True Spirituality & the present Mental Influence on it

As this blog speaks much of spirituality, from anxious comments I am getting on some of my posts here, I can see that many people are still afraid of ‘spirituality’, because in their mind the word has become almost synonymous of ‘religion’. The overall impression one can get of most traditional spiritual paths is indeed:
– that they too are loaded with dogmas, rituals and other obligations to be observed, imposed by some outside authority, just like religions are; and
– that the many spiritual paths that are proposed are often divided among themselves, just like the religions are (although at least they are more aware of their essential unity and so they don’t try to exterminate each others’ members!…).

Both these observations are quite correct in the present situation of the world.
The present situation is that up until now spirituality too, like the various religions, has had to emerge and exist in us within the evolutive context we human beings were still in, which was an overwhelmingly mental context. That means, our entire life was predominantly lived in the way the Mental Consciousness functions spontaneously:
The Mind Power sees mostly and first of all what differentiates, divides, opposes things, instead of what connects, harmonizes, unites them. Its focus is on trying to categorize and label everything, so as to put everything neatly into compartments and boxes that give to the Mind the illusion that it has put the Universe in order and so, that it understands the Universe and controls it.
In reality, it is not so at all. On the contrary, incapable of perceiving the wholeness of whatever living thing it studies, the Mind cuts everything to pieces, trying to see how it works, but of course destroys it in the process, and is then quite incapable of putting it back together in the way that would make it ‘work’ again as the living organism that it was when whole.
So, through the Mind only, we cannot truly understand anything in particular, let alone the Universe as a whole or ourselves in it. Although we are now starting to overgrow that mental conditioning and to evolve further, still to a great extent, we human beings are mental beings, affected with the very same limitations, incapacities and errors of judgment as the Mind Power is.
… Yes, but… luckily there is a big ‘Yes, but’: although the Mind and some other equally limited powers rule for now our outer, superficial nature, yet what we are within, the Spirit Power within us, if we start listening to it and relying on it, can at last become what it was since the beginning meant to become: the true Ruler and Guide of our entire being, for our outer life as well as for our inner life. Please take notice of that, for it is indeed great news, and it is changing everything here:

As the true influence of the Spirit as such grows among us, slowly or rapidly replacing the Mind as the main Power within us as a species, to the same extent each of the various spiritual paths opened here or there over the millennia by various human beings is presented a chance to get rid of the mental influences that had been affecting it until now: as we collectively move out of the Mental Consciousness into the Spiritual Consciousness, that Spiritual Consciousness itself is reached at a higher level than before, that is, in its own eternal Realm of ‘Supra-Mental’ (‘beyond the Mind) Consciousness.

Even more important for the effects on all of us:

Conversely, that same Supramental Consciousness, coming down, has been activated at last also downhere on Earth.
Right now, this new, higher Consciousness is offering to the existing religious and spiritual systems – just like to all the other human systems too – a chance to change and right themselves in the light of that vaster Truth. which shows the way to inclusiveness instead of exclusiveness, union instead of division, complementarity instead of mutual contradiction and destruction. 
Whether the existing systems, in their socio-economical power structures, are each responding positively or not to that chance they are given to evolve of their own accord, anyway more and more individuals everywhere on the planet don’t feel any more obliged to place themselves under the arbitrary authority of those structures; they now feel more and more able to grow freely from within, and they indeed allow themselves to do so, trusting their own ability to find their way to the Truth and the Divine, whatever name they may give to That, directly through their own sincerity and intensity of purpose, rather than through any Church Hierarchy and the many intermediaries it places between the individual soul and its Origin/Source.
As this huge new step in this planet’s evolution goes on and gains ever more momentum, the old systems who still don’t accept to change will either crumble down out of their own actual inner emptiness, or be compelled to disappear by the increasing revolt of those masses they have unduly kept under their grip for so long.
It is up to each religion or spiritual system, however fossilized they might presently be under sclerosed beliefs, to be revivified and made valid again as one of various ways open to all for discovering and living ‘the True, the Right, the Vast’, as the Vedic Rishis, the Seers who wrote the Veda in India millennia ago, were describing in awe the Supramental Consciousness. Those Rishis may have reached it individually at the time, in its own high sphere, but only now is it here on Earth as a new level of consciousness available to us collectively as a species, each of us being free to open up to its full transformative power, or to rather remain part of a harmonized and spiritualized but not yet supramentalized humanity.

In the meantime,  Neo-Nazism and all the other possible forms of fanaticism, with the terrorism which easily goes with them, show to all that this exacerbation of all extremisms, far from being the solution at all, is the very disease that must finally be healed in all human beings, by learning that the real truth isn’t the exclusive truth that the limited Mental Consciousness can only see, but the all-inclusive, Supramental Truth in which all those partial mental truths can find their respective place, in harmony with all others. Exclusivism, with all the discriminations it is responsible for, is the only thing that must disappear from our consciousnesses everywhere,  in order for all our religions and cultures to coexist in peace and in a progressive harmony, more and more aware that by their very diversity they complement each other and enrich wonderfully humanity as a whole.

Even Science, our modern predominant Religion with its very dogma of Materialism, will have finally to recognize the Spirit and its presence as well as its action within Matter itself. We simply have to accept the Spirit as part of the Puzzle just as much as Matter is, if we want to truly understand our own nature and that of the world we live in.

Now is still the period of transition when most human beings are struggling with all the apparent contradictions our still too mental perception sees in everything; but many of us are quite sincerely seeking the Truth, and intuitively know it must have a lot to do with Love, true Love. I have immense respect for all those sincere seekers, and also for the wrong assumptions they are bound to keep for a long time… but they  cannot be arrogant, they must be ready to admit that their previous beliefs were not correct; having myself been one of those desperate seekers not so long ago, I understand quite well that they have so many questions to ask before they can start seeing more of the really, really Big Picture we are all part of… And then, they will start to have a really, really big Smile on their face and in their heart, just like I do, because that Big Picture happens to be so wonderfully beautiful and exciting, all at the same time!…


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