Seth and the New Step in Terrestrial Evolution

In the new edition of all the Seth/Jane Roberts Books

I remember years ago when I stumbled upon my first books by Seth (channeled by dear late Jane Roberts), after reading a few volumes as I found them, I started feeling some surprise that, with all his extraordinary wisdom, experience and knowledge, Seth didn’t seem to have ever mentioned the new step in terrestrial evolution that is beginning to take place.
As I couldn’t believe such an important, major development could be missing in the vast overview he was trying to give us of the larger Reality, I returned to those few first books, this time with as my primary focus to look out for any hint he would have given of this evolutive change to come.
Sure enough, my systematic hunting for such indications yielded not only ‘hints’, but, here and there, entire paragraphs or even pages that I had at first overlooked and then noticed, announcing the immense changes to come soon. I clearly remember a place when Seth was even stating that this is precisely why as an interdimensional teacher he had to focus again upon the Earth, so as to participate in the needed collective human awakening, through his work with Jane and her husband Robert Butts, both of whom had inner links with him because of previous collaboration during shared lifetimes.

It has been hard work to find such passages in the enormous mass of dictated material Seth has left with us, and there were many volumes I didn’t have (and still never had access too yet, alas, for lack of funds to buy them), so my research has not been exhaustive by any means, and I’ll be happy if anyone else can add here the results of their own more complete research. But still I’ll now share with you who read now whatever small harvest I already have got, as even just a few such quotes will show beyond doubt that Seth did announce, as early as in December 1963 and then 1971 in the texts down below, those big changes  to come in humanity’s consciousness. If I myself locate again some more of those relevant passages, I’ll of course add them in as well immediately.

Here we go:


– (Chapter 2, p. 27) ‘Increased concentration of the conscious individual is the trend. Then these split personality fragments or images can be kept under scrutiny without taxing the present ego to distraction. Now, what you would call the subconscious performs this task; not too well, since it was never meant to focus clear attention. Consciousness will expand within your plane. The scope of consciousness will be so broadened that all personality fragments, split personality images, and individual fragments in succeeding incarnations will be held in clear focus without strain. It is toward this that evolution is headed, though of course at its usual donkey-slow rate.


– (Session 56, p. 236) I have tried to give you some idea of the far-reaching  creative effects of your own thoughts. With that in mind, then, it is impossible to imagine the multidimensional creativities that can be attributed to All That Is. (…)
Now it is easier perhaps for some of you to understand the simple stories and parables of beginnings of which I have spoken. But the time has come for mankind to take several steps further, to expand the nature of his own consciousness by trying to comprehend a more profound version of reality. You have outgrown the time of children’s tales.(…)

– (Session 580, p. 342) I have mentioned before that everyone in your system is learning to handle this creative energy; and since you are still in the process of doing so, you will often misdirect it. The resulting snarl in activities automatically brings you back to inner questions.

– (Session 586, p.370, about ‘The third personality of Christ’) The third personality, mentioned many times by me, has not in your terms yet appeared, although his existence has been prophesied as the “Second Coming” (Matthew 24). Now these prophecies were given in terms of the current culture at that time and therefore, while the stage has been set, the distortions are deplorable, for this Christ will not come at the end of your world as these prophecies have been maintaining.
He will not come to reward the righteous and send evildoers to eternal doom. He will, however, begin a new religious drama. A certain historical continuity will be maintained. As happened once before, however, He will not be generally known for who He is. There will be no glorious proclamation to which the whole world will bow. He will return to straighten out Christianity, which will be in a shambles by the time of his arrival, and to set up a new system of thought when the world is sorely in need of one.
By that time all religions will be in severe crisis. He will undermine religious organizations – not unite them. His message will be that of the individual in relation to All That Is. He will clearly state methods by which each individual can attain a state of intimate contact with his own entity; the entity to some extent being man’s mediator with All That Is.
By 2075, all of this will be already accomplished.
You may make a note here that Nostradamus saw the dissolution of the Roman Catholic Church as  the end of the world. He could not imagine civilization without it, hence many of his later predictions should be read with that in mind.
The third personality of Christ will indeed be known as a great psychic, for it is He who will teach humanity to use those inner senses that alone make true spirituality possible. Slayers and victims will change roles as reincarnational memories rise to the surface of consciousness. Through the development of those abilities, the sacredness of all life will be intimately recognized and appreciated.
Now there will be several born before that time who in various ways will re-arouse man’s expectations. One such man has already been born near Calcutta, but his ministry will seem to remain comparatively local for his lifetime.
Another will be born in Africa, a black man whose main work will be done in Indonesia . The expectations were set long ago in your terms, and will be fed by new prophets until the third personality of Christ does indeed emerge.
He will lead man behind the symbolism upon which religion has relied for so many centuries. He will emphasize individual spiritual experience, the expansiveness of soul, and teach man to recognize the multitudinous aspects of his own reality. (…)
When the historical Christ ‘died’, Paul had to implement the spiritual ideas in physical terms, to carry on. In so doing, however, he sow the seeds of an organization that would smother the ideas. He lingered after Christ just as John the Baptist came before. Together the three spanned some time period, you see.
John and the historical Christ each performed their roles and were satisfied that they had done so. Paul alone was left at the end unsatisfied, and so it is about his personality that the future Christ will form. (…)
Paul also represented the militant nature of man, that HAD to be taken into consideration in line with man’s development at the time. That militant quality in man will completely change its nature, and be dispensed with as you know it, when the next Christ personality emerges. It is therefore appropriate that Paul be present.
In the next century, the inner nature of man, with these developments, will free itself from many constraints that have bound it. A new era will indeed begin  – not, now, a heaven on earth, but a far more sane and just world, in which man is far more aware of his relationship with his planet and of his freedom within time.
I would like to make certain points clear. The ‘new religion’ following the Second Coming will not be Christian in your terms, although the third personality of Christ will initiate it.
This personality will refer to the historical Christ, will recognize His relationship with that personality; but within him the three personality groupings will form a new psychis entity, a different psychological gestalt. As this metamorphosis takes place, it will initiate a metamorphosis on a human level also, (emphatically) as man’s inner abilities are accepted and developed.
The results will be a different kind of existence. Many of your problems now result from spiritual ignorance. No man will look down upon an individual from another race when he himself recognises that his own existence includes such membership also.
No sex will be considered better than the other, or any role in society, when each individual is aware of his own or her own experience at many levels of society and in many roles. An open-ended consciousness will feel its connections with all other living beings. The continuity of consciousness will become apparent. As a result of all this the social and governmental structures will change, for they are based on your current beliefs.
Human personality will reap benefits that now would seem unbelievable. An open-ended consciousness will imply a greater freedom. From birth children will be taught that basic identity is not dependent upon the body, and that time as you know it is an illusion. The child will be aware of many of its past existences, and will be able to identify with the old man or woman that in your terms it will become.
Many of the lessons “that come with age” will then be available to the young, but the old will not lose the spiritual elasticity of their youth. This itself is important. But for some time, future incarnations will still be hidden for practical reasons.
As these changes come about, new areas will be activated in the brain to physically take care of them. Physically then, brain mappings will be possible in which past life memories are evoked. All of these alterations are spiritual changes in which the meaning of religion will escape organizational bounds, become a living part of individual existence, and where psychic frameworks rather than physical ones form the foundations for civilization.
Man’s experience will be so extended that to you the race will seem to have changed into another. This does not mean that there will not be problems. It does mean that man will have far greater resources at his command. It also presupposes a richer and far more diverse social framework. Men and women will find themselves relating to their brethren, not only as the people that they are, but as the people that they were.
Family relationships will show perhaps the greatest changes. There will be room for emotional interactions within the family that are now impossible. The conscious mind will be more aware of unconscious material.’

As Jane upon reading later the above, thought a period of less than a century was much too short a time to encompass so many dramatic changes, Robert put the question to Seth at the next Session. Seth answered:

– (Session 588, p. 391) ‘The birth will occur at the time given; by the time given (the year 2075). The other changes will occur generally over the period of a century, but the results will show far before that time’.


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A. (Silk)
    May 17, 2011 @ 19:30:44

    What a wonderful post! SO much information here, and as you say, the task is enormous when searching through the Seth works. I do recall the impression on reading Seth that his entire project was to lift the masses out of their narrow conceptions of the one-dimensional personality, and to replace these with the exhilarating, boundless vistas of our many selves – reincarnational and within each lifetime, and our vast creative potential in mind and spirit…

    And of course, if the Soul/Mind initially creates the body as its physical extension out into Matter, then as we tap into more and more of the Mind’s potential, the physical body will change or in some sense evolve…that already happens, when we heal, and as we open up the “psychic gifts” within the cells. It will be interesting to see if this same evolutionary process really will happen (so quickly) en masse, in this global transformation of humanity that so many groups are expecting. It certainly seems that Seth, from what you have so wonderfully transcribed here for us, does promise this coming transformation as well.

    Isn’t the material about the Christ interesting?! Some find this a rather weak explanation of Seth’s – but it makes sense to me that Paul especially, who seems to have taken Christianity in a rather destructive direction, would have unfinished business…



    • Bhaga
      May 18, 2011 @ 03:21:32

      Agree with all your points…
      Regarding what you rightly call ‘the exhilarating vistas of our many selves’, there is also that promise from Seth: that the kind of problems many of us may for the time being have managing those other selves when they keep popping into our present lives as well, not always as positive influences, will be solved as our individual consciousness grows vaster and can ‘encompass’ all of them, in an integrated (that is, healed) manner. While typing this Seth quote from The Seth Material’, I thought it tied in very neatly with our recent talk with Jules on ‘ajourneythroughwonder’… I hope he will read it too.



    • Bhaga
      May 19, 2011 @ 10:38:43

      Regarding the future coming of the ‘third personality of Christ’ as announced above by Seth, an additional observation I want to mention too, for you and all the others who may read this particular comment of mine:
      I always found the following few lines (which I’ll quote down below from my post), particularly interesting:
      ‘Now there will be several born before that time who in various ways will re-arouse man’s expectations. One such man has already been born near Calcutta, but his ministry will seem to remain comparatively local for his lifetime.’
      Why so interesting? Well, Sri Aurobindo was indeed born in 1872 in a far away part of Calcutta, and the rest of the description fits him rather strikingly too!…
      I for one can testify that, of everything else that as a perplex, indignant, searching, ready to quit young adult I had looked into (and that was a lot), his writings alone did “re-arouse”, and how powerfully at once, “my expectations in Life”!… If I decided then to go on with Life, as now it had at last a clear, most important and most inspiring divine Purpose, it is thanks to the book by Sri Aurobindo, ‘The Life Divine’, that one fine day was literally brought into my hands, giving me with its very first lines the wonderful answer from the Divine to the angry ultimatum I had put to Him/Her a few months before…



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  3. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A. (Silk)
    May 18, 2011 @ 04:15:45

    Yes, excellent point…I thought of Jules as well, and of my feeling that the many selves issue is a spectrum ranging from where the other selves, or mini-selves can remain undetected in some people’s everyday lives to where there are folks who definitely have strong roles and personae they seem to switch in and out of – not always smoothly – all the way to where the presence of other selves causes issues with “time-lines” and whose questions such as whose “memories” are whose, not to mention “whose agenda are we going to pursue”? I did like what Seth said on that in particular, as it makes perfect sense, so that once we expand, all fits comfortably within – integrated in one way but not losing identity in other ways…

    One thought that occurs to me is that in our many lives, we forget that we may have died very young, been miscarried as babies, and born mentally or physically handicapped or disabled in some way….those are selves that might then “cling” to the etheric body in rebirth. They would not be able to really manage a body or a full lifetime agenda, but would still “be in there”, needing love and reassurance. (Thinking of how Jules mentions “the young ones” that become distressed so easily…)



  4. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A. (Silk)
    May 18, 2011 @ 21:44:38

    PS: I have now linked to this post of yours in one of my Seth side widgets, as I think it is such a wonderful contribution and so many come to my blog on searches for Seth writings these days, as if a renaissance in this thinking is now occurring? This is a small Seth gold mine you have created here!



  5. jules
    May 19, 2011 @ 01:49:27

    I do keep coming back and reading (it takes me a while to absorb information properly sometimes) but i did think that i should thank you both for thinking of me and also to say about the ‘he’ in
    ‘‘ajourneythroughwonder’… I hope he will read it too’

    and feel i should just point out that he is a she lol 😀



  6. jules
    May 19, 2011 @ 02:21:48

    I know i shall keep coming back here, i’ve made notes on what to come back to like i’ve done with Carol’s blog but one thing particularly jumped out at me right now….i may be totally on the wrong here but the part that says

    ‘but the old will not lose the spiritual elasticity of their youth’.

    when i was growing up, a pensioner was a pensioner…most people i knew retired and seemed to accept themselves as being elderly whereas now things have changed alot and people arn’t reaching pension age and then just sitting infront of a tv but instead are being very active, alot carry on working and things seemed to have changed considerably, their spirit certainly seems to be maintaining youth…..could this be a sign of the changes starting that are being spoken about ?



    • Bhaga
      May 20, 2011 @ 08:27:11

      You are quite right – and you bring up actually a most important point that Cayce insists upon throughout the Readings: the effects of EXPECTATION. That is, what you believe is going to happen. And nowadays, the expectations that are there in Humanity’s collective mind about old age are certainly much more encouraging and strengthening than what they were fifty or even just thirty years ago.
      Indeed, this is one of the signs that human beings are changing their beliefs, are not accepting anymore the defeatism that was considered ‘normal ‘ before when one was approaching old age. And the wonderful thing is, our cells get the message too, and don’t feel forced any longer to follow the old patterns, so that physically too, these new beliefs and expectations have a positive effect, and often visible results!
      I think Edgar Cayce calls this ‘The Law of Expectation’. It works both ways… so one has to get used to be careful what kind of thoughts one keeps churning in one’s mind, and deliberately change them every time if necessary. Seth also explains that, and even exactly how to do the needed ‘thought replacement’!… I’ll post all of it up soon, it is so helpful…



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