Bob Monroe, OBEs, & ‘Mapping the Territory’

NDEs have done and are still doing their own separate very useful work for our collective evolution by reacquainting lots and lots of human beings with spiritual experiences without necessarily linking them to any specific religion or religious figure, unless that is what the individual concerned still needs inwardly. I’ll go back to the few NDEs I have posted over this last week, to point out more precisely what can be learned from each of them.
But here are more good news:
One doesn’t need to be really near death by any means, nor even simply to be afraid of possibly imminent death, as some similar other cases were, for visiting those other dimensions of the Total Reality some of the NDERs visit. Here is the wonderful story of a very special Adventurer I have come to admire and love deeply:

Out of Body Experiences. This is the totally unexpected phenomenon that started happening at night to Robert Monroe, a successful, entirely matter-of-fact, down to earth American businessman then in his forties.
He wasn’t into any Metaphysical or New Age stuff, so having never heard or read about going out of one’s body, he had no idea what was happening to him and he was very scared: he thought he was going mad.
When psychiatrists and other doctors assured him it was not the case, but, being as ignorant themselves as he was (we are in 1958), couldn’t at all explain the phenomenon either, Bob decided he would have to find his own solution to the problem.

With his characteristic tenacity, determination and courage, over time he managed to observe in which exact conditions and in which exact way the dreaded phenomenon was usually starting to happen, and gradually he gained some measure of control over that part, as well as over what followed once it started.
For Bob realized soon that in that strange state of being not only did he retain his consciousness and normal thinking faculties, but the functioning of his senses as well. Moreover, he discovered that in that condition, once he became able to ease the initial fear which tended to precipitate him back into his body at once, he could actually move, move with that non-physical form of his, out not only of the room where his body was, but also out of his immediate environment, to actually any distance, at will.

Most of the scientific studies of OBEs that have been done in the past have taken into account only those very brief and so, strictly local OBEs that self-trained people can manage to produce under laboratory conditions, bringing back no concrete evidence that they had effectively gone out. So it has been natural for the scientists to assume and even affirm that nothing really goes out of the physical body, and that it is only a psychological illusion, the consciousness of the experiencer only imagining that it is separating itself from the physical body and seeing it from above. This is how until recently most scientists have brushed aside all claims of reality of the OBEs, and treated the phenomenon as a mere hallucination or, even worst, the pathological illusion of a separation that happens sometimes in diseased brains and is called ‘depersonalization’.

But nowadays there is a great number of NDEs happening right on operation tables with lots of witnesses around, and the NDE starts most of the time with a conscious OBE, the patient supposedly dead feeling instead very alive, and being able to see and hear everything that goes on (usually from up in one corner of the ceiling, elevated viewpoint from which objects unknown to be there can aso be seen, on top of  wardrobe, for example!…) and to report about it all with perfect accuracy later on when revived. As a consequence, lots and lots of medical personnel, doctors as well as attendants, are now forced to admit that some invisible but conscious part of the patient remained indeed separately alive at some distance, with senses functioning also normally in it, although the physical body had been declared quite dead, sometimes for so long that anyway the revived patient’s brain shouldn’t have been in working condition at all any more. Thanks also to this banalization of such surgical circumstances likely to provoke involuntary OBEs, it is becoming more and more obvious that OBEs are quite real and cannot be simply denied or explained away by the wrong, ludicrous causes attributed until now too often to them.

Mainstream Science may take more time still to admit the facts and truly study them, but in the meantime people like Robert Monroe with mental honesty and a robust curiosity have put their OBEs to good use, making them deliberate so as to explore to their heart’s (and mind’s) content some of the usually unknown territories in this Reality we are all part of.
Ever the practical-minded, Bob started mapping out for himself, as he was gradually discovering them, all the successive zones around the physical Earth where he found beings and energy frequencies characteristic of a certain non-physical way of being or type of activity.

In the first book, ‘Journeys out of the body’ (1971) in which he disclosed to the rest of the world his strange night occupations, I found the atmosphere so chaotic and the kind of worlds he stumbled upon so bizarre, it reminded me of Castaneda’s books, so I didn’t like it much at all!…
But the second book, ‘Far Journeys’ (1985), was also out by the time I was discovering those Bob Monroe’s books, so deciding to give it a fair chance I leafed through that second book… and got immediately hooked: what a difference!!!

Obviously the man himself had undergone such an inner change in the intervening years that it was astonishing; such a leap in level of consciousness was actually the best proof of all the still crazy but now remarkable adventures he reported about this time, that he and his whole team of ‘Explorers’ had been having, while on top of it keeping a strict scientific record of it all through an especially designed and built laboratory with all the specific equipment Robert Monroe himself happened to be the ideal mind to invent, being a specialist of many years’ experience in sound and radio technology.
Not only was all the information gathered extremely interesting – stunning, I should say – to read, it was extremely moving too, particularly in the second part relating the author’s own adventures: although Bob never departs from his very concise, cold, sharp, often humoristic style, one cannot help but feel the tremendous emotion contained in the life-changing experiences he opens himself to more and more as he grows ready for them.

The wonderful thing is that this man who had never wanted to know anything about spirituality, comes to discover it all by himself unwittingly, step after huge step, through his own direct exploration of the vast domains lying beyond the physical reality we usually only know.
His secret?… Nothing, I would say, but his total lack of arrogance, the simplicity with which at some point he starts inwardly calling for help, I’ll tell how in my next post.

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