To Greece… and my other Far Roots

New Journey! In addition to my current Yoga Journeys in Costa Rica, here is the preview of my new Journey to…. GREECE!

Combine a discovery of Athens, Epidaurus, Delphi and the Greek Islands with a journey of discovery within yourself!

So goes the announcement sent to me recently by the friend of mine who is organizing this ‘Journey’… This was my reply to her:

‘Thank you for this very nice and cheerful announcement message! My very best wishes to all those who will participate, and particularly to you of course, dear Janine! ūüôā


PS: Something in me would like very much to go physically to Greece and all those beautiful places there where I lived in at least one other lifetime, and about which I taught in this lifetime as a young teacher in the Classics (Greek, Latin and French literature), without ever a chance to physically go there again. But it is not a real need, I’ll just be as happy if I can see some pictures of all the beauty there when you all come back…¬† Thank you in advance!

Yes, the temptation is there to go back and experience the places again…¬† in Greece, in Egypt, in Palestine, in the high stones of Macchu Picchu, in the Siberian Altai Mountains, among the nomad Berbers in the Atlas Mountains, under Native America teepees, and in ‘Douce France’ too, where I had several lifetimes, be it in a castle or in a poor peasant home… Some nostalgia is definitely there sometimes of the countries in themselves: their atmosphere,¬† their cherished landscapes, their familiar animals and plants, the very land one has walked, the air one has breathed, the bright or cloudy sky one has looked at, the rivers or the sea one enjoyed swimming in…

But in our modern times it is anyway not the same any more, the pilgrimages are most often disappointing…

And after all, is not the present lifetime the most important one to live now as fully and consciously as possible?…

This is why spiritual masters in general, like Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, didn’t speak much to their disciples about other lifetimes they themselves had had, or the disciples – unless for some special reason it was important for someone to be told or to remember about a specific lifetime, or a precise moment in it, in relation to the present lifetime.

Does one gain anything actually, for one’s overall individual evolution, from knowing about one’s other lifetimes?…

In my own experience at least, there is a big difference between being told about having lived here or there at this or that time, and actually living moments or entire scenes of a certain lifetime, or of several of them. What was just told to me by some clairvoyant, I remember only because I took notes I have later on read again and again; what I found myself directly living, I remember just as much as the memories of this lifetime: those memories are indelibly part of me, part of the total that I am.

In a few cases this has proven so true that it is because of some special, intense and troublesome recurring tendency in this lifetime that I have been able to recover the memory of the lifetime when the root cause of that problem originated; in those cases the difficulty started to fade away after the memory came back to my consciousness and the healing of the original trauma started taking place within me. An extremely interesting process to watch happening within oneself when one had been afflicted with some obsessional, compulsive tendency for decades before that.

The very real spiritual development that has happened in this present lifetime was, I realized later on, what enabled my stronger Inner Being to gradually help those wounded parts of me in other personalities to find a better and truer way of reacting to a certain type of situation than it had since that other lifetime when the trauma had occurred and the wrong kind of reaction had become the habitual, repetitive one, in spite of the pain it every time created in the being.

In another case it has been on the contrary the sudden vision of a very important but beautiful moment in another lifetime, that led me then to  live intensely the expanded time sequence around that moment, while becoming aware again of the gist of that other forgotten lifetime when I had been blessed like in this one with a surging forward of my soul to greet the special embodiment of the Divine that I was given to meet, and that transformed my life then.

The still totally alive memory of that moment most definitely reinforces powerfully in my being the still totally alive memory I also have of the moment when the same thing happened again in this lifetime, with another special embodiment of the Divine my soul again instantly recognised and kneeled to, in a surge of love and adoration from within.

This is why more conscious embodiments of the Divine are born among us from time to time, in various parts of the world; every time something of the evolutive work to get done at that time gets done, and also many souls get to see the Divine in those special embodiments, and this hastens the individual process of awakening for those souls who respond to that special contact. Whether or not some form of religion and church gets formed around each special embodiment is another matter, and not always beneficial, for in that collective¬† outer process a lot may be lost or twisted beyond recognition, of the actual teachings the ‘special being’ had tried to leave behind for humanity.

As for the soul who in different lifetimes gets to meet with different such ‘special beings’, through each of them that soul gets to come into contact with yet another aspect of the Divine, and that contact enlarges the capacity of that soul to recognize the Divine Presence in this dimension and everywhere else, through the characteristic vibratory frequency emanated by each, all of them variations of the same essential blissful divine way of being.¬† When the memory of that inner contact with another ‘special being’ in another lifetime surfaces again, it becomes impossible for that individual to get caught at the mental level by the tendency to fanaticism and exclusivism that is such a common and terrible problem in most human beings: the need is felt from within to accommodate in one’s consciousness more than one aspect of the Divine, and it is impossible to feel them as antagonistic in the way the mind, in its divisive natural mode of functioning,¬† automatically would see them, creating inner tensions and doubts in the person, that have in the spiritual reality no ground at all.

The remarks above are all from my own experience, although they could probably be confirmed by some authoritative quotes by a spiritual master or another if I looked for such a confirmation. On this blog I usually prefer to speak directly in my own words and from what I have gathered through my own experience, which might be of use for other people too. It is important for them to be able to see and feel that what I am saying is indeed the fruit of a personal process of Conscious Evolution, and not the mere repetition of some guru’s words. My example then will be encouraging for them to also trust their own Inner Being and start on their own Conscious Evolution Adventure – with the inner help, if they want, of any spiritual master towards whom they may feel an affinity to start with, as long as they keep themselves open to vaster beliefs than those that specific master may have taught.¬†

Another benefit from remembering at least some of one’s other lifetimes is that one recovers faster one’s sense of Universality:

A vastness of being, a capacity to recognize and sense as oneself any form, appearance, skin color or way of dressing a human being can take on outwardly, and any religious belief¬† or cultural habit a human being can take on inwardly. All that just doesn’t matter anymore, it’s simply all part of the diversification process that is a central purpose of our endeavor here, given the essential Identity that¬† gives us anyway our Unity in spite of that utter Diversity.¬†

The only reason many people are still racists, etc, is because of the narrowness, the smallness of their mind, and the lingering in it of all the so limiting prejudices an unevolved mind builds up since childhood from its need for only one truth, one skin color, one culture to be acceptable, recognized as the correct one. It is the only way they know yet of keeping their own identity safely on the imagined ‘correct side’ of what they call the Truth, or as close to it as they can. In a more diverse world where all variations are welcome and valid, they feel lost like kids in a place too big for them, where they can’t find anymore the outer marks that before delimited clearly and safely for them the accepted, ‘correct’ way of being they would have simply to copy, instead of growing to be truly themselves in a wonderful uniqueness they would have to discover, honor and enjoy step after step, the way a flower quietly blooms. There is an even more total safety in that inner process, but in our present societies it is not yet always safe to follow it, and that’s the real problem.

So, to Greece and my many other ‘Far Roots’, I smilingly raise my glass (of Greek wine of course…!) and I say a big thank you for all the inner vastness, flexibility and richness you bring from within into my present life, making me in truth a Citizen of the World.

While writing this, I realize that I probably should learn to draw more from the latent capacities and talents those other personalities make available to me as my larger background… Hmmm.¬† Oh my. A whole new avenue of inner development opening up for me!…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 14:39:51

    I think that most people dont remember their past lives for a reason — we often feel overwhelmed by this lifetime alone. Remembering it all would be too much. Until we are ripe enough for it. That said, I feel that even those that dont remember their past lives do remember the things that they learnt from them. Its like with little kids — they dont remember much from their childhood when they grow up, yet these early years teach them most of what they know.



    • Bhaga
      Jul 11, 2011 @ 17:05:50

      Welcome again, Eternal Voyageur! Thank you for your comment, which for me makes a lot of sense… Did you ever reflect on this subject before? How did you come to these conclusions? Do you have little kids?



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