“Wings of Chaos”… or “Wings of the Lord”?

Another message + quote (a few words here and there seem to be missing) from my friend ‘X’, which I  felt inspired to answer immediately yesterday night:

Le 1 juin 11 à 19:39, X a écrit :

Did you send me this or know where it came from? It’s a nice title that maybe i just copied without reading it at the time.
“The Wings of Chaos

I have had this website for a number of years now. When I first considered its creation, it was to acknowledge a way of life that I was living at the time. I was living in the heart of a community of people who worked vigorously together on many projects. The projects were diverse and the individuals more so.

When involved with many individuals working fast and hard, one invariably hits bumps on the path of cooperation. One person is convinced that this way is clearly the best way, this person controls others through holding a specialized type of data, another is the creative genius whose vision is simply unquestionable. However, as a group we accomplished many projects.

Gradually in this form of work, this type of pressure cooker, one uses the best tools they have, and generally the best tools they have;  tools like anger, resentment, depression, fear. These tools are learned from early childhood, and are somehow perfected in the chosen sandbox, and they are tried over and over and over again. While thinking that this one next time, it should simply work now. Of course it does not work.

Auroville Health Services organizing better drinking-water distribution

I knew there was a way of working together. To work together required one to begin to drop staunch stands of the ego. Iron clad principals of behavior gently soften, and we see that patience may be a new tool. Listening may actually work. We slowly and gradually, and with an almost imperceptibly small amount of faith, we try a new way. Maybe there is a different way of learning. Rather than fighting against the machine of the group, we can see the group as a living organism.

Now, I understand that these principals are known by many. However, if they were so easy to learn and understand why then, have they not been put into practice on a more global basis? The answer is because the tools of growth and group work are appropriated by the ego and its ways of mechanical thinking that persists almost always. As Benidictus Spinoza says on the last line of his seminal work “The Ethics”(Book V, end)

“If the way which I have pointed out as leading to this “true acquiescence of the spirit” seems exceedingly hard, it may nevertheless be discovered. Needs must it be hard, since it is so seldom found. How would it be possible, if salvation were ready to our hand, and could without great labor be found, that it should be almost all men be neglected? But all things excellent are as difficult as they are rare”

Auroville's 'Aquadyn' system for bio-dynamized drinking-water

The mention of the ideas is easy. We trick ourselves believing we understand. But, it is when we attempt to put these ideas into action, that we face the mystery. This mystery is the area of inquiry in which I am interested. What I have found is that it is only when we develop the courage to face and stand in the mystery that we are able then to avail ourselves of the creative flow of chaos. Only when we acquiesce to the offerings of the cosmic chaos, are we able find out about ourselves and to work with our fellow group members.

We find our creative soul and highest meaning only when we learn to ride the Wings of Chaos. Join me in the exploration.”


My answer to my friend:

The ‘Wings of Chaos’… should rather be called differently if their name is to be really accurate.

No, I didn’t send you this, but thank you for sending it to me, it is a very interesting way to put things, although it needs some clarification, so that what one can learn from this great text has less chances of being misinterpreted. So, here is my attempt at clarification:

Nice title indeed. Catchy. As dramatic as one might want it to be. And claiming the exclusivity of the Truth, as in any mental categorization of the Truth. This view recognizes, in a group, only:
    – either the usual, considered normal, so called ‘rational’ human behavior based on the ego and its tools, in their more or less constant clashes with the other egoes, that is, the same manifestations and tools of the same unique Ego Principle in all those ‘others’ whom we still see as ‘others’, and who usually also still feel themselves as ‘others’, precisely because of the presence in them of the Ego Principle, not yet dissolved by the emerging soul-individuality in each member of the group;
    – or the opposite kind of behavior, which slowly learns to drop altogether all those usual, ‘normal’ ego stances and tools, in order to reach / to allow in oneself a fluidity of being where one feels oneself simply as part and organ of a wider organism, of a vaster Oneness everyone else is part and organ of as well. Yes, this isn’t any more the usual bumpy ‘Order’ our societies know, and this other approach is unpredictable in its way of happening and of intermingling everyone’s views and contributions, so the author call this different approach ‘Chaos’,  but a smooth, all supporting and leading ‘Chaos’, hence this striking title, ‘The Wings of Chaos’.

But the result of this different approach is not really ‘Chaos’ at all: it is instead true Order, the kind of Higher Order born of a soul-based Harmony between all.
This is exactly what is the goal also in this experimental city here,  named ‘Auroville’. 

Pride of the 'Aquadyn' team after installation of their bio-energized drinking-water system

When asked “What political organiszation do you want for Auroville?”, the Mother  answered:

“An amusing definition occurs to me: a divine anarchy. But the world will not understand. Men must become conscious of their psychic being
(a more accurate name for the soul) and organize themselves spontaneously, without fixed rules and laws – that is the ideal.

For this, one must be in contact with one’s psychic being, one must be guided by it and the ego’s authority and influence must disappear.”

That Divine Harmony supporting and guiding all is there deep within Matter itself too, and underlying it at the same time. It is precisely what was felt so increasingly in the later years by Mother’s body as what she called, for lack of a better description, ‘Le mouvement ondulatoire’ (the ‘wavelike movement’), perceived as a slow beating of immense, eternal, very quiet but all-powerful Wings, that the Mother would call ‘Les Ailes du Seigneur’ : the ‘Wings of the Lord’ – ‘The Lord’  being the name she liked spontaneously to give to that most wonderful, all-encompassing loving Presence behind and in everything.

Those ‘Wings’ evoke immediately for me also Tolkien’s huge Eagles, of divine origin actually, who come from time to time to the rescue when everything seems to be lost; in the movie rendition of the book, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, one can see Frodo and Sam taken away in the end from erupting Mount Doom by those Eagles. When one identifies with the expression on Frodo’s blissful face while he is being carried by their slow beating immense wings, and also with Howard Shore’s incredible music for that moment, sung so perfectly by that loving, intensely soft soprano voice… it is astonishingly the very same perception of that ‘mouvement ondulatoire’ which the Mother is talking about, that one can perceive going through one’s body during this brief but inspired, extraordinary moment towards the end of the third movie.

Yes, that’s what we all can feel too, if gradually we all learn to allow ourselves to  feel it in our deeply relaxed body. Since a few years my own body has been feeling it sometimes, and increasingly so; that means that nowadays this is an experience anybody else open to it may have as well: ‘The Wings of the Lord”… I recommend it all-heartedly, all the more because the Mother was recommending it too, so it is not just my personal opinion I’m giving but hers as well!


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