‘Being His Beloved’… as Experienced by our Cells

A few days ago, on June 25th 2011, I visited for the first time the blog of Pat Cegan (I have since put it on my blogroll): ‘Source of Inspiration’.

On that day, her new post was this:








In silence is sound.
Tears wash away sorrow.
Laughter fills hearts with joy.
I kneel in awe at the mystery of life.
There is no name complete enough
for our Creator,
and yet, He knows my name;
He calls me His Beloved.

Reading this instantly gave me the usual utterly sweet, ‘melting’ feeling in the center of the chest, as the normal answer from my soul; but also came, to my total surprise, a new and powerful experience in my body, which after a few moments I tried to express in the ‘comment’ to the poem that could be added by visitors like myself:  

‘I centrally have the experience you describe (of ‘being the Beloved’), as a way of life so to say. But all of a sudden my body too responded to your poem and what it said. My cells are typing this now, not for me as most of the time, but for themselves:
‘Thank you to have helped us suddenly feel and realize that we, too, each of us, are the Beloved of our Lord, our Love’.

I noticed that my cells were expressing themselves in English, which is unusual for them.
I am not sure whether Pat simply never saw that ‘comment’ of mine, or, not knowing me yet at all, found it so strange she preferred not to reply anything. But from my side I have obviously to mention on my own blog, which is precisely meant for that kind of topic too, this new cellular experience, which seems to have been indeed a very important one, triggering this morning another momentous experience as a clear follow-up of the one quoted above:

Since that remarkable – and in a way even astonishing – message written directly by them, my body-cells hadn’t given me any sign of anything special going on; except that these last few days somehow I was not feeling well, as if caught in some confusion affecting me in my entire being, but I didn’t know what. I thought it was perhaps the heat? But it wasn’t really so hot at all, so this wasn’t a very convincing reason for that unpleasant, very tiring uneasiness I was feeling all over me.

This morning upon awakening, after coming down a first time and starting to check just as usual my email and my blog, I soon found myself unexpectedly going up again, back to my room, and straight onto my bed. But I wasn’t sleepy at all; apparently I just needed to go within myself at the body level, which I had not taken the time to do for a while.

Immediately after I closed my eyes, the attention of my whole body-consciousness shifted to the inside of both the eyeballs, focusing on the lenses. In my central consciousness I suddenly remembered they were affected by a beginning of cataract, I had been told that some months ago. I realized that yesterday a friend of mine, my age, had visited me, who had told me about what personal inner and outer action she was doing to try and get rid of the cataract she had in one eye; while she was speaking I could feel my body (but not my eyes themselves) listening very attentively, but I didn’t mention my own similar problem, nor the advice by Edgar Cayce that I myself was following as often as possible to also get rid of this so common aging problem.

Now lying on my bed, I could feel my body-consciousness was entirely concentrating on the root-cause of the cataract: the hardening of the lens. I had been drinking water just before lying down, it was that water that the body was now directing towards the eyes and more exactly the lens, trying to increase the proportion of water in the very substance of the lens, so as to modify its composition and give back to it the needed suppleness for the proper functioning of the lens.

But it was not all: there was in the whole body a tremendous urge for perfection, for action towards an improvement of all its functions. Expressing itself this time in French, its natural communication language, the body was gradually putting into words what it felt the absolute necessity to do, now that its cells had realized that the Divine loved them and wanted them to be well, to be at the top of their potential for perfect functioning as a body.
So this is how this completely new urge expressed itself, in the original French, with a strength and intensity in the intent, that I attempt to convey by putting it all in capitals:


My translation in English:


The ‘CONDITIONS” became present in my central consciousness too at  the same time as they came up in my body-consciousness; they were essentially:

– Relaxation as the first step,

– the Delight that comes with total Relaxation, and

– the Awareness/Remembrance in all the cells, of the latent Perfection of the Body, already accomplished in Eternity, for Eternity.

As it gradually formulated itself, this inner message was broadcast loud and clear in the entire body again and again, non stop, as the supremely important Declaration of Intention now emanating from all the cells, and addressed to themselves, so as to fulfill the expectation about them that now they knew their beloved Lord had for them, his Beloved.

My collaboration was asked for, certainly, as it would definitely help; but whether I agreed or not, anyway my cells had spoken their choice, and it would be what they would do anyway, entirely on their own if necessary. Such was their total dedication to the Vision of Perfection their Lord had for them, his Beloved.

Wow. I am still shaken to my very depths by this stunning experience that took place only a few hours ago, noted down here to the best of my ability. Our body-cells may indeed do strange and wonderful things nowadays, when they open themselves to the influence of the new Evolutive Force now at work on our whole planet!… If they happen to read, along with you (as my cells love to do), some simple but beautiful words truly evocative of something deeply significant for them, an entirely new direction for their own existence may suddenly emerge, that may have the power to take our evolution an incredible step further!… Their ever repeated Message is still resonating everywhere in my body… What will it lead to?… The Future will tell.


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