am sure they are Great Spirits who share much larger horizons than their Jewish origins.

    Oh yes, I do share the beliefs about the cells – and I realize you are not talking about physical genetic manipulation in the old Atlantean or other ways…I do agree that cells are seats of consciousness and share the Blueprint. I do, however, think that Mind is the real carrier of the Blueprint and can be accessed even more directly than the physical cells which I see as the extension, in Matter, of Mind..

    But it is exciting to realize we can literally talk to and listen to our cells “speak” – because this conversation is ongoing and it is, I agree, at this level that we ultimately experience transformation while here in the body.



    • Bhaga
      May 11, 2011 @ 10:16:43

      So, this is actually my reply to the last comment of Carol (in our conversation copied in my overall comment just above this one):

      Hello, dear Carol!

      Here we are, now under the appropriate post of mine for commenting about our body-cells…
      It so happens that on this particular topic I am talking from my own direct experience (since 1980), plus that of some of the persons who have worked inwardly with me to establish such a contact with their cells, and have been happily surprised by the results.
      I am not mentioning this for inflating my spiritual ego, but on the contrary as a proof that it is not any more the extraordinary or even impossible feat it used to be: in 1985, while selecting for the first time books to buy for the Specialized Library of the Laboratory of Evolution, I had the great and totally unexpected joy of stumbling already upon not just one, but two books by people who were communicating with their cells, with great results!!! Both authors had had their initial taste of this very new kind of experience in 1977, at a time when to speak to others of such unknown possibilities would have led them into the psychiatric ward…!
      It seems this is how the Evolutive Force does its work: not always by having people read the books that speak of such things, but sometimes rather by giving them a ‘crazy’ new idea that works great, or the immediate experience they will not be able to doubt.



  2. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A.
    May 11, 2011 @ 19:46:47

    I must say again how much I love this template and how suited it is to your blog in every way! This is a great way to transpose the discussion over to The Cells and give Tolkien a rest…

    The question for me is not whether we can talk to our cells and they can talk to us – that seems to me indisputable now, in light of spiritual experiences such as yours and others in meditation, and also of medical research (wish I could find the specific one I am thinking of, but will eventually) which found that when we talk out loud, our DNA literally “Hears” – hence the physiological foundation, for example, of the power of positive (or negative) affirmations…

    I do believe very much that cellular communication is key to healing – but am less convinced it must, or can be directed in some way towards radical, transformational evolution as such…

    That is, are we meant to focus as a species on creating new physical selves, immortal selves, etc, here on earth at all? Is it necessary – or appropriate – that spiritual evolution be expressed in physical terms and in terms of finite Earth Time?

    When I observe the cycles of life and death within our universe, (as well as planet Earth) I am struck by how natural, even good, death is, and wonder if we exceed our Moirae in trying to outrun the natural laws of death, which make rebirth possible and meaningful?



    • Bhaga
      May 12, 2011 @ 06:36:05

      I think the best answer I can give you, dear Carol, about whether physical Immortality is of any relevance for us terrestrial beings, is the very text by Sri Aurobindo that convinced me in 1971 not to quit this so utterly absurd physical existence, and gave me at last the meaning and purpose of it that alone fully satisfied my reason as well as my inner being, when I had been searching in vain in every existing other answers for several years. That text is the beginning of ‘The Life Divine’, one of the stupendous early books that established at once Sri Aurobindo’s celebrity in the world as a great ‘philosopher’. You will find it as one of my next posts, under the title ‘The Eternal Aspiration’, and the discussion that we may have then about it will be in its own space there.
      As for your questions about the cells themselves, it so happens that just last night again, I had a rather amazing ‘conversation’ with them, which I immediately wrote down in my diary. I think it will become another post, as a blog is also for day-to-day happenings of some significance in one’s life – and this kind of thing is definitely in that category. So, if you don’t mind, see you later after you will have read that post and perhaps leave a comment about it! Oh my, there is so much that needs to be posted here, I enjoy it thoroughly but it does take a lot of time to enter everything… And I have your Russian link to read too, of course, I am very eager to do that as well…



    • Bhaga
      May 14, 2011 @ 12:50:30

      I have read the Russian link, it is excellent, particularly for opening a little the mind, not only of the reductionist scientists, but although of all the lay persons who have lost their own sense of their body because of the rather overwhelming materialism that still affects the consciousnesses of almost everybody, particularly in the Western world – except in Russia, precisely…

      And regarding the appropriateness of any human quest for physical immortality, I would actually rather answer you in my own words, right here and now, bringing first your questions back in front of us:
      – That is, are we meant to focus as a species on creating new physical selves, immortal selves, etc, here on earth at all? Is it necessary – or appropriate – that spiritual evolution be expressed in physical terms and in terms of finite Earth Time?
      BHAGA: When it becomes normal for our minds to be constantly receiving the right intuitions as needed, and normal for our hearts to feel constantly unconditional love for ourselves and every other part of All There Is, why should we refuse to our bodies the same kind of evolutive progress, if it becomes possible for them too? And would we want, would it still make sense to go on living in bodies that even un good health are, poor things, so vulnerable generally, and promised anyway to decay and full disintegration?
      When I was little, and until I became a young adult, I was not really aware of death; but when one fine day I read those words, supposedly from ‘God’ Himself, ‘Thou art dust, and thou will go back to dust’ (or whatever the exact words are in proper English), I was very shocked and indignant, for I found it profoundly unfair that our souls would be saved, but our bodies would be condemned to death for ever!… I remember thinking I would simply and categorically refuse to go to Paradise if for doing so I had to leave behind, to abandon that body that had so faithfully been my home and protection throughout my lifetime. Now I am so happy my body is actually able and willing to join in the evolutive joy of my entire being; to me it just makes perfect sense.

      – When I observe the cycles of life and death within our universe, (as well as planet Earth) I am struck by how natural, even good, death is, and wonder if we exceed our Moirae in trying to outrun the natural laws of death, which make rebirth possible and meaningful?
      BHAGA: If we consider our overall present human condition, and that it has been like this for so long, as if that was the only natural and good way for us to be, should we not question any effort on our part to improve our lot, at any level of our being, as exceeding our Moirae too?…
      True, death and the rebirth process that went with it have been until now the way our souls could best make positive use of our bodies’ physical incapacity to progress and transform themselves indefinitely; but that does not mean this temporary solution, however practical it may have been in the previous context, must remain for ever a limitation imposed on us even in the new context of a further evolved human species, which would have outgrown the need for reincarnation as well?
      With the Supramental Consciousness-Force at work now also on Matter as a whole on this planet, many things that have been considered as natural laws too, just like death (I’m thinking of food, for example), are going one day not to be necessary any more, and we will live very well without them, so why not death too? That will not condemn us to live ‘forever in the same body’, for our body’s matter will have by then the plasticity needed to follow the unlimited progress of our entire being. Instead of being a burden, it will be able at last to play its full part in the manifestation of the Divine, right here on earth.
      Well, it seems to me we couldn’t even imagine anything better than what the Evolutive Force itself is inviting us to, and our bodies too want, so let’s just go for it!…



  3. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A.
    May 11, 2011 @ 19:54:31

    PS Here is one link that summarizes the Russian research on the evidence that DNA speaks and understands language…I am going to post part of it also on blog as it is so wonderfully clear!


    You’ll have to copy this whole link and paste into Google search bar (I didn’t see any tools in this template’s comment section to turn a title into a link, but the link does work!



    • Bhaga
      May 12, 2011 @ 03:31:17

      Thanks a lot for that link, I don’t think I now of this research, I’ll check on it as soon as I finish answering your first comment just above.



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