Bib’s Biiks

A little fun as an interlude before we go on with our important and necessary, but easily too serious present topics, NDEs and OBEs and the likes!…

My old faithful laptop (2002) is still working valiantly (and I congratulate and thank it for that with all my heart, especially given the dire climatic conditions it has to endure here and cope with, so close to the sea and its all invading salt-laden, corrosive damp air) but some of the most often used letters are so worn out they are hardly visible at all by now, the Y, U, I and O particularly are totally erased and beyond recognition.
So as I keep typing, my fingers mix up constantly those three vowels, which on the French key-board are just next to each other.
I keep typing mistakes all the time, then, and have to go back and correct them; but before I correct I must of course read first the results of my typing mistakes. With just this mix-up of those Us, Is and Os that are so numerous in all common words, the strange new words my fingers have mistakenly typed are most of the time so funny that I have to laugh out loud. And then sometimes sone consonants too get miwed-up… oops! What did I tell you?!

I have come to actually enjoy reading this always new, always unpredictable jibberush (see what I mean?…!) cheerfully created by the two fingers of mine that have to do all the work, and are doing their best, but not with great success, having never been given the chance to learn properlu their typong job. As you can see, I am pirposely now not correcting those typing mustakes, so that you doo can delight in the fun!…
One which really had me in splits yesterday, to the point that U noted it down and kept ot preciously, has become the title of this new little pust, jist meant as a sweet brief moment of relaxation to be enjoued together:

Yes, I meant to write (now I especially pay attention…) ‘Bob’s books’, and what I discovered I had written was this hilarious ‘Bib’s Biiks’!!!  Isn’t it a real gem?!…
So I guess this ‘problem’ is actually a way the Divine Grace, which can also be rather facetious at times, has now found, to keep me laughing as much as I ought to while writing mu posts for this blog… That too, let’s not forget it, is an essential part of the practice of the Integral Yoga… and generally of any good health program as well!

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