To a Fellow Ex-Samurai & Blogger


I am glad I have come to know
Of a man, young in this lifetime,
Who used to wield a Katana
When a Japanese Samurai
In other layers of Space-Time.

He still has hung a Katana
In his home and his blogging space,
But this time around not to fight:
He is making of it his pen,
For a pen he prefers to wield.

This way his thoughts and words are sharp
And his practice of Martial Arts
Helps him also to train his mind,
His life-energy, his body,
To themselves be the Sword he wants.

He allows Life to forge that Sword
By its hammering even hard,
And doesn’t mind the blows that would
Break him if of weaker making;
A Sword he must be, not a Harp.

Harps are good as well, but we all
Decide inwardly what we want,
What we are bent on becoming
And expressing for all to see,
So that the Whole has everything.

What he wants to be is a Sword,
For Sword-of-Words Wielder he is,
Just as I myself prefer to be,
From Samurai too in the Past,
Now a Harp-of-Words Player…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mbwilliams
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 20:34:50

    This is really awesome and I have to say you got straight to the heart of my poem and have spun your own beautiful tale out of it. I particularly loved ‘a sword he must be, not a harp.’ and also very clever is ‘what we are bent on becoming’.

    Well done indeed!



    • Bhaga
      Jul 08, 2011 @ 03:22:23

      Glad to have you confirming the core meaning that I felt suddenly like celebrating in your magnificent poem… and that celebration became this unexpected poem of mine. But my style is nothing compared to yours, which is really poetry; as you nevertheless appreciate this lesser one, and do not mind being identified as the inspiration for it, it is with great pleasure that I now feel free to send all those who will read this, to your own website, ‘The Mirror of Truth’ , and your own poem, ‘The Sword’ (



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