A New ‘Category’: ‘Practice of Conscious Evolution and Integral Yoga’

Looking at all the various ‘CATEGORIES”  that I have already listed out in my sidebar to help visitors go to the topics that interest them most, I realize that I don’t have yet one Category that indicates all the posts where something can be found, that is part of the overall process of Conscious Evolution as it should be practiced if one wants to bring it into one’s life.

All of my posts – and so, also all the existing Categories under which each of them may go – have to do of course with at least the understanding of what Conscious Evolution is about, what its aim is, and why, for this blog has to be first of all an Introduction to Conscious Evolution as a new overall ‘Supertopic’ in itself: it is actually a huge thing we are talking about here.

But I don’t have yet a CATEGORY’ about the deliberate practice of it: about the advice given by Sri Aurobindo and Mother for this Conscious Evolution Process, for this ‘Integral Yoga’ they devised especially because of the evolutive purpose they revealed is now indispensable for a fully understood Spirituality.

So today I am adding the new Category that is so glaringly missing, with the name:

Sorry for not having thought of that before!!! I am so full of it all myself, I didn’t realize it was not specifically listed out yet in my existing list of Categories!… Frankly, I find it comical that I didn’t see before that is was missing!!! So you are all authorized to laugh at me too, and I’ll put this little post under ‘THE WAY OF FUN’ as well…!
I hope this new Category will be a great help for those who may want to strengthen – or start altogether – their own Conscious Evolution process, and integrate it into their life… so as to answer perhaps that Call from the Mother in my previous post:

Will you help?’

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