‘Rose of Love…’

‘Rose of Love, ruby-depth of all being, fire-passion of Grace,

Arise from the heart of the yearning that sobs in Nature’s abyss;

Make Earth the home of the Wonderful and Life beatitude’s kiss!’


Yesterday night, here on the Coast of Coromandel, yet another storm was approaching from the Indian Ocean, the sky was heavy and low, dark grey with menacing clouds, the first few drops of rain were starting to fall in that ominous atmosphere, everyone everywhere was bracing up to endure yet another night of thunder and lightning and windy rain flooding the inside of houses.

My heart was tight with anguish and revolt – not for myself: I am relatively well protected – but for all those poor people here who have hardly any roof or walls to protect them against the fury of the elements, and who just have to live with it when such things happen and destroy once again whatever meager properties they might have managed to acquire over months of labor.

An immense ‘NO’ surged in me from my depths, and something in me asked the approaching storm to quieten down and leave us alone; only some quiet rain was needed, and welcome.

And then I went on with the activity I was engaged into at the time in my home – probably blogging, or conversing with friendly other human beings on facebook, the new world I am starting to explore and enjoy.

About another hour later, I suddenly looked up, and realized the storm had never come; only some soft rain was there, still refreshing quietly the atmosphere and bringing the temperature down, as was badly needed.

After a good night’s sleep, I’m back here at my desk; yesterday night I just put up on this blog the picture of that rose, and jotted down the lines from Sri Aurobindo that I love so much and repeat every morning as an invocation for the world’s future. Today, back to that spontaneous new post when dawn was starting, I only added these few paragraphs that simply tell what happened.

Rose of Love, thank you for your help to my own thought-power…


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