March 17th, 2012: Tribute to Robert Monroe

A man with a mission
Robert A. Monroe
October 30, 1915-March 17, 1995

Bob Monroe made his transition 17 years ago on March 17th, 1995.

His work has helped  thousands, maybe millions of people in many ways.

We want to pay homage to this “man on a mission” with a brief overview of his life and legacy.

How one man’s personal transformation transforms the lives of many…

This is a brief portrait of a normal businessman, family man, entrepreneur, and lover of speedy cars and glider planes, who came into this world with a mission: to

Young Bob

create tools to help people delve quickly and easily into deep meditation states and take advantage of their practical, life-enhancing applications. As he put it,

“provide something of value.”

in 1935, Bob Monroe was a young man full of curiosity about the world around him. After spending time in college and a year traveling around hobo style he settled down to pursue a career in radio. Quite successful in his endeavors he produced many well known programs, including game shows and mystery plays, sometimes many simultaneously. Eventually he

Businessman Bob

became a vice president of Mutual Broadcasting Co.

In the 50s with the advent of television, Bob started moving in that direction, but also became intrigued with something he had heard the Russians were doing: sleep learning; but how to achieve the state of light sleep to try it out?

On his daily commute he noticed that the clickety-clack of the train seemed to cause people to nod off. And so was born his idea that sound could facilitate changes in human awareness.

Bob with daughter Laurie

Casting himself in the role of guinea pig for his audio experiments, Bob began noticing strange vibrations, which later led to his first, astonishing ‘out of body’ experience that changed his life forever.

At first his goal was simply to discover what was happening to him and why. Doctors couldn’t help, so his innate curiosity led him to set up his own research efforts.

Bob with scientist Russell Targ
Could his sound technology help others experience similar states? A few volunteers gathered around to find out.

Slowly, laboriously, with the aid of scientists, psychologists, and engineers, a revolutionary sound technology came into being — Hemi-Sync®.

The volunteers started leaving their bodies to travel near and far, meeting with guides, and having other experiences similar to Bob’s.


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Bob Monroe Tribute, cont…

Nancy Penn Monroe

Life moved on, Bob became involved with cable TV, affordable modular homes, writing a book about his astral adventures, and finding a spiritual life companion to support him in his search for truth. Nancy Penn, a spiritual pioneer in her own right, joined forces with Bob.

Together they created a center for residential programs in Virginia, now known as The Monroe Institute. Audiotapes were created to bring this ground-breaking technology to those who couldn’t make the trip to Virginia for residential classes.

Meanwhile, Bob’s non-physical friends continued to give him insights about how the non-physical world works. He wanted to become like them, whom he deemed Intelligent Species. They communicated mind to mind, trained him to move through dimensions, and led him close to meeting the Grand Engineer.

Bob the writer
Parts of Bob’s dreams had been fulfilled, but what really happened after our physical death?Again with the help of his non-physical friends, he was given opportunities to accompany souls to what he called the Park or Way Station, where humans prepare for their next step. He learned to guide lost souls there, and through the Hemi-Sync® technology was able to teach others to do so.

Two more books about his experiences showed how Bob’s understanding of the Earth Life Experience had matured, but still many issues were left unanswered.

Bob now focused on another goal, helping humanity reach its full potential. One of his most famous quotes sums it up: “Man’s greatest illusion is that he has limitations.”

A remarkable thing about Bob is that he never allowed himself to be put on a pedestal. He wanted to empower people to open to their own true knowing. “Don’t believe anything I say; go find out for yourself.”

Asked about his achievements: “I’m just a monkey who fell out of a tree.”

One of his greatest gifts must be offering the possibility to know, not just believe, that you are indeed more than your physical body, that you do indeed survive physical death.

Bob had an understanding that those who needed to find him would. Though his final words were: “Get it out there!”

As The Monroe Institute moves forward, we want to pay tribute to a man whose vision and dedicated work has enhanced the lives of many thousands, maybe millions, of people all over the globe.
The Monroe Institute | 365 Roberts Mountain Road | Faber | VA | 22938


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