Help!… Problem with Sidebar image and footers…

For about 10 days I have been trying  to put uo an image in my sidebar, and to ativate the three footers as well… without any success. The only thing that shows up in the sidebar as a result of my efforts are those enigmatic words, ‘Rose of Love’, which are the title intended for the picture, but made perplexing by the absence of the picture!…

Help would be greatly appreciated…

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  1. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A. (Silk)
    May 18, 2011 @ 04:30:22

    The way I make a widget with picture is to first go to New Post (draft only, never hit Publish!), insert my picture and click on it, so I can turn it into a link if I want, then put text beside which I also then highlight and turn into a text, if I plan to. THEN, I switch my view from visual to HTML Editor….(up at extreme right of little menu for Posts) Here, I change the width and height of the picture (which you will now see between quotation marks!) to something like 200 (wide, as widgets can be narrow) and then reduce the height so as to keep the proportion (you can switch back and forth to Visual editor to see what the picture looks like when you have fiddled with the measurements – and I find it is the LAST width and height you want to change….buried inside the HTML you may see an earlier width=”300″ or something, but make sure you change only the last 2 measurements you see in the HTML code for the picture which will begin with a bracket <

    Now, if you have linked your picture (must do in Visual editor where you can see the picture, click it and then insert link as usual) and linked any text, I just right-click, chose "Select ALL" hit COPY, and voila, I now dash to the side and hit Widgets (you'll get a warning about leaving the post and you can hit OK because it will save it as a draft usually, and you can later delete it..) I bring up my widgets, scroll down to one called Text and pop it over to the side. There, it opens, position cursor inside, and hit PASTE. Presumably, picture and text are now there…and you can type all the text you want into that box…and now you want to put the Title of this up in the place where it shows you for a title…

    I like this rather than adding an Image Widget and another Text one below it as I can keep it all together when I move my widgets up and own into new positions from time to time. But you may find another way…

    Using a draft Post to do all your Widget-making allows for editing and inserting and turning into links etc. Just use for one space below picture or to create para spacing in your text. You won’t see these codes (HTML language) in the final widget after you hit Save and Close…Good luck, I await the next sortie!!



    • Bhaga
      May 18, 2011 @ 06:30:19

      A mere week ago your reply would have left me staring at it helplessly, but by now, after all the previous successes achieved thanks to your kind and most knowledgeable advice, I feel I can make sense – and use…! – of it, by just courageously starting to follow your instructions step by step, although this time they will take me into totally new, unknown territory!…
      Well, it would seem like I am becoming more and more of an Adventurer nowadays, also in this field which is normally not what I enjoy doing – at least not the technological part of it; but everything and every activity and every challenge being opportunities to grow and evolve, I’ll give it a first try boldly and immediately!!!
      With my thanks once again… 🙂



    • Bhaga
      May 18, 2011 @ 07:51:51

      All right, here I am trying to do the link thing… actually for the first time. I didn’t want to tell you, but my eyes grew wide and a little desperate when I read “Insert link as usual” as part of your instructions.
      At least i have found the little button under ‘HTML’ which says ‘Insert link’, and I tried it once just now; my problem is that I don’t know what my new draft is to be linked with. Was I correct to chose the ‘Link to content’ option?
      But only titles of existing posts came up there.
      I tried writing in ‘widget text’ but that didn’t mean anything to the programme!
      What to do at this point?…



  2. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A. (Silk)
    May 18, 2011 @ 20:54:02

    I know exactly what you are going through…I set out on this same journey several years ago, armed only with my intensity of focus and limitless ambition to create! (We are so alike..) To be fair though, my trusty son forged ahead, and mastered HTML early on, so has coached me… WordPress I have had to work through on my own, but with stubborn tenacity (I do have Mars in Capricorn), one finally gets it!

    First – you can switch back and forth between the Visual Editor and the HTML view, one really has to be in Visual Editor view in order to most comfortably “insert” image or “add link” and so on. Then, the little icons are more plentiful and seem more clear…

    Also, when you copy/paste all this into the Widget box, you must do the copy/paste thing FROM THE HTML view, and it will look quite ugly in the Widget box but convert beautifully when you view your blog afterwards. If you have made a mistake somewhere, some rotten little piece of HTML will show there, to be deleted or changed back in the Widget box on your dashboard….

    Second – as to linking. This is by no means a matter of course at all. One only links when there is a good reason to. For example, when I created my little “News story” (say about the lady winning election in Tamil Nadu) the other day, I went to New Post, stayed in Visual Editor, and clicked on the little image icon. That allowed me to retrieve and insert the picture of the 2 ladies that I had “Saved As…” to my desktop under something title or other.

    Now, do I want a link here? Yes, I do, because really, the whole point of my Widget is the news story, from which I took the picture. We all love pictures and tend to mouse over them (so the name you choose for your picture when you insert it is worth making informative). People also tend to click on pictures and so for completeness’ sake, I will now turn that picture into a link – the the news story (on the Telegraph website, or CNN, or Hindu Times – or wherever I got it from.

    So, in Visual Editor view, with my picture now inserted and staring me in the face, I shall click onto the picture and it will get an odd “frame” around it so I know I have in fact engaged the thing! Now, I go up to the little chain-looking thing that is the make-a-link icon and clicking on that, I shall now paste into the box the whole url (from the Google Address bar) of the news story in which that picture appears. (Note the un-link icon right next to it which you would use if you had linked the picture to something by mistake).

    Now, because I am feeling overly-efficient, and also because lots of people recognize a text link more than a picture, I want to somewhere – under the picture, or in the first sentence in my widget chit-chat text, put a link to that very same news story that the picture is now linked to. Sometimes I do a bit of chatting first, or have copy/pasted a paragraph from the news item, and then at the very end, will say “Read full article” or “Read More”.

    Somewhere, beginning, middle or tend of what I type or paste into the Widget’s text I will turn a few words – or even the whole title of the news item – into a link so that the reader, if interested, can go to that news article, on that website or someone else’s blog, or wherever, and read the whole thing.

    So you would, still in New Post, and in Visual Editor, type those words, dash out to the blog or wherever on Google, go to the upper left-hand google address bar (not search box) and click on that box…the whole address/url in there should get highlighted, and you will now (right -click menu on mouse) click on “Copy”….Successful, you will now scurry back to your New Post where you will highlight the text you want to convert to a link, then click on the wee link icon, and paste that whole goodle url into the box that comes up when you click on the link icon.

    Make sure you either paste OVER the http:// that is already there, or delete it first and then paste your entire url into that long skinny box. Click save or submit, or whatever word they are using (!) and that’s it!

    You can do this with a Wikipedia article, a link to a book review, or a blog or whatever. I finally realized that with a blog, even if the post you want to link to is showing at the top of the home page, don’t use that url in the google window at that point. FIRST, click on the title of the post you like (just make this a habit) so that when the post comes up this time the url in the Google address bar is not the one for the home page (from which that post will, in time, disappear!) but is the precise url for that one post only.

    Each post you create has its own google address…When you are in the New Post box, look up there to the stuff under the title box, and you will see the words of your title in a small area, each word separated by a hyphen. When you hit “Publish”, WordPress (and Google) will now catalogue your post with its own precise url…

    If you change your title you can leave the original url up there as it was (the little one with the hyphens in the area where it says “View Post”, in case others have linked to it. On rare occasions, you may feel you really, really want to change that title – especially if you have just done the post and few have seen it. Then, it is possible to click on the Edit icon near that long series of words separated by hyphens, delete everything in there, and re type the title, each word separated by a hyphen, and NO characters like apostrophe, commas, etc, those these may of course be typed into the big box for Title of post….

    Note too – for later – using your Links widget you can create categories, and “file” your links in them…but that is fun for another day!!!

    Hope the visa/passport/Pondy trip went well, assuming it did and that it is thankfully over for another 5 years…



  3. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A. (Silk)
    May 18, 2011 @ 21:24:27

    As a follow-up – do correct my typos if you like – I didn’t do my proof-reading very well! And do come over and check out my widgets and click on them to see what I mean…I think people don’t use their widgets that often because in WordPress, it seems not user-friendly…but one you get it down to a rhythm, I find it very creative, and often when I don’t have a full post developed in my mind, but an item or thought is of interest, I make it first into a Widget (it may mature one day into a post!)…

    A further note – We are using – Lots of people later switch to – a .org WordPress blog is where you use the same software, but the blog is not “hosted” on WordPress servers; you have to pay for hosting elsewhere (approximately 100.00 a year or often less) and do quite a bit more of the technical maintenance.

    The reason people switch (and WordPress makes it pretty easy to switch your entire blog complete with posts and widgets over to the .org version) is that we cannot do anything commercial here at I could not, for example, advertise psychic readings and have a PayPal button there for folks to prepay….We can’t join Amazon as an affiliate and turn our links to the Amazon books into special ones with our commercial “affiliate” link built into the url – and then get paid a commission for each sale.

    But, on, you get many more templates, many more “plug-ins” (interesting widget-type things) and above all, can have “Java script” on your blog – and the Java script is part of the HTML that is coded into, for example, most affiliate codes, so you can sell things from your blog, services or products…

    Not so here at The bottom line is – no Java Script – Even non-commercial things like the changing daily planetary positions – a neat widget you can get for free at Astrodienst at – cannot be put on a blog because they are written in Java code. You can try, but when you paste the code into your widget box, WordPress “strips out the code” as soon as you try to publish it…

    So, lots of people use as their beginner blog and then at some point when they feeel ambitious or want to reap a little cash from their blog, they do the tranfer process over to

    I mention all this because you’ll see help sites which are of little use if you are looking for help! And, later on, you might want to carry some commercial links (books on, etc), even bookings for Auoville, ayurveda products, whatever, on your blog, and when that day comes, you could make the switch. I have not done that, but have checked out the process and it seems not too hard..

    Lots of people also use Google Blogger as their free blog place, and while it is not as elegant as WordPress software, I have created a semi-duplicate there of Silk Road Visions, as an experiment. You can copy/paste any post (from the HTML view) on your blog here to a New Post box on your Google Blogger blog, and with a small amount of picture arrangement, the transfer is perfect. There, I have Amazon affiliate links and Matrix astrology reading links but frankly, I just don’t feel it is worth it to me. So I just have put that blog on “delete”, and I haul it out occasionally to see what I think! Also, Blogger is coming out with new templates and new blogging software this year, so it might be very neat. (You can delete a blog on Google Blogger, but it stays for 90 days in your account, and anytime you “undelete it”, the 90 days starts all over! But if you delete a blog here at WordPress, it is gone forever!!) Each of these blogging platforms has their benefits and drawbacks.

    So here’s to our happy blogging!



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