Learning to Use our Thought-Power

I just discovered in another person’s blog, ‘Spiritual Themes’, a post I find very good, on the same topic of ‘THOUGHT POWER’ which seems so important to me too.
So I asked informationforager the authorization to quote his text here entirely, for the benefit of those who may visit my blog, but not necessarily his (the link to his is also in my blogroll though). Here is informationforager’s text, exactly as he put it up on his own blog (so I will not add pictures either, as he uses none for his posts):
Thoughts Are Things
By informationforager

Thoughts are things.  They have a beginning, a middle, and end. Most of us, if pressed, would just say that it’s an electrical current running around in our head.   That’s true too. I think that thoughts are builders and destructors.   That each and every moment, each and every thought is building or destroying.  That’s why it’s so crucial to think properly.  Imagine something as soft as a feather but as dangerous as a Blue Flame Welding Torch. That is our minds.  Soft as a feather that when I’m bumped in line at the store, I’ve lost my thought. Yet, when totally utilizing a laser beam focus(like a welding torch) we can become unstoppable.   The blinding light, the searing heat, able to burn through any thing.   Normally though a torch creates a heat that creates plasma to weld two things together. Our ideas build things.
When I was a freshman in school we had a Grammer Book and it stated that the definition of a noun was, “A noun is a word used to name a person, place, or thing.”  About 6 Years later I happened upon a new copy of the book. The noun definition had changed to “A noun is a word used to name a person, place, thing, or idea.” Epiphany!!!  I suddenly realized that an Idea was a thing.  I was holding an Idea. It was the first time that I ever realized that an idea had substance.
Our minds create ideas that build up or tear down our own and others worlds.   In lockstep pattern we create our reality constantly. When you walk down the street and look at the buildings and park benches and buses and signs, keep in mind that at one time these were just the ideas on someone’s mind. Imagine the very beginnings of each object. All things begin with mental conception.  An idea in the engineer’s mind, an idea in the architect’s mind, an idea in the park commissioner’s mind. Imagine walking by these buildings, stores, park benches, street signs, and  street markets and being able to sweep your hands and arms through those idea patterns.  That’s what they were at one time, just idea patterns.
I believe that our lives are analogous to that one movie “The Matrix”. The Superior beings had created a false world of computer code to ensnare human slaves.  Except that we are the ones creating the code, we are the ones creating our world with ideas.
Our reality is nothing but our Ideas.  Many spiritual books say this. A famous healer was treating a patient one time and he advised surgery.   The recorder of the event knew that a very similar case was treated very differently(medication, massage, proper diet).  She spoke up and asked “Why is this patient different?  Why does this patient need surgery when the other one didn’t?  The healer answered, “Very good question.   THIS PATIENT BELIEVES IN SURGERY. That is the only way he can accept being healed.”
If we were to focus with our laser like minds upon our plasma  like world we could change anything.
 And Jesus said unto them,  Because of your unbelief: for verily I (Jesus) say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. (-Matt.17:20)
My own just preceding entry in this blog of mine, ‘Rose of Love’, may have raised quite a few eyebrows, people not being used yet to this kind of inner intervention into outer events – let alone successful interventions, which show it works.
As yet another illustration in my own experience of the power of our thoughts, especially when they are further energized by an emotion in ourselves, like desire or on the contrary fear, accompanying a certain thought, I want to add here a note I wrote in March for our little internal newsletter in Auroville, the ‘News & Notes’:


The beach in front of Repos shows since a few months a nice building up that seems reassuring but isn’t really so, as it is only a passing phase, a yearly, seasonal one which isn’t enough to compensate for the other seasonal phase – now made more intense by human mistakes – when it is eroded and destroyed.
So of that beach’s future no one can speak yet: the human measures that may at last be taken to correct the mistakes will play of course a big role in the long-term result.
But something which is sure and needs to be pointed out is the remarkable phenomenon that happened during the months when the eroding action was still very much predominant.
In August, each wave from the ocean came hitting the shore so violently that I could feel the vibrations in my bed upstairs when lying on it. By the end of October it had become so bad my whole house shook every time from top to bottom, and I could feel those alarming vibrations right through my body day and night whenever I was sitting or lying down anywhere inside.

Before, a gentle slope for fishing nets and boats...

The shore had come to form a kind of cliff, constantly more dug out until it was only two or three meters from the fence – and, just behind the fence, from the houses themselves.
That’s when I myself started to pray, and put out in the News and Notes a call to others, here and elsewhere, for collective prayer as well.
My next diary notes, on December 9, read like this:
“During the month of November a remarkable phenomenon has happened: the waves have started hitting not any more the ‘cliff’ near our houses, but another one now being dug out by them at a distance; a second cliff is forming, at a lower level somehow, and sufficiently far away for the shocks not to be felt any more in my house, for example. That means that even in the last three weeks when it has been raining a lot and there were big waves again, they have been happening and crashing only at a good distance from the actual shore (some underwater barrier perhaps?…) and the little bit of beach left in front of my house is still there, not receding since all those weeks, the old cliff right there not caving in any more, as no waves are even touching it any more! Quite an amazing thing actually – and, whatever it is, exactly what was needed to protect our area. Ô Divine Grace, thank you so much…”

The far away shore - the way it was before

And one should remember also the two heavy cyclones that have been announced for this whole area during 2010, that have come to some extent indeed, but only to weaken and go away instead of worsening and hitting here in full force as per all the meteorological predictions. Our mind keeps shutting off all such hints of something like a Divine Protection being at work to keep us safe, as if that was ‘weird”, and so, unthinkable and unmentionable in the still very materialistic general atmosphere of our times. Well, in a place like Auroville, we should know better, and on the contrary invoke deliberately that Protection, and count on it with more faith than the faith we automatically put into the so-called absoluteness of scientific predictions!… My personal thanks to all those who have helped and go on helping inwardly to keep that Protection active for dissolving more and more of Auroville’s problems.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Random Ntrygg
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 06:48:32

    I can go with this until the introduction of Jesus or any specific god

    religions have bit right, but the context wrong – and they have most things wrong, as they are about consolidating wealth and power for an elite

    religions are not about seeking answers, but trying to make the questions lead to the answers they claim to have.



    • Bhaga
      Jun 18, 2011 @ 03:25:48

      Sorry for the delay in answering you… Problem with the internet connection yesterday.

      As far as I know, informationforager isn’t a Christian, and he quoted Jesus simply as someone who encouraged us by his own example to make use of the inner powers we do have by virtue of our forgotten divine nature. Although I am myself not a Christian (or anything else) either, I do personally like especially that quote too, precisely because what it says is an empowering truth for all of us human beings, that all the efforts of the Church haven’t succeeded in erasing or turning into its very opposite.
      What you say about religions in general I would say too, the totally negative points as well as the fact that still in each religion some important aspect of the total truth is there for the taking by any one inside or outside that religion who is able to recognize that bit of the truth in spite of all the human paraphernalia added around it.
      The worst, in my eyes, is that each of them claims to have the exclusive truth, and at least at some point in its history has ordered its ‘faithful’ to go and exterminate the ‘unfaithful’ (even within Europe)…!
      Nowadays at least we don’t have to imprison ourselves in any religion any more (except of course if we want to), and we can seek and find little by little our own living and evolving truth, expressing in a more and more unique manner the unique form of relationship that grows between each of us as an individual soul/spirit, and our Origin/Source.



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