Feeling our Heart Self

I’ll keep this focus on the most important realities Olga Kharitidi was given access to – her own Heart Self, and humanity’s – to describe in this new post more precisely how this Heart Self feels within us, not especially in the Ancient Altai cultural context, but taken out of all cultural contexts, as It manifests in its Essence, recognizable by any human being anywhere, for it is the very Core of us.

Anytime you feel love in you – not passion or sexual desire, which in themselves are altogether different things than true love – know that you are feeling what comes from your Heart Self, the central You. Every time you feel tenderness, compassion, gratitude, it is your Heart Self in you that emanates those feelings you experience and that you then in turn radiate too; every time you admire somebody or something you are genuinely awed and inspired by, that is a sign that at least at that moment your mind also is under the beneficial influence of the Heart Self in you, instead of the influence of your ego.
Every time you feel relaxed, at peace with yourself and life and the universe, confident that all is well because it will all end well, thank your Heart Self for giving you that true feeling about All There Is. Every time you notice that something bad you knew could happen, didn’t happen, thank your Heart Self for its faith in the Divine, which has protected you. If sometimes you can even feel the Protection around you, enveloping you, it is not your ordinary senses but again your Heart Self that is capable of sensing That.

Our Heart Self is what Sri Aurobindo and the Mother preferred to call our ‘Psychic Being’: the ‘Being of our Soul’, the Being that develops and keeps growing, from the spark of our individual Soul, through the various lifetimes It goes through, the eternal and unalienable part in what we call ourselves.

The utmost characteristic of what our Psychic Being is about, is Love, and Love’s characteristic in turn is its unbelievable sweetness, a sweetness that all the mystics in the world have compared to honey, so strong is the analogy, the correspondence, the sameness experienced between sweetness as a lingering, delicious taste melting in our mouth, and the sweetness of love as a feeling, a very special substance one could almost say, surging from somewhere in our depths and making all hardness in our being simply melt as well into that sweetness.
This ‘somewhere in our depths’ is the inner space, behind our physical heart but in a non-physical dimension, where our Psychic Being normally resides, a secret Sovereign waiting for its time to come in order to guide our entire outer being, all the parts of it, towards their true divine nature and fulfillment.

At first It can only act as an influence hardly felt by our outer consciousness, except as a more or less constant attraction to whatever in the outer world is felt as expressing Truth, Beauty, Justice, Harmony. Whenever we do feel that, there will be in us a spontaneous rejoicing at the presence of the Divine in the form of these Qualities; we may not know consciously why we are so elated and happy witnessing for example acts of kindness among other human beings, or the beauties that abound in Nature; but it will be actually the Psychic Being in us that will be rejoicing, and communicating its joy to whatever other part of our being will open itself to that joy. Don’t be surprised to find yourself suddenly moved to tears, not for any sadness, but because of soul emotion.

There can be also a need for our consciousness to remain quietly within from time to time, instead of being interested and caught by all the little or big events and changing scenes of outer life. Many small children are still like that, and don’t all the time go out and interact with others as they are usually expected to; they spontaneously rather remain interiorized, still absorbed in the silent but so full and fulfilling immersion in their inner life. But then their ignorant parents, cut since long from any remaining sense of their own Inner Self, are afraid that the child is sick or something, and urge her or him to go out and play. The child quickly learns that it is somehow wrong to ever stay quietly within oneself and not do anything outwardly. What a pity. Later on, the adult that child will become will be obliged to learn again how to ‘meditate’, simply to be again able to go and stay within, instead of living only in the outer world, which at this point in its evolution is still mostly hiding the true Reality of everything…

In the Inner life as experienced by our Psychic Being, the sense of the divine Presence becomes normal and constant. The Psychic Being feels itself spontaneously as the beloved child of the Divine, eternally safe in the loving arms of the Divine as its eternal Mother, or eternally safe in any other form of loving relationship It may have with the Divine, wonderfully rainbow-like in all the hues of that Love that our Soul can choose from at every moment:
[475] ‘Discipleship to God the Teacher, sonship to God the Father, tenderness of God the Mother, clasp of the hand of the divine Friend, laughter and sport with our Comrade and Playfellow, blissful servitude to god the Master, rapturous love of our divine Paramour, these are the seven beatitudes of life in the human body. Canst thou unite all these in a single supreme and rainbow-hued relation? Then hast thou no need of any heaven and thou exceedest the emancipation of the Adwaitin.’

Of course, yes, as the Adwaïtin say, who wants only the Absoluteness of the One, in the Ultimate Reality there is only one Being and one Consciousness, and we all are That, for there is only That;  our own consciousness, once it is awakened to that central Fact, will know itself as That in its very essence; and yet, those innumerable forms of expression of that One Being are there within It, so that this very relationship of Love can exist and be experienced… precisely, as the Mother would say, ‘For the joy of that “Thee’…’

We exist as our Heart Self, our Psychic Being, so that together with our identity with the One, we also can enjoy the Delight of that ‘Thee’…

May you all who read this, discover that Delight and grow into it, for it will transform your whole existence as I can testify it does, for it has indeed transformed my own existence, just in the wonderful way described here:

[429] ‘When one has the vision in the heart, everything, Nature and Thought and Action, ideas and occupations and tastes and objects become the Beloved and are a source of ecstasy.’

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  2. Linda
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 23:46:54

    Hello Bhaga! I am so happy to find your marvelous blog, having typed some words into google about siberian shamans. But then I also discover you are in Auroville, where I landed entirely unexpectedly last month, not knowing anything about it or Sri Aurobindo or the Mother. Your writing is wonderful and full, it’s been such a pleasure to wander about and learn from your blog. Thank you so much!



    • Bhaga
      Dec 07, 2011 @ 03:58:57

      Hello Linda! Nice to meet you…
      This blog proves to be a great way to meet kindred souls. I am glad you find it corresponding to your need. Thanks for taking the time of expressing this encouraging comment!



  3. Joseph
    Apr 02, 2016 @ 06:20:44

    Hello Bhaga.
    Thank you for you blog. I am following the thread about Olga Kharitidi whose books I read and am very fond of. I was wondering if anyone mentioned the First Rule and its 5 attributes of Truth, Beauty, Health, Happiness and Light. I would love to learn more about these.

    thank you and Blessings.

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    • Bhaga
      Jun 22, 2016 @ 08:37:32

      Hi Joseph! I did intend to answer you as soon as possible, but caught in the flow of other things to do, I ended up forgetting all about it! My sincere apologies about that…
      Luckily a new comment on this post just made me see again your comment, and I realized what happened!
      Well, regarding your question about those 5 attributes, I don’t think I know more about them than what is written in the book itself.
      But perhaps in the meantime you have found out more yourself??? In any case, please do let me know if you are notified about this belated answer of mine, I am interested in this topic. 🙂



  4. Bhaga
    Jun 18, 2016 @ 09:56:13

    Reblogged this on Lab of Evolution.



  5. silrakk
    Jun 21, 2016 @ 03:32:36

    Good stuff to be reminded of.

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