Controlling Thoughts?… In Daily Life?…

About my recent post on ‘Controlling our Thoughts… Simple, but not easy!’, one comment was ‘Easy, but not simple…’

I  asked the person to please explain what she meant, here is her answer:
Le 17 oct. 11 à 13:33, Facebook a écrit :
Dear Bhaga,

Watching our thoughts I think is an enormous task and not a simple task to do. There is a lot of effort demanded of the Sadhak. (Aspiration, rejection and surrender)
‘The power needed in yoga is the power to go through effort, difficulty or trouble without getting fatigued, depressed, discouraged or impatient and without breaking off the effort or giving up ones aim or resolution.’ (The integral yoga p.113)
The whole process involves a severe discipline.
My feeling is that it is very complicated to be on the yoga path.
If one lives in the west, like I do, and is not surrounded by a group dynamism one feels very often alone. Most of the surrounding people are not open to explore this chosen path. One gets easily pulled away by earning a living, doing a 1000 things in the household….
A normal day for most people here starts with getting kids ready for school, getting  oneself prepared to go for your job. A lot of people need to travel to the workplace in crowded trains or buses. On the work floor the demands are high, plenty more people to replace you in your job! In the morning, just a 15 minute break to eat something. Lunch time for half an hour and afternoon again 15 more precious minutes.
After a full day of work, doing the shopping for cooking a dinner. And then the house needs to be cleaned, clothes are to be washed….
It is not so simple to balance this with yoga.
I personally experience the feeling that normal life is suffocating me; and that forces me to come out of this narrow atmosphere.
So for me it is very easy: the only option to turn to is the search for the Divine Reality.

Love, Katalina

My English is not so good, that’s why I answer your question in a private mail. I hope you understand what I want to say.

To what I replied on October 20th

Dear Katalina,

sorry for this late answer, I was for four days without internet connection.
Thank you for taking the time to explain what you meant.
No problem regarding your English, there were only a few little things that needed to be corrected or made clearer, now it’s absolutely fine… or at least as good as my own very French English is!… 😀
I hope now you will not mind if I put your answer to my question on my blog where it belongs; what you say is probably representative of what many other persons living in the same conditions as you do, also feel and think.
Then I can give perhaps some comments regarding all that.

Love for you too,

As Katalina then kindly agreed that I post her comment, I continue now our conversation straight here:

Dear Katalina,

How well I understand the acute difficulty you are describing… It seems to be a near impossibility, doesn’t it?! It can be so totally discouraging…

Regarding Auroville, though, here too life presents the same difficulty, if not to the same extreme degree as in the West, or in the places all over the world which suffer nowadays from the same Westernized work atmosphere, described eloquently as the ‘rat race’.

In Auroville too, not everybody feels they are able to follow a spiritual discipline, let alone this ‘Integral Yoga’ that many people dare not even really find out about. Auroville isn’t an Ashram, it is a developing township. We certainly don’t spend our day meditating or leisurely going about some low-paced activities during which controlling our thoughts or doing some other yoga practice seems a feasible endeavour. Most of us also have kids to get to school in time, and schedules of our own to respect, expecially if we have employees to supervize in our workplace. As an overall situation, there is so much that needs to be done here, and we are relatively so few for getting it all done, the task is impossible, so each of us tends to end up overworking, just to try to do as much as possible in each single day… and night also sometimes. Shopping and cooking and laundry also need to be done. Life does tend to become hectic here too, even if ideally it shouldn’t.

Luckily for  us all, here or wherever we are, who are trying our best to live this Yoga of Conscious Evolution, there are ways to use the very activities we have to do, as means of spiritual progress. Yoga anyway doesn’t necessarily mean ‘meditation’ or deep interiorization as the main discipline, for many people by temperament couldn’t do it at all if it were to be that way. Karma Yoga, or ‘The Way of Work’, is the answer for them, and generally also for anyone who sees the need to include all their outer activities in their spiritual process, as is a must in a process of Conscious Evolution concerning inevitably all the parts of our being and all the aspects of our life.

The simplest and easiest and most pleasant method I have found is contained in a wonderful little text by the Mother, that I’m going to present in my next post, under the title I like to give to it: Mother’s ‘Five Points Program’.

So, see you again I hope, dear Katalina, to explore that together as soon as I get it all written down, and as soon as the internet connection enables me to post it!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Katalina
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 06:29:58

    Singing Mothers mantra in the garden in the amphitheater, sitting in Matrimandir, going to the Samadhi, having the opportunity to go for a rejuvenating yoga class to calm the senses, having a conversation about books from the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, going to the small library and find all the books right there, hearing Mother’s music surrounded by other aurovilians while watching the bonfire …..
    All this was part off my life for almost 7 years. And none of this is possible here.
    All this was helping tremendously to open up, to come in contact with this inner self. I know it is not a necessity but it was a great help.
    Life placed me back in the west to continue what started in Auroville. I am happy and thankful that I had that opportunity.
    My journey continues even in the middle of the so called ‘rat race’ of the west.



    • Bhaga
      Oct 24, 2011 @ 17:18:27

      Thank you for these beautiful additional comments, which seem to me to represent the true attitude…
      I am now in the process of posting the text by Mother which I mentioned. I hope it will be particularly useful in your situation, and that at least through those posts of mine you will feel you are finding the kind of inner help through collective aspiration that you were finding while in Auroville itself.



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