The Narrow-Minded People, Dinosaurs of Human Evolution

After a time of silence, during which I happened to read quite a few blogs that were forcefully (and rightly) denouncing all the injustices and unnecessary cruelties born of the many prejudices still existing in our societies, I want to openly join them in accusing the simple root-cause of all those terrible remaining human problems: narrow-mindedness.

The important point to realize about this narrow-mindedness, though, is that it used to be a normal thing among human beings, a limitation we were unaware of because it was shared by practically all of us everywhere – hence all the constant quarrels and fights and wars about everything since ever, that before seemed quite natural to everybody, because of the very way we human beings were built, with a mind as our main tool for our existence and our understanding of things.

It is the Mind Power in itself which tends to function in that narrow manner, seeing only the differences and all that potentially opposes or divides. As a Universal Power whose role is to give the capacity to distinguish and differentiate everything and put everything in neat order, in our heads too the Mind keeps trying to put everything – including human beings – into categories, classes and boxes of all possible kinds, so that our world may seem to be as much ‘in order’ as we can make it look reassuringly to be.  

That would be all right if that dividing tendency was counter-balanced in us by a capacity also to see wide and large, to perceive wholeness and wholes instead of just the scattered parts, the full organisms instead of just the separate organs, the full picture instead of just the opposing points of view.
Alas, in all our evolutive history until now that capacity of vaster view, and the wisdom and universal love it brings with it, haven’t been there yet among us humans, except in very rare individuals… who, because they were too different, most often ended up put to death by the angry crowd of the others.

But let’s not despair: this situation is changing!…
Spreading more and more, freeing more and more human beings from that terrible narrowness of perception that is in-built, so to say, with the ordinary Mental Power, a new step in terrestrial evolution is now taking place, with the growing influence upon earth of a higher Power beyond the Mental one: a ‘Supra-mental’ Power which is gradually giving us this much needed capacity of vaster and truer perception, that we then find more and more natural now as a species.

Hence the increasing feeling of absurd anachronism many of us have when we look at the still existing wars and social injustices all around us, that we don’t understand how some other people still deliberately perpetrate them, and often with no sense of guilt whatsoever. How is that possible, we wonder?…

The problem is that some of us humans have compounded the already bad enough old ‘normal’ narrow-mindedness, with some religious beliefs that were extremely judgmental and dogmatic about what is right and what is wrong, supposedly as decreed by ‘God’ Himself. The resulting total self-righteousness is what gives to those people in the ‘Bible Belt’, for example, and to others of other obedience elsewhere, their so dangerous illusion of being not only in their right, but also in the Absolute Truth, with all the prejudices they have and proudly profess about others in the name of God, Allah or whatever their name is for That.
They don’t realize yet at all that they are rapidly becoming the dinosaurs of human evolution, an increasingly antiquated part of our species – which would be okay for the others, if that part of humanity weren’t still trying to keep its power on everyone else.

Of course they cannot really succeed – who can stop evolution?… – but they definitely can build, even in a generally progressive country like the USA, many dams ‘holding back’, as one blogger said so correctly, ‘the progress of our wonderful species’.
In all other countries as well, there is a similar struggle between those who are open and indeed changing, thanks to the influence of that new, vaster and truer, ‘Supramental’ way of perceiving things, and those who blindly and desperately try to keep our world as it used to be when we were all like them (yes, let’s remember we all have been like them, earlier in this lifetime, or in a forgotten previous one… so let’s not judge them!)

As soon as anyone’s heart/soul is awakened and becomes our inner guide, the feeling of unity with all grows very strong, and whatever some old scriptures may say, all the present horrible situations are seen for what they are: terrible injustices, that one would like to correct at once. But those with still a closed heart and sleeping soul have a hard and narrow mind still too, they cannot yet see or receive the vaster Truth shining above them and trying to widen the limits of their understanding. We can hope and pray for them that it will happen to them too some day, but in the meantime we cannot allow them to imprison their whole society in the concepts, structures and laws that everybody else has overgrown.

Just as I am writing this (July 24th, 2011), the world is still under the shock of the Oslo shootings in Norway: a fanatic who believes himself to be a Christian and prides himself on that name killed nearly ninety people in cold blood for the sake of his faith, in his eyes attacked by the Muslim faith. This is the chilling kind of events, of mounting absurdity and horror, that we are now faced with. The wild insanity of such individual or group actions reveals the incapacity of their authors to cope with the changes urgently required from them by the evolving humanity around them.

All fanatics of any creed (including Materialism, the present scientific creed) are actually crippled in their mind, the first victims of their own mental inability to evolve beyond the wrong beliefs they have imprisoned themselves in at some point. Humankind as a whole goes forward, more and more aware of its own Oneness, enriched by the immense diversity the narrow-minded find so threatening and try their best to eliminate as dangerous.
The only real danger is this very Exclusivism, this fatal narrowness of the mind, that makes each religion claim to be the only true one, each creed claim to be the unique and absolute Truth.

The only real Truth is the one vast enough to include every aspect of the Totality, every piece of the complete Puzzle, that the Truth actually is. When the Exclusivism is at last gone from all of us, we can finally all co-exist in peace as a first all-important step, and later in the joy of our conscious complementarity and mutual appreciation within our many-hued Oneness.

So, although in this blog I will not often voice my deep agreement with those everywhere who fight for the Human Rights of all, and for a Peace based on that true Equality, I want it to be clear that:
1/ my very presence in a place like Auroville is my way of joining that fight in every instant of my daily life, in this challenging Indian context so representative of all the problems humanity is facing; and
2/ the Conscious Evolution this blog is about, is the most efficient way each of us as an individual anywhere can really help eradicate this dreadful narrow-mindedness, not only in themselves (it lingers for long in unexpected ways), but gradually also perhaps even in those who have unwittingly become the human dinosaurs of our time, but remain essentially free souls, for whom sudden progress is always possible…


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  1. Random Ntrygg
    Jul 30, 2011 @ 17:58:05

    The Norway shooter is a true Christian – and his actions make sense within the narrow focus and understanding that he is capable of, given his unwillingness to open up his perspective to other ways of seeing and knowing.

    The extremists of any religion are the only true practitioners of their chosen faiths – while moderates are actually fallen and far less committed because they have opened their minds more to include more modern thinking.

    People who have absolute clarity of purpose, such as the Norway shooter, are missing much of the picture and information.

    Perspectivism – seeing and understanding and being able to switch between is the way to avoid narrowed or dinosaur fossilized thinking – to the future we need to look and to educate those that we can before they carry out violent actions in support of their beliefs.

    random ntrygg
    PS: I would really love your comments on this –



    • Bhaga
      Aug 06, 2011 @ 01:35:32

      Sorry for this late answer to your comment, dear Ntrygg; besides having at the moment only very brief times with the needed internet connection, my focus in the last two weeks has very much been on the roof of our Community Kitchen here, as you will see in my just put up post, ‘Money Challenge, part 1’.
      Regarding your above comment, I would readily agree with all you say… except when you say that this man ‘is a true Christian’, and that ‘all the other extremists are the only true practitioners of their chosen faiths’. As you know, I quit religion for spirituality forty years ago, so I cannot be accused of being partial to religions, but there you go too far, in my opinion, with such a provocative statement.



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  3. jules
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 01:11:42

    Hi Bhaga…as i read your post (which was very interesting to read), one word kept constantly coming to my mind and that was ‘fear’. Some people are afraid of change, afraid of leaving their chosen religion for fear of repercussions and other individual reasons and please don’t take offence at this, i’m only mentioning it because i want to understand but in my country, to talk of people being narrow minded is often classed as an insult and i have to wonder if labelling people in that way wouldn’t cause a further divide ? As i say, i really don’t mean any offence

    and i also wonder how the fear can be combatted inorder to help people grow spiritually ?



    • Bhaga
      Aug 11, 2011 @ 23:53:08

      Hi Jules!
      Nice to see you visiting here after a long time!
      I see no reason why I should feel offended by your comment.
      And I don’t see either why the people everywhere (for they are everywhere of course, not in any specific country) who may read my post and may recognize themselves as afflicted with that narrow-mindedness should feel offended either: would they feel offended if they discovered they have cancer, or arthritis, or stomach ulcer, or Alzheimer’s disease???
      I can imagine that in your country particularly, being told one is narrow-minded is felt like an insult, as I have noticed from my own experience with British people that they are apt to get offended very easily: any remark one may make about them, even if the remark is perfectly correct and simply states a fact anybody else could see too, is likely to make them feel insulted, as if they were unable to face any objective truth about themselves with any other reaction than offended pride. I am constantly surprised how my simple French ‘frankness’ is perceived by them as bluntness and rudeness.
      However, in the case of what I describe in this post of mine, not only am I not insulting anybody, in fact I am:
      – describing only the symptoms of that narrow-mindedness which has now become a real problem for anyone affected by it;
      – letting everybody see for themselves if they do have the symptoms;
      – giving the needed explanations about both what causes the disease and what can cure it: If only people understand once and for all that there is no such thing as the ‘Exclusive Truth’, they will all relax and allow other people to have their own beliefs as well, as long as those other people too let them be. And by following simply the very central and most important tenets of their own faith, all will be led to focus at last on the most important thing for anybody: the true LOVE we all harbour in our deep inner being, our soul. In that state of Love, even our mind will be more open and able to receive the vaster perception and understanding that it needs.
      Is this answer helpful for you?… Please let me know.



  4. jules
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 02:06:33

    Hi Bhaga, i know you wern’t insulting anyone, i was only asking so that i could learn and understand where you were coming from as an individual, especially as i read some of the points you made in the blog and knew that at one point they related to myself along with many other people and where as you are referring to it as narrow mindedness, i prefer to think of it as part of my journey and i was just trying to understand that was all.
    I’m not sure how using that term can be related to people being diagnosed with medical conditions but thats where we both have our own individual view point.
    It saddens me that you class british people all the same when it comes to us being offended, i personally don’t see the benefit in categorising people in that way as i would hope that people are accepted as individuals and there are many different view points according to each british person, just as there are with french, german people etc, i said that the term was taken as insult because over here people use it to insult each other, it is used as a term to hurt another person. I hope one day that people are able to move past the point of seeing a group as a group and note them for the individualism contained within the group because i know without any doubt that not every english person would take your frankness as rude.
    Much of it comes to down to language, one person will read something one way, another person will read it another way and it can be very difficult when reading written text to fully understand which angle the writer is coming from or how they mean to use phrases so i ask questions, not in order to offend but to learn how the person writes in order to learn and understand their text as much as possible.
    hope you are well!



    • Bhaga
      Aug 12, 2011 @ 02:53:00

      Oh, Jules, I am so discouraged that you react in that way to what I wrote. Of course you are right in all you say there, and I could have myself said it all also in my own answer; but I thought that was obvious, and that I didn’t need to say it. Both things are true, though, it is important that you realize that and stop being shocked by my characterizing of the British people, just as of any other people (including the French, as you will notice), when it comes to the negative points, but also the positive points that do characterize each of them. Peoples do have each their specific way of being and their own particularities, exactly as individuals do, and there is nothing wrong with that, it is part of the overall diversity within the human race, and it is much more fun that way.
      Did you ever read some of the ‘Asterix’ comic books??? Each one is dedicated to the journeying of Asterix and his dearest friend Obelix, in some country other than their own Gaulish motherland. It’s really great fun to see each country (including their own of course) affectionately described in all its surprizing, but very real and interesting particularities!…
      So please don’t take it all so seriously, as again my intention is certainly not to insult anyone, but to point out what can help all of us to get out of all those ego-related reactions that make everything more complicated than it ought to be.
      Of course being narrow-minded is part of everyone’s journey at some point, it is exactly what I have been trying to explain in my post itself. Perhaps reading it again would show you that what I actually said wasn’t as bad as your first impression of it made it in your mind? Just take into account the spontaneous bluntness I do share with most of the other French people, and my words will be more forgivable!… You can even laugh at my unconscious rudeness, I will not mind, I will even laugh with you at this French trait!!! And this laughing will keep us both well.



  5. jules
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 12:09:05

    i’m so sorry you felt discouraged, i was just trying to discuss it that was all, i think we both have a tendency to take each other the wrong way. I am sorry, in trying to explain and clarify i have moved things away from what your blog was actually about.
    I’m not taking it as seriously as i seem to be coming across and i havn’t as yet read any asterix books, i will look out for some next time i’m at the library and i know you wern’t insulting anyone 🙂



    • Bhaga
      Aug 12, 2011 @ 20:39:31

      Thank you for your good will, Jules, and your genuine efforts to grasp what I am trying to say. Communication with words is always a hazardous thing, in that mis-communication can always happen, even when using the same language! This is part of the difficulties inherent to the present Human Condition, so frustrating in many ways for those not satisfied with that situation and working inwardly to help change it.
      Please don’t hesitate ever to voice the questions you have, though, as it is the only way I get a chance to clarify for you (and anyone else interested) both my intention and what I was attempting to say.
      Regarding more precisely the British people and culture in general (being now clearly agreed that of course there are always individual exceptions and variations), perhaps you could have a look also at that other recent post of mine, ‘Wimbledon, Tolkien and Strawberries with Cream’?… It is very light reading and starts telling how much I in fact appreciate and even love that British way of being and behaving. I have since long in mind two or three other posts that will say more about that.
      One of these future posts may be my very next post actually, in answer at the same time to the other comments I received on this ‘Narrow-mindedness’ post.
      So, cheers, dear Jules, I trust that we will understand each other better and better as time passes! 🙂



  6. Random Ntrygg
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 17:26:50

    sometimes, it helps to re-read

    I wonder if people would be less resistant to “evolution” if they understood it simply means change – and given how fast technology changes and people embrace that – it’s a little sad that social change is so controversial – but, given the number and range of people, and human history, not really surprising

    we are – all just people, less than 1% genetically different from any other person on the planet – from anywhere on the planet

    except for I think, Northern Europeans, who are apparently about 2% neanderthal – which makes them, very different, from the rest of humanity, which is out of Africa

    but, no worse and no better and not lesser as persons or as a people

    heavy sigh

    I guess infinite diversity in infinite combinations means that we just have to learn to accept that there can’t be light without dark

    heavier sigh

    I really wanted to have a flying car by now

    oh well, I really love my hybrid vehicle

    but I am looking forward to fully electric or hydrogen vehicles becoming available

    that’s worth being and early adapter for



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