The Money Challenge, part 3: Towards a real and shared Abundance

In the part 2 (see previous post) I let Teri’s article stand on its own, not even adding pictures so as not to add my own ‘coloring’, so to say, on that great text. My own comments on it now in this new post are twofold:

1/ Be gone, uncle Scrooge McDuck!…

Like Edgar Cayce, the Mother, and probably by now many more people have discovered, the new form Abundance takes is not any more heaps of money lying there in your coffers as security deposits, but rather an inconspicuous flow of money quietly taking care of the needs just as they come… and often only at the last minute, which can be quite a test on our trust. So our new sense of financial security doesn’t come any more from any accumulation of money or big amount of it gained from time to time and saved; it is not any more a static and consequently limited amount of money that we can count on, it is the unlimited flow of money-energy in All There Is, that can have an outlet come to each of us if our inner way of being makes it do so by attracting constantly that energy.

2/ Hello, the Ocean of Conscious Energy that we are!…

What exactly attracts the Money-Energy? Just the very same ‘vibration’ or way of being that also attracts the Health-Energy: the feeling of being an eternal part of All There Is, an inalienable and worthy part of It that of course is taken care of by It in all the needs it may have – exactly like in our body each cell knows itself as a part of that body, and so, as automatically taken care of (in this case through the network of lymph and blood vessels and whatever else may be there too, the energy ‘nadis’ for example, that mainstream western science doesn’t know yet about). Each cell expects to be taken care of, and so should each of us, instead of believing ourselves to be separate individuals forced by necessity to fend all the time for our own subsistence. Of course as long as the latter idea will be our belief, then this is the way things will really be for us, alas; but it doesn’t have to be that way at all, it is just this erroneous belief that creates the corresponding reality for us. Let’s know ourselves on the contrary as parts of a super-abundant Whole, and it is That which will start manifesting in our lives just as automatically. The key to participating quite naturally in this Abundance is that, like Teri, we must ‘take it for granted’ with our whole being…

The above first two points are expressing the change that must happen in as many of us as possible, individually at first.

And there is a third point, but on the collective level, all-important for this Money Challenge:

3/ Making the World Economy real again

Together with this individual change of attitude and expectation towards Money, our present collective system too will have to change radically soon, as it will crumble out of its own emptiness, absurdity and total injustice.

We are so used by now to the present ‘world economy’ we have recently invented, with as its first pillar the ‘stock market’ and the innumerable speculating heads it implies, that we don’t even notice any longer (if we ever did) that this entire stock market thing is totally artificial and hollow, a card castle, not resting on anything real but the individual decisions, moment by moment, of human beings everywhere who as traders are encouraged by this very system to behave egoistically and irresponsibly, taking into account not at all the collective interest, but only their own – and even that, on the shortest of term, for in the long term they too depend on the collective economy, and if that collapses, in the totally disorganized world that would result, no one, however rich, could escape the chaos.

The second pillar of the present ‘world economy’, the exchange rates between the main national currencies, is just as fragile and apt to crumble, a second collective aberration we have allowed to develop without any clear regulation, these exchange rates having no stability at all and depending entirely on the whims of a few nations nothing prevents from playing havoc on each other’s economy by suddenly raising or lowering the value of their own money.

All of this is ludicrously absurd, and yet this is the so-called ‘economic system’ that rules the daily survival of billions of human beings all over the planet: those who do all the real work and provide all the real food and the real houses and clothing and all  the other real necessities for everybody, while the others, the busy bodies of Finance, juggle all day long with the meaningless numbers and fool around with everybody’s money so that most of it if not all ends up in their own deep pockets.

The third and central idea that holds together (for the time being!…) that whole strange economic thrust, is Consuming: that this system must be kept constantly in ever increasing activity, by people consuming ever more goods, so that the production too keeps ever increasing, and so on and so forth. The whole thing revolves around that crucial so-called necessity of Consuming; we have become  very literally a Consumers Society: if ever things slow down it’s panic among the traders at the stock markets, and the whole illusory edifice starts crumbling down, so that in this way of thinking, you and me and everyone else isn’t any more a human being but merely a Consumer and must be addressed as such all the time, with myriads of ads glaring and blaring at us from all sides, lest we may forget even for one moment that we must consume, consume, consume, be it food, or TV sets, or cars, or houses, or all of the above, for the sake of this totally crazy – and actually deadly – economic system we are all the time reminded is so important to keep going, as it is pompously called ‘the World Economy’.

The fourth element that compounds all the rest and wraps all the frenzy of transactions in an even more dizzying gossamer of un-reality, can be easily guessed: it is the inevitable and omnipresent Credit Card, now multiplied in a veritable maze of them for each Consumer so that he or she doesn’t realize they are over-consuming before it is too late. 

The sooner this amazing collective World Delirium will end, the better:  all the still sane remaining humans can then start again a simple but real economy, based on real goods priced at their real value, and on real payment for them in real, globally fixed currencies. As I write this, on  the Francophone Channel TV5Monde during the News, images are shown of the Chinese people, government and simple folks alike, ridiculing and blaming the American people for their addiction to Credit (in China not approved of at all, so practically nonexistent). Well, on this point at least, I would say China can teach a true lesson to the Credit Card engulfed and sinking West.

Shall we call such a ‘World Economy’ what it really is?…

A Black Hole.

The other side of a Black Hole is an unbelievable Fountain of Energy, will you say?…

True, but in this case all the Money-Energy siphoned out of everyone through the Black Hole side, goes straight into the already staggering, indecent, insane wealth possessed by the mere handful of secret Owners of Super Multinationals, Weapons Merchants and other Professional or Private ‘Money Accumulators’ worldwide, who hide from the public’s eye behind their puppets in the various Governments. The Heads of Governments in reality govern nothing, caught as they are immediately in that huge Net of Financial Fallacy where the real Power is. The dreadful Smaug under the Lonely Mountain, in his lair overflowing with the treasures stolen from the Dwarves, is nothing compared to those deadly Dragons who have quietly invaded today’s ‘Middle-earth’ and give no mercy to anyone, lost in their devious Dragon Dream of evermore Money Power, just for their own insatiable selves.

Unless the rest of us, the normal Humans, the good-natured Hobbits, wake up from that nightmare they have insidiously put the spell of on us, and unless we break the spell and recover our sanity and freedom, the Money Challenge cannot be won… and this is why the evolutive change of Consciousness now happening unseen under the very noses of those Dragons, is so important: it is what they cannot control nor prevent, and what is irresistibly helping us to wake up and break free, in more and more numbers everywhere.

The End of the Spell isn’t too far any more… Let’s reconquer the Money Power for its true use: the betterment of our world and of the conditions in which so many human beings, including millions of children, are forced to live – or rather, survive as they can, or die, often of the terrible death of starvation. Just thinking of that brings pangs of agony to my heart, and tears of anger to my eyes. Shame on us.

It is actually this incredibly bad and totally avoidable state of our world which forty years ago had me put that ultimatum to ‘God’, in which I demanded to be told how things could truly and radically change, down here on this poor Earth. My own Conscious Evolution process started as the first result of the tremendous answer I got from Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Life Divine’, and then I came to Auroville in order to add the collective dimension to that endeavor already embraced at the personal level.

Today it is still as unbearable for me to see people, children die for lack of the money that could have bought what they needed to live on. I still feel the same aching, the same burning love for all this suffering Humanity, whenever I see an old man or woman, or a young child, forced to work beyond what ought to be, just to remain alive... and until what end?

The time has come for all this to change, and for all beings on Earth to be properly cared for. This is the Money Challenge we must take up, and win.

And then our Earth will bloom.

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