Summertime in Auroville…

It’s Summer now here, in this part, way South, of India, called ‘Tamil Nadu’ (‘The Land of the Tamils’), where Auroville is growing.
That means it is HOT.
The shops in nearby Pondicherry (now ‘Puducherry’) open mostly late in the afternoon and into the early night, when it is cooler; everything goes even slower than usual in this still mostly rural area where village life manages to keep its own quiet rhythm in spite of the quick invasion of ‘development’ on Pondy’s side.
All the schools are on holiday, also in Auroville; yet our many kids aren’t much to be seen around at the moment: they all are going to the summer camp within a forest, that Auroville maintains for this purpose slightly up North near Kodaikanal, the well-known ‘hill station’ in the much higher, greener and cooler ‘Nilgiris’, the ‘Blue Mountains’ of Tamil Nadu.
Some of the adults and bigger children are out on treks all the way in the Himalayas like every summer.

Sisters' reunion, Jardins du Luxembourg, Paris

Quite a number of Aurovilians from abroad also choose this time of the year as the obviously best time for going to visit parents and friends in their country of origin, or renew ties with their various business contacts abroad. Those of us who may need health care not available here also take advantage of the Summer season, when their absence will be less of a problem in an anyway slowed down Auroville life.
Not many guests come to our Auroville Guest-Houses in this season, those from the West mostly come in the Winter time, after the big monsoon has brought the temperature down to a quite pleasant 25° C and even less at night. In the Auroville settlement where I live, because we are right on the beach, people do come from the big South Indian towns around (Bangalore, Chennai), but mostly for the week-end, filling up our few Guest-Huts for that short while; the rest of the week is rather quiet these days.
Even my closest friend and collaborator for our shared ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ research and teaching work, who usually comes gleefully at least every Saturday afternoon to visit me and do some special work with me that includes looking together at beautiful and meaningful films, is presently away in France, helping some people there to start initiating and organizing the Seminar in French that they are planning to convene soon about Auroville, in Auroville itself.

So here I am, enjoying actually my relative solitude after the slightly too hectic ‘Guest Season’.

From my balcony

I have more time now at last to:
    – slowly put my own house in order (the entire downstairs has somehow become over the months a sort of extra store-room for some of the things used in our Guest-Huts…! A totally unbearable sight for my ‘Libra Rising’ eyes, who need harmonious and pleasant surroundings to look at and be able to relax upon contentedly; painfully repelled by the present mess wherever they turn, they don’t know anymore where to look…
    – go at leisure through my clothes cupboard and take to our Auroville Free-Store all that I am not really using any more; I have to be careful though, and check the ‘Summer timings’ before going to the Free-Store, as there too like in many other Auroville Services, a reduced schedule will be in place for the Summer (a funny but quite appropriate typing mistake: instead of ‘Summer’ I had at first written ‘simmer’!!!);
    – sort out at least some of the many piles of papers and files and documents of all kinds I have been keeping dutifully and/or protectively for years, as my Moon in Cancer pushes me almost irresistibly to do all the time, even for little things that have no real value except as personal memories of times and people loved and gone…
    – take some moments from time to time to go up into my empty small Guest-Room and watch the three little kitten that their mamma, in the absence of my neighbors from their home, has brought to safety here…! Of course, as long as these unexpected small-sized Guests are there, no question of having any human Guests even if some present themselves at my door. Until these kittens are big enough to be given away, I guess they’ll be staying put here… unless someone their mamma likes and trusts comes to house-sit their normal home and the mamma brings them all back there… we’ll see; in the meantime I must at least take the time to enjoy the presence of that little family under my roof – without making my own lady-cat, Doucine, too jealous…
    – try and get my body used again to at least walk in the water along the beach in the early morning, when the waves are not strong; that would strengthen my muscles back into shape, and fortify my spirit as well; that, and the little bit of dancing-at-home or brisk walking to the little super-market nearby in the late afternoons, are indispensable happy exercise time to counter-balance the hours I must spend sitting at my desk for doing my main outer work, which is this writing and communicating work about the Conscious Evolution process that I myself, among more and more other human beings, am living nowadays upon this planet Earth that most people thought had stopped evolving any further…

Dawn on the Indian Ocean

    – stay in bed at least until dawn as often as possible, in order to allow the memories of my dreams, or the lyrics for my recent or old ‘soul-songs’ to remain in my waking consciousness, undisturbed by head movement, so that I can note them down before they vanish back into that deeper consciousness; once the day activities are really started, I never get to go again into that very special early morning inner condition of inspiration and insight; or it is about completely different things than the songs that come up almost always at that time only.

During the last two years, I have had to over-extend myself, doing too many of the tasks that need to be done in this place for its proper running; now that some other people are also taking their share of it all, I can at last withdraw a bit into my own life  and my own priorities again; my health I have started to regain since a few months, now my scooter is repaired and is functioning reasonably well, so I have some independent mobility again to go wherever I need to go at the time most convenient for me, without having to count on someone else or to order a taxi, which is costly.
My life is slowly coming back together; and with this blog as finally the right form of an outlet or at least a repository for the results of my ongoing research work, I feel at last a free flow of energy for expressing all that has matured over the years within myself, that never got expressed yet.

Today is the last day when I have to supervise the ‘Early Breakfast’ at our Community Kitchen here; for one month it will be closed, along with the Café that takes care of the daytime more expensive salads, fruit juices and other light but great meals that need to be also available in a place like this.
I’ll be practically ‘on holiday’ for the whole month of June!…  How unusual. It is the first year that I decide to close even the Community Kitchen for a month; because of the world economy crisis, there are less guests since two years, right now there is hardly anybody, it is time for a well-deserved REST. In this place called by the Mother ‘REPOS’ (the French word for ‘rest’…), my turn is coming this time to rest indeed… and write for this blog, of course! This is as restful for me as for a bird to sing…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jules
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 09:35:35

    i hope your month of rest goes well 🙂



  2. Bhaga
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 00:52:34

    Oh thank you, Jules!
    My best wishes for a good month of June for you as well, inwardly and outwardly.
    Are you involved in some outer work you enjoy doing? I have an idea now in which part of the world you live, and in which city, but otherwise I have no idea of what your other activities may be… beside blogging, of course, which is such a helpful, health-inducing way of expressing oneself. It does a lot of good to me too, I realize it more and more, so I really keep thanking inwardly Carol/Silk for giving me the idea of creating a blog, and for encouraging and guiding me so much in my early steps (still not very assured, but it’s coming!) into the happy activity of blogging…



  3. jules
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 22:24:08

    you’ve got me intrigued now lol how do you know which city i’m in ??

    i have a few things i enjoy doing which i will be talking more about on my blog over the next few weeks, so all shall be revealed!! not sure it’s going to be too exciting though lol 😉 and yes, i agree, blogging is great 🙂



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