A Wonderful Journey around a Blooming Garden

I’m just returning here after having been this morning on a wonderful little journey around several blogs, each one sending me to another one through a name on their blogroll that caught my interest and linked me at once with that other blog by that name, as the next step for my exploration.
I am stunned, and overjoyed.
What an amazing profusion of beauty: beauty in the designs, in the pictures used, in the arrangements of the blogs, in their contents…  
Blessed be all this new technology which suddenly has made possible, even for tech-dumb people like me, all this fabulous, so diverse and so moving outer expression of our inner worlds!  

And a blog is so easily do-able, and so easily accessible too: this is what I call true Communication – not just on the more superficial level provided by facebook and such, but in those blogs, at the much deeper level where each one reveals really what is the most precious for him or her, what are their real aspirations and dreams, what their life is truly about… And every blog is so full of the joy of this self-expression, this sharing of the best in ourselves, and often also of our personal difficulties, that they may be healed or at least helped by the soothing or encouraging words of another blogger…

I feel like I have just been around a whole beautiful area in an open Garden, where each flower was unique and had its unique history and beauty, and was starting to bloom, each one at its own pace, as if the Garden itself, by its very existence, enabled all those previous buds to bloom freely, side by side, each one in itself and for itself first of all, and yet also for the whole Garden in which it stood and radiated its very own light and shape and scent.

It was such a wonderful sight everywhere it was impossible not to feel, ‘Oh my, look at all this! That full Garden is blooming, isn’t that great?! Something quite special must be happening, it must be a special time of the year, a special season, and everything starts blooming!’ And it was as if somehow all those plants  in that area I had looked at could also feel something special was happening, the Season had come when everything and everybody could start truly blooming.

On the way back to my own place in that Garden, one blog only was different, staying on its own so to say, and not participating in this atmosphere of deep exhilaration shared by the others. There, not only was there no awareness that something special was happening, but it was denied, and such an idea was shunned as ridiculous, with lots of apparently good reasons proving that nothing special could ever happen, in this Garden that everybody had always known only in bad shape, and knew couldn’t change. Or one would have to wait for a much longer time… The person in that blog was keeping her eyes only on what in the Garden was not yet in bloom, what was in deep difficulty, what needed help. True, that was still there too; but how could that erase the fact that so much else in that Garden was suddenly blooming?!…

One really had to close one’s mind and one’s eyes not to see that this must be the Season when everything, sooner or later, was meant to bloom, simply because the conditions required for that started being there. So, like Spring, it comes secretly at first, and not very visibly yet, and in some places the frost might still return and still ruin many plants, but nevertheless it is coming, irresistibly, like a wonderful Tide of Life and Joy penetrating everything which opens itself to it.

What closes itself to it will miss the joy of seeing it happen, of feeling it happening, both in oneself and in many others, and of experiencing the results of the event. And if it insists on keeping itself closed to what will be going on all around, it might miss the Tide entirely, and be left high and dry on the banks that the River of Life, now in full flow and following a new course, may not visit again. Unless, in the generosity and vastness of its flow, the River takes along even what denied or resisted its coming. For when those late ones too finally open, the Garden will be more complete, and all will be happier if everybody is in it – but ultimately the choice is for each one to make.

I, for one, love to see it happening in others and to feel it happening in myself too, it’s so unbelievably beautiful…

My eyes fall on the quote for today in the calendar next to me; it’s from Sri Aurobindo, and it couldn’t be more appropriate as the lesson to be understood by those who consciously or not limit themselves only, or mostly, to what seems acceptable to their proud mind:

‘… not by Reason was creation made

And not by Reason can the Truth be seen…’

It reminds me of those few lines, also from ‘Savitri’, that need to be quoted again and again, in which is described how what I would call the ‘divine invasion from within’ will take most of us by surprise:

‘A few shall see what none yet understands;

God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep;

For man shall not know the coming till its hour

And belief shall be not till the work is done.’

It’s up to each of us to be among those ‘few who see’ and contribute positively to the work, or among the too sure of themselves ‘wise men who talk and sleep’.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mbwilliams
    Jul 06, 2011 @ 21:16:13

    You wonderfully express the inspirations of many people blogging around the world…each like a flower opening to the sun of self knowledge and self growth. And as you state, how amazing the technology that has made this possible!

    This may be of interest to you




    • Bhaga
      Jul 07, 2011 @ 01:48:16

      Thank you, Mark, for this very nice appreciative comment; I just woke up (it’s early morning on this part of the globe) and didn’t see your comment until finishing to add to my post some more lines in the end that I felt were needed; you may be interested in discovering them, if you have a look again: they include two poetry quotes much better than my own poor attempts at poetry!…
      As for me, I’ll definitely have a look at the post of yours you give me the link to, thank you for that as well…



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