Why such Berber food cravings at this point in my life?…

A brief return to the Berber food cravings I have mentioned in a recent other post:

Yesterday, as it was Tuesday, I went for lunch again all the way to that little place where I could eat again some couscous… and I did.
What could be the reason for such cravings to occur now in my life???

As I asked myself the question, I started realizing that since about two months I have had strange difficulties with my usual food, as well the menus I have myself put together several years back for the Community Kitchen Dinners, as the items I used to buy for myself and eat separately at lunch or whenever there was no Dinner at the Kitchen. At the Café too, I had some favorite dishes that I would eat from time to time.
Suddenly all this accustomed and until then relished food became less appreciated, and after a few more weeks not in the least appetizing.
Or I would begin eating something I normally loved, and after a few bites only I would have to stop, my body simply not wanting any more of it and refusing pointblank even one more bite of it.
This has never happened to me in my whole life.
I have never imposed on my body any food it didn’t like, and I never deprived my body of any food it did like. I always believed that if left free to choose, my body would eventually wean itself of whatever wasn’t good for its ideal condition.
During these last two months then, I didn’t know any more what to do: the food I had bought as usual remained untouched in the fridge or foodsafe and would end up going bad, a total waste; I had an increasing sense of unease, a vague need of change was slowly surfacing, but a change for what??? That wasn’t clear yet.
And then I remembered some hints that had come half a year ago in the form of dreams where I was happily sharing with others some unidentified but obviously Mediterranean food, from the context and landscape in the dream.
Lately only did the cravings come up specifically and insistently for couscous; in the meantime I had started buying figs also, date syrup, adding that to the few items that I kept liking very much: ‘feta’ cheese or goat cheese, tomatoes, virgin (unheated extraction) olive oil, raisins; I thought this was pointing more to a Greek kind of diet; perhaps the specific diet of the Touareg and Berbers in general is what I must now go toward (or in this case, return to!!!) as a healthier diet?…

Unless it is toward the so-called ‘Mediterranean diet’, which has the reputation of being very healthy indeed?… Anyway, aren’t all those various diets simply variations of basically the same thing?… I have to investigate that a little.
I must say the whole condition of my body is changing too, so it is but normal that it would feel the need to change its diet. Let’s see how things will develop in the next weeks and months…


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