‘Why to Adore? It is much better to Become!’

Lest my few previous posts end up perhaps stirring among the visitors to this blog a whole controversy (even if a silent, unexpressed one!!!) about Jesus-Christ, his divinity, etc, etc, I want to focus now in this next write-up on the necessity, not so much to adore, but rather to follow the example that all such extraordinary beings have done their best to give us, with their explicit encouragements and full assurances that we too are the Children of God, meant to grow and develop into consciously divine beings just as they themselves have done. For THAT is the point!…
Jesus-Christ had a hard time with the natural propensity his followers had to adore him all right, but not necessarily to make any real effort to themselves start growing from within into more conscious beings.
Lord Krishna had in his time the same problem with Arjuna and the other four Pandavas princes; although they did perceive to some extent his divinity, their devotion to him didn’t entail in their mind the possibility for themselves too to manifest more and more the Divine they were as well. It took no less than the cosmic ‘darshan’ given right on the battlefield by Krishna, together with the whole ‘Bhagavad Gîta’ speech, for Arjuna to start grasping what was going on and what was really at stake in this coming battle at Kurukshetra; then only did Arjuna understand that he had to actually change, and did he have the courage to raise to the challenge.
Gautama the Buddha was faced with the same tendency in his disciples to adore him and/or to make a system of beliefs and of prescribed meditation methods, rather than putting one’s whole life and energy into the discovery of one’s true Being, as he himself had done.

It seems that we human beings are so caught up in the illusion of being just that – human beings – we are unable to even envisage another future for ourselves and our progeny than remaining just human beings the way we know them.
In spite of having discovered that there is such a thing as the process of evolution, we simply don’t realize yet that,
1/ it may not have stopped as we spontaneously believe it has (!), and
2/ it may very well apply to us humans just as to other terrestrial beings.

But it is time , it is time for us to move forward, to grow, to become at last consciously what we really are. How to help people understand that?…

I know, I know, I have been there too, it is so difficult at the beginning to believe that things can change that much. I remember how, after reading a book on Sri Aurobindo that described the kind of spiritual experiences he was having, I was overwhelmed by a sense of complete impossibility that such things could happen just as well for the average human like myself. All those special, great beings, yes, they could do it, but how could I, an ordinary person, ever experience any of this ‘spiritual life’ wonders?!?
Yet I quickly realised, looking back on mt own life, that actually most of us as small children or teen-agers have already had spiritual experiences without knowing it; it is not so much a matter of having to build it all up from nothing, than having to un-bury what was already trying to grow then, and encouraging it to start growing again.

Never forget that we ARE spiritual beings!… It is only the temporary amnesia necessary for entering this Great Game of Evolution on Earth, that has made us unconscious, life after life, of what we truly are. And then wrong education from well-intentioned but ignorant family and society has  compounded the problem by cutting us from that spontaneous, natural contact we may have had with our inner self, which was the most precious thing we had.

All those more conscious Beings have each opened a specific door through which we the others can choose to go for reaching at some point the full truth of our being. Only, as it was all happening in the linear time of this terrestrial time-space, each of them did what was possible and necessary to do in the time-period(s) when they came in; far from contradicting each other, their teachings complement and complete each other, each one showing us how to conquer back one aspect of our divinity, so that in the end we have everything and are consciously possessing again the whole rainbow of our complete divine Self.

Now is the evolutive time, the ‘season’, so to say, when this can – and does – start happening, in all kinds of ways, to lots and lots of us. So let’s go on adoring and loving to our heart’s content whomever of those Great Beings each of us happens to feel closer to in this lifetime; but let’s also understand that this is not enough anymore: we have also to wake up to our own responsibility in helping accelerate and strengthen the present new step being taken.

It is so poignant to see how much even Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, although pioneers of Conscious Evolution through an Integral Yoga meant explicitly for that change in Humanity at large, had still to struggle with that lazy tendency also in their too devotional disciples; Mother admitted that to adore was better than nothing, but she once complained, saying ‘Why do people want to adore?… It is much better to become!’
I still remember when in 1971 as a young but ardent seeker of the Truth I read the Message that the Mother had given out for the New Year 1970. At that time, I didn’t feel any special personal contact with her, and yet, when I read these words:

‘The world is preparing for a big change.
Will you help?’

electrified, seized by the wonderful marvel of such an astonishing Invitation that my mind could hardly fathom it, my inner being jumped up at once:
‘Yes, Mother, I will!… ‘

And here I am, forty years later, still doing my best to ‘help’… not just by adoring, but by ‘becoming’ too…!

We all can help, wherever we are, and in whichever way will be our own, no need to come to Auroville.

Her call is still resonating, louder and louder, and yet so quiet, as the ‘big change’ is happening more and more in our world.

‘Will you help?’


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