All Life is Yoga: The Help of Music

Sorry for the long interruption again… this time not due to any lack of internet connection, but to lack of time for writing!… The days just around Christmas proved to be just too hectic with all the guests and the would-be-guests, there was no way I could spare any moment to sit down and blog even a little.
In the meantime probably some of you who visit here have wondered how the music from a trailer could be what helped me out of my exhaustion and gave me back the needed energy and good spirits, as I explained in my previous post, dedicated to the first trailer for ‘The Hobbit’. What does have that to do with the Integral Yoga I am supposed to be practicing and speaking about in this very blog???
Well, this process of Conscious Evolution makes use of whatever happens to help the individual concerned:

The Integral Yoga is basically a new inner orientation one gives to one’s entire life, opening as much as one can one’s full being to the transforming action of the divine energies we usually don’t know of and don’t call in, that come both from our Soul (our Psychic Being), deep within ourselves, and from the higher, luminous dimensions above. By this constant attitude of self-giving and of dedication also of all we do and all we experience, to the Divine, the very fabric of our life becomes different, because it is lived in a different consciousness.   
As events happen and circumstances change, we can observe how we react to them, that is, from what level of our being our reaction originates; if it is from the ordinary superficial parts, then in the future we may try to change our reaction to similar circumstances into a truer reaction, one coming from our Psychic Being or from our Higher Self.

To help ourselves in that effort, music can be extremely precious, as it influences our mood and state of being, sometimes in very deep ways.
Just now, for example, I am listening again and again to a wonderful little piece, composed by Howard Shore once again. This time it is not from the first trailer of ‘The Hobbit’, but from the first film of the ‘Lord of the Rings’: it is the lovely, cheerful, irresistible piece of music titled ‘Concerning Hobbits’.

Why not the great song I love so much from the new trailer?… There is too much of a dramatic tonality to it, that kind of mood wouldn’t help me in the present circumstances:  the monsoon as such is over, but outside my house and the whole of Repos and this long stretch of beach there are again at this moment threatening, loud big waves, and there have been some warnings of possible rough weather – a cyclone even – so my need tonight is rather this little piece, ‘Concerning Hobbits’, that expresses for me exactly the inner state described by the Mother in what I have called her ‘Five Points Program’ (see my post with that title):

“Be simple
Be happy
Remain quiet
Do your work as well as you can
Keep yourself always open towards me
This is all that is asked from you.”

This music is full of the childlike joy of life that Hobbits, a basically happy little species with a green thumb, usually exsude in all their simple activities still connected with the rhythms and seasons of Nature. They have an innate trust in life and its basic balance, in the expected return of strawberries with cream and all other such goodies at the right time of the year, a year passed in tending one’s garden or small field with the genuine ‘love for growing things’ most of them have. Of all Middle-earth, it is in the relative safety of their diminutive kingdom, called ‘The Shire’, that there are the most children, and they are raised with love too, in the appreciation of all the little delights life has to offer, and in the confidence that it will keep offering them for ever without fail.

I say that ‘Concerning Hobbits’ is irresistible because it makes you dance even if you didn’t intend to: if you were feeling tired, it refreshes you at once and gives back to your legs and your whole body the pleasure to move just for the fun of moving, jumping and whirling together with a bunch of friends enjoying themselves as much as you do. For this is what dance is truly about: it doesn’t have necessarily to be ballet or any other impeccable rendering of elaborate choreographies requiring long and arduous training, as we too often tend to believe, and end up depriving ourselves of the sheer delight of spontaneous dancing!

So there is no artificial or excessive excitement in this hobbity music, no harshness: it is music for a jolly romp by merry folk, with the added refined beauty that a violin gives to any pretty melody.
I have put it relatively loud, so that its sounds and cadences drown out, at least inside the house, the violent pounding and crashing sound of the waves, a bit too scary for my taste. With such a racket, unless I would go for a very deep interiorization – but that won’t do, with all the work to be done I must remain active – I couldn’t reach a peaceful state only by the inner means of meditation. Thanks to this music played now for a while, my body is able again to relax and smile and beat the creeping fear that was trying to invade it. The joyful peace that settles into my body and the tiny room where I sit starts even to spread out into the larger space around the house, like an invisible wall of protection around a safe zone.

With that inner condition the need for rest too is felt, and I go upstairs to lie quietly on my bed; soon I fall asleep just as if nothing disturbing was happening out there on the ocean in the vast darkness…

And now, on the next morning, the new ‘today’ begins in a still relatively calm atmosphere: at least during the night no cyclone has come here! One can still imagine a future when that cyclone will not come at all and will leave us alone… Then we’ll be able for good to heave a huge sigh of relief!
Let’s see what will finally happen outwardly; what is important anyway is that the whole day I am able to stay calm and concentrated in the trustful and grateful attitude of the Psychic Being, and to be even smiling and nearly dancing, thanks to that music isolating me from the vast frightening din of the waves.

As I finish noting down all this, it is night again and I am falling asleep on my chair, so intense and full the day has been.

Quick, to post this before going at last to bed…


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