Threads in the Tapestry of the Earth’s Future…

It can be very interesting and revealing to check the dates of the lives of the authors one loves to read again and again, at first without any clear idea when they actually lived.
For years I loved to read Sri Aurobindo and The Mother – those two at least I knew had been born in 1872 and 1878. But I also loved to read Edgar Cayce, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (pronounced Tolkeen… but often shortened to JRRT by his friends!).
I lived in that blissful chronological ignorance until one fine day it occurred to me to have a look at the birth dates of all of them, which thanks to Google and Wikipedia took me only a few moments. Blissful ignorance was instantly replaced by an even more blissful revelation: to my awed and at first unbelieving eyes the dates lined up showed, like in a flash of lightning, that

all those top favorite authors of mine had been actually close contemporaries!…
Cayce was born in 1877, almost exactly one year before the Mother; Teilhard de Chardin was born in 1881, and Tolkien, although slightly younger (1892) was also a contemporary, as he died just two months before the Mother, in the same 1973 year as she did.
What did they all have in common, that I loved so much in the writings of all of them?…
That was wonderfully clear: they all spoke of the secret divinity in us all, of the latent divine potential in all human beings, that was soon going to come to the front and transform our existences for the better – much better.
And now I could suddenly see a most striking and beautiful evidence: all those very special contemporary people had all been receiving the same Truth, only to different degrees; they all had perceived something of the new step of Evolution about to start upon Earth, yet Teilhard had seen only the results to come in the Collective Mind of Humanity, while Cayce and Tolkien had seen even the physical and bodily changes to come too, and Sri Aurobindo and the Mother had been the two giant ones who had not only received, separately from each other, the whole vision of the Future, but had been able to put it into their own lives as actual experience and realization that would open the way for other pioneers and explorers yet to join in this immense, gradual, collective Victory.
How beautifully had each one of this first group fulfilled their specific role, each one with the specific talents and inclinations he or she had taken along, this time around, when being born once again in a physical body on this planet! With all the great diversity among them, all together they had been able to influence powerfully not only vast amounts of equally diverse other individual human beings, but in fact that whole epoch in which they lived. Yet they never knew of each other – except Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, because they were ‘meant’, as Tolkien’s Gandalf would say, to work directly together for the needed hastening of this new evolutive step.
There are probably some more who participated, like the Theosophists, that I am personally less aware of, or who for some reason seem to me to have received a less pure Vision, transmitted a less straight and clear Message; still they may have been precursors who also helped at least a little, and for a time – so we can be thankful to them too.

This is how Evolution works, and not just through the ‘one man shows’ that our minds imagine do all the work, to the unique glory of the one Great Being each of us may prefer and consider as the Only One…
Yes, when one learns to look at it all from a little higher, how different it all becomes, in the vaster picture we then become able to see…

Sri Aurobindo himself wrote the following note, in answer to a query about the name ‘Uttara Yogi’ on a book supposedly written by him long before:

The Yogi from the North (Uttara Yogi)1 was my own name given to me because of a prediction made long ago by a famous Tamil Yogi, that thirty years later (agreeing with the time of my arrival) a Yogi from the North would come as a fugitive to the South and practise there an integral Yoga (Poorna Yoga), and this would be one sign of the approaching liberty of India. He gave three utterances as the mark by which this Yogi could be recognised and all these were found in the letters to my wife.

In 1910, Sri Aurobindo had arrived from the North indeed, to settle in (then French) Pondicherry as the refuge indicated to him by the Divine for finding the new, transformative spiritual way that Humanity needed for its further evolution.

And in 1874, just two years after Sri Aurobindo was born, yet another remarkable yogi in Tamil Nadu (the region of South India where Pondicherry is), Swamy Ramalingam, born in 1823, left his own body, after having had already some astonishing physical results of what seems to have been a preliminary test, an early experiment by the Evolutive Force for the transformation of the human body. He was understandably revered by thousands in the area as the Greatest; but in all joyful humility he declared it was all by the power of what he called ‘Arut Perum Joti,’ the infinite or vast Grace-Light of the Divine. To quote a document about him: “He also made the forecast and promise around the year 1870, that the supreme Divine would come soon to the earth for establishing his direct rule of Grace-Light (which the Swami also called as the Truth-Light) when a new race of people would arise defying disease, ageing and death….”

And conversely, in the Calcutta prison of Alipore where the British had incarcerated him during the year 1909, it had been from earlier most revered Swami Vivekananda (although no more there on the physical plane) that Sri Aurobindo had received the first very precious indications about what he would later call the “Supramental” World, a name which would become the ‘trademark’, so to say, of the spiritual and evolutive ‘impossible’ task he himself would have to accomplish along the years: bringing the supremely powerful Energy and Consciousness of the Supramental, from its own dimension all the way down into the atmosphere and very matter of the Earth, where it activated at last the corresponding Supramental energy-seed that lay dormant there like a Sleeping Beauty awaiting the kiss of her Prince Charming from that far away Realm…
What egoless Teamwork, what a beautiful Tapestry of all those human or more than human Threads woven together by the divine Weaver for the Earth’s promised Renewal…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bhaga
    May 20, 2011 @ 10:39:05

    Oh, Carol,
    just now I went back to that post of yours that is so dear to me, the one on Lybia, I had a look at it again just for the pleasure of it… and what do I see??? ‘Woven on the Loom of Space and Time’…!!!
    I am stunned. And horrified: I have simply absorbed unconsciously what you had written, this beautiful expression of yours, and some time later, there it is, appearing on my own blog as the title of one of my own posts, when I had totally forgotten I had read it anywhere before!…
    I most sincerely apologize, and will find another title for this piece of mine… which must have given you a shock as well when you saw its title!!! 😀
    Thank you for not blasting me then and letting it just pass… Luckily you don’t seem to be too strict about your copyright…? Or perhaps you understood what had happened unconsciously inside of me and forgave me for this mishap?
    Anyway, it does show my deep admiration for your sometimes so exquisitely poetic way of writing, so in itself it is the best compliment I could have told you…



  2. Bhaga
    May 20, 2011 @ 11:58:02

    So, from the ‘Woven together on the Loom of our evolving Space-Time’ too directly inspired by your writings, dear Carol, the title of my post above will become:’ Threads in the Tapestry of the Earth’s Future…’
    That says actually even better what I was trying to say about all those special people I mention in my post.
    I’ll make the change immediately. Oh!… No!!! The internet connection just went off! What an incrdible joke!!!
    Okay, it will just be a little later, that’s all… 🙂



  3. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A. (Silk)
    May 21, 2011 @ 07:59:55

    No Bhaga, don’t change it! It is not my expression – just something I pulled in “from out there”, as we do!! It is of course something we can share…something tumbling out of the Universal Phrase Box. You write so eloquently in English I can only imagine how beautiful your phrasing must be in French, which I know I have lived in and loved in other lives, but this time around I must clunk along in English!



  4. Bhaga
    May 21, 2011 @ 14:37:04

    ‘clunk along’!!! You big joker!… You make me laugh… Really!

    It is nice of you to put it the way you have put it, ‘Universal Phrase Box’ etc, and it is true to some extent, but still, in that case it wasn’t from there but straight from you that I had got that specific phrasing, and that’s not right.
    So now I have kept the Image, the Symbol, but expressed what I wanted to say in a formula all my own this time, and perfectly fitting too, so all is well… 🙂
    PS: Glad to know about the French lives… We must speak about that here too some day!



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