Story of the Little Girl & her Soul

Hello everyone! I am Me,
Born not long back, a little girl…
But that’s just my Body, not Me:
You need a Body to live here,
And Bodies are all girls or boys,
So my one is a girl’s Body,
And that’s okay, but I am Me…

Also in my Body with Me
Are those big MeThink and MeWant,
And they take almost all the place!
MeThink is all the time thinking
So many ideas, what a noise!
MeWant is all the time wanting
So many things, he cannot stop!

But my Body does need to rest
And not all the time to do things;
And Me too, I need quiet time:
I wish I could well remember
From where I came, and why I came…
But only in quiet can I
Start, only start to remember:

I feel again, oh from afar,
Some of that Sweetness that I know
Is from the Place I too came from.
In that Place I was also Me,
Everyone’s Me’s were also there,
But not separated like here
Where we have to be on our own…

Oh that Sweetness I so long for
When I am feeling too alone
And to be Me here is too hard!
Strange it felt at first to be here,
Away from that sweet Oneness…
Sad it was also to feel fear
In this world of loneliness!

But at least when I am quiet
My real Me, my Me of there
Remembers a little, feels again
Some of the Sweetness from before…
When I am quiet, I withdraw
Deep in the Centre of myself
In my Core of sweet Oneness.

And if I stay there long enough,
My Me enters a Secret Door…
And there it is, the Magic Place,
The sweet and resplendent Kingdom,
The space of Oneness and Love
That we forgot but all came from!…
It is here too, not just above!!!

So when I’m feeling a bit lost
Between the ideas of MeThink
And all the desires of MeWant,
When I just don’t know anymore
What I should do to be in Truth,
I don’t obey either of them
For they don’t know what the Truth is:

Instead I just quietly go
Within myself, and let my Me
Listen to the voice of the Truth
Lived and whispered by All There Is,
And look at which side of the Truth
My Inner Compass points for Me.

Then I know what I have to do
To fulfill my role in the Whole
At that precise moment in Time
When all of you too play your roles
And forgetting it’s all a Game
Where each plays a different role,
You think we ought to play the same!!!

So now I know why we are here:

It’s all for fun, and for learning

How to love instead of fear,

Remember that we are all One

And remember we are playing…

I love you, and I say ‘Thank you

For being all here in the Game!…’


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