About singing body-cells…

'Happoness is singing in the choir.'

Woke up just now, in the middle of the night (3h30 am): slight anxiety in the cells of the whole body, seeking a way to remain in contact with Sri Aurobindo even while they are sleeping.
The whole day yesterday (the famous trip to Pondy on the 11th), they have managed to keep the contact with the Divine by singing all the time, like a constant background to all this outer activity, my little song, ‘On est bien avec Toi…’ (‘One feels good being withThee…’), about which they made me notice right now that they had me change a word without my noticing, from the original ‘I’  of ‘I feel good…’ to ‘One feels good (meaning ‘we feel good’) which is their way of expressing themselves, so that they can sing along!…
They also asked me to add in the same way one more line for them at the end of another one of my songs, so that they can join in for that one too… and they reminded me of that little song of theirs that woke me up one night long ago, also like now in the middle of the night: it was thanks to that lovely song of theirs that I had noticed they were using this ‘On’ (One/We) as collective, because that’s what they feel they are, all together, although they are also aware of themselves as individuals, individualized consciousnesses.
Their wonderful little song of long ago, so simple and so beautiful, was:
‘On dit oui à ta Lumière d’Amour,
On dit oui à Toi, Seigneur!…’
(One says yes to thy Light of Love,
One says yes to Thee, o Lord!…)
And it is those spontaneous words of theirs that made me understand how I needed to modify my usual inner general commands of a certain way of being, so that they too could join, because they would feel concerned and invited, welcome to join.
And this morning, in this half-woken state I was in, they also asked me that their song be added as well to all those that have been already recorded, and that it be sung by the same small choir.
Well, they are absolutely right, it is obvious. I am very moved by all that they just told me like this in the middle of the night, and which I noted down in the feeble light of my tiny table-lamp. Thank you, my dear cells; I love you.
And they just answered me, ‘We love ourselves… and we love you!…
I put the light off and turn over on my back again to sleep some more, but my cells again are anxious to know how, in case of always possible physical death, they could train themselves to do like Mother’s body-cells and go straight to their dear Sri Aurobindo.
I remind them of a beautiful experience with Sri Aurobindo which they had in December 2009, which gave them the key to keeping their contact with him. They had forgotten that experience! It is true, as Mother explained (and Sri Aurobindo too had mentioned that problem), that cells tend to forget quickly the new, extraordinary things, like Mother’s own cells after her legs had been wonderfully healed, but they soon forgot about it as well.
So the best way I can help them is to re-read to them from time to time my notes of the experiences they have already had, so that they don’t forget and keep alive in themselves the vibration of those special moments that could become their normal way of being. Yes, I will enjoy helping them in that way, it seems to be a good idea!


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  1. jules123
    May 13, 2011 @ 23:06:14

    Hello Bhaga, i love your site and the blogs you have written. I’ve been sitting here for quite a while, reading and learning, i will definately be coming back to read again as there is so much here i havn’t read about before.

    The template looks really good here, looks like we both have good taste 😀



    • Bhaga
      May 14, 2011 @ 04:11:02

      Good to see you here, Jules!
      You are most welcome.
      I’ll be exploring your blog again as well, I got also very interested yesterday when I discovered it for the first time (and yes, we definitely both have good taste!!! 😀 …)
      So, it’s nice to see that we’ll all be learning from each other thanks to our blogs! 🙂



  2. Bhaga
    May 15, 2011 @ 06:39:26

    For all who may look at this post:
    Several of the comments under ‘Towards a Conscious Body’ actually refer also to this post, ‘About singing body-cells’; so it might be worthwhile having a look at the comments also there, if you are interested in this topic of Cellular Consciousness…
    But please add your own comments on that topic preferably here, where they will be visibly related to this post . Thank you!



  3. Pat Cegan
    Sep 07, 2011 @ 07:39:55

    This is wonderful! Thank you for telling me about it. I had never thought about the importance of memories in keeping these special times alive so they can continue to inspire us, bolster our faith when we are down, help us to stay in contact with the Divine. I also love the idea of talking to our bodies. I have been so critical of my body my whole life, buying the obsession the US has about model-like thin bodies. I was always too….something, never just right. But how wonderfully our bodies function, in spite of our abuse!

    I practice singing meditations and find it a joyous way of communicating with the Divine. Our group sings for hours and it is such a remarkable experience. One feels filled with love and peace not only while singing but for a long time afterwards.

    I send you a big hug and thank you again for sharing this very special piece, pat



    • Bhaga
      Sep 07, 2011 @ 08:33:21

      I have come to love my cells, and they love me too, it is such a sweet relationship!
      And yet we share also the life of constant progress that becomes necessarily one’s way of life when one is focused on Conscious Evolution.
      To sing in choirs has been a great joy for me too since a kid; it is one of the things i enjoyed most when going to church; what you say about the long-lasting inner benefits from it is quite correct.
      In Auroville too we have great choirs, and my participation was a must for a long time, but now I don’t participate much in anything that happens a bit far away from my house, so no choirs for me any more…! It’s okay, though, for I need also time alone nowadays, spending so much of it with Guests and prospective Guests all day long!!!
      Thanks for visiting and leaving this comment…



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