November 17, 1973: Mother and Matrimandir

(At 7.25 p.m., Mother left her body. At the same moment the concrete work for the completion of the four pillars of the Matrimandir was finished.)

Dear Mother,
I didn’t know
We didn’t know
Nobody knew in Auroville

That over there down in Pondy
In your high room at the Ashram
You were not well
Your heart that had so valiantly

Been beating for ninety-five years
Was failing.
We were all busy
Building for you

And for ourselves
And for every human being
The House of the Divine Mother
The place you named ‘Matrimandir’

And called the Soul of Auroville.
On that day was a concreting
The last concreting to complete
The Four Pillars that would uphold

The Sphere, flattened  just like the Earth
And in the hollow of that Sphere
Would become Four Direction Ribs
Orienting the Room to come…

Four Pillars, Four Powers of the Divine Mother
To hold the Sphere of All There Is,
The Totality that is One.
In that concreting we were one,

Doing the work non-stop, non-stop…
And your heart kept waiting, beating…
And when at last we were finished
Then your heart too came to a stop.

Our engineer looked at the time,
Just as usual noted it down…
Only the day after he learnt
That in your room at the same time

Your body-cells had made a choice.


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