Time within No Time…& another Lifetime

(After yet another ‘no internet connection’ episode, I resume my interrupted posting…)

Something that really blew my mind when I stumbled upon it for the first time in Sri Aurobindo’s writings, to the point that it actually scared me, knocking me out of my wits as something really too much to even conceive, is the fact that there is in truth no time at all, it doesn’t truly exist the way we usually experience it – linearly.
Yes, in truth, there is no ‘passing’ time, and what we call Past and Future coexist very well with what we call Present, all of it within what Jane Robert’s Seth calls the ‘Spacious Present’, a term I like myself to also use because I found it evocative and so I hope it will help others too to figure out or, even better, get some faint first perception of what really exists, that is not Time as we know it.
Those of you visitors who have already read several of my inner experiences related on this blog may have noticed that every time (!) at some point I mention that time didn’t exist anymore during the experience, only timelessness.
This is something you will find mentioned as well by any other person who has had also experiences of the Inner Reality: they too will have experienced Timelessness.

But to experience it is one thing, to understand it is quite another thing; for a long time it remains a bewildering fact for our mind. For years I carefully avoided trying again to think about such unimaginable concepts as those evoked by Sri Aurobindo. I could do nothing but surrender humbly to the Divine this painful inability of mine, and ask for Sri Aurobindo’s help to some day comprehend how there could be really No Time, and how, even worse, in this No Time everything could actually exist simultaneously…!
Sorry for those of you who might be exposed to such concepts for the first time here and might feel their poor mind getting into a cramp or a swoon as they read this!!! Knowing by experience how terrible that feels, I will not let your mind in that state of shock for too long, as my purpose here is on the contrary to share immediately with you the images that have managed, slowly, slowly, over the recent years, to come up in my mind, giving it some visual representations of these incomprehensible facts, that then started to indeed make sense.

For my other lifetimes, for example: at the beginning, like everyone who lives in linear time would, I imagined them to be in sequence, in chronological succession, and so the usual concepts of Karma etc seemed to apply very well within that context as I visualized it.
But then, remembering the simultaneity thing, I knew my linear way of visualizing those lifetimes as beads on a string was still not the correct one, and I opened my mind as much as I could to other, truer representations that might be floating around in the atmosphere trying compassionately to enter my mind!…
Some accounts of spontaneous recall of various lifetimes by other people also helped me very much, as several of these persons had managed to remain very conscious during the transition between two lifetimes and had described it quite precisely; having studied many accounts of Near Death Experiences as well, I immediately remarked the obvious and numerous elements both those phenomena that are too often rigidly put in different categories obviously had in fact in common, the differences in description depending only upon which specific details each person had noticed, out of all those that were actually present in the complete experience.
In the same way, what was classified as OBE (Out of Body Experience) could often qualify also very well as phenomena differently labelled in the too narrow viewpoints adopted usually by researchers, each one boxed into what is seen as a specific discipline studying a specific type of phenomenon, when most of those phenomena actually are more or less the same thing. and would be seen as such if only the researchers took out their blinkers and looked around into the other disciplines’ boxes too.

One main, major conclusion one can easily arrive at (especially if one has read Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s writings!…), which may be useful to all of us:
– Our consciousness doesn’t really need to be near death for shifting levels of reality and becoming aware of other dimensions of the Total Reality we and everything else are part of.
This is what happens for example while asleep, during most of our dreams, and there are dreams that bring us right into other lifetimes; those kinds of dreams will have a special character and will be remembered longer and more clearly than the usual ones. Or we may shift dimension while we meditate; or at any other moment when for some reason our mind isn’t very active.
The only really determining factor seems to be this:
The more at rest, or vacant, our mind is (which means, the less it is focused as usual on this reality), the more some awareness of another dimension gets a chance to come in, giving us suddenly a taste of that other dimension, and it is that we will experience as the reality at that moment.
Precisely which other dimension is intruding into our normal reality, or which other dimension is the new territory our consciousness can suddenly access, may be different every time, but with long enough and diversified enough experience each person can start identifying and later recognizing some of the dimensions discovered in that way.
This is exactly what a contemporary maverick like Robert Monroe (see my posts about him), who knew absolutely nothing about other dimensions, through his at first unexpected, then deliberate OBEs managed to do over the years, completely on his own except for a handful of other crazy ‘explorers’, a systematic ‘mapping of the territory’ that has become wonderfully useful since then to the thousands more human beings from all walks of life who have done and are doing programs with the Monroe Institute.
Bob Monroe too underlined that important basic sameness which unifies the vast field of apparently very different kinds of experiences being researched currently.
This said, I can go back to the many lifetimes we have and tell what new image has recently emerged in my mind as to how to represent together those of mine I know of:
– first of all, the string they all are on must become a necklace, that is, a circle, instead of a line with a beginning and an end;
– and second, that necklace has to be put around the neck of Somebody, each bead or pearl on the necklace being one manifestation or lifetime of the same Core Entity, the ‘Core Me’, in as many time-periods of our terrestrial history as there are beads – although sometimes we live more than one lifetime in a certain time-period.
One ends up with an image very reminiscent of a central sun with so many rays going out in all directions. Quite inspiring!!!

Another image I will now share that can give us another helpful representation of it all, is the one I literally saw when investigating a second mystery-problem I had in this lifetime, by following quite simply the same procedure as for the first problem, with the help of the very same lady-friend.
That second problem was a deep fear of other people and especially of crowds; even in the special context of Auroville I was feeling that fear all the time, as if some perpetually impending disaster would always befall me if ever I opened my mouth to speak out the higher truths that needed sometimes to be spoken out, especially when one was the founder and head of a Research Centre in Auroville called the ‘Laboratory of Evolution’.
So again I was lying down next to my friend, thinking I knew from my first experience what to expect… but she had hardly started counting backwards that my consciousness had already left my present body and I found myself floating somewhere very high in space, from where I could see Earth as a whole and particularly the countries visible directly from that view-point – which by the way seemed an absolutely natural place where to be…! My central consciousness knew what my mind did not, and it was already viewing from above the specific country where that other lifetime had happened, in which that deep-seated fear had started. But when hovering above the right country my spirit did something more I didn’t expect: it kind of looked down into that spot, as if judging at which depth, which layer of time it needed to go, and then it dived straight into that correct layer of time in the depths, so to say, of that country!!! (that time it was not in France, this is why this post is not written first in French…!)
Again I suddenly found myself occupying a different body, this time around the young body of a boy in his teens, dressed in a short, white, light tunic with a simple rope belt tied on and leather sandals. I once again heard distinctly a name being said to me, this time not the name of the place, but of the person I was as that boy: I will not reveal what that name was, as it is a historically known figure.
I was not yet that well-known adult, though, and as still a boy I was joyfully climbing down, nimble as a goat, a rocky hill on a path going towards the city below.
I was very joyful as today I was becoming old enough to join the group of students under the person I thought the wisest and most interesting in the whole world, and I was so proud that he had accepted me as a new student. He lived in the city and I was going there with high expectations for my future.
Then the scene I was living changed: I was now a young man, listening rapturously to my Master among other youths of the city… In spite of my too proud, rebellious nature, how I adored him!…
Then the scene changed again, and it was a dreadful scene: my Master, my dear Master was about to die!!! Those stupid people in the city, those fools, those criminals, they had condemned him to death, and I couldn’t do anything!… He was the wisest of them all, and they didn’t even see that!!! They said he was corrupting the youth of the city, when on the contrary we had been learning so much from him! Oh gods, how come you allow such a dreadful murder to happen?!? Is there no justice from the heavens any more than from the human world???
Well, if this is so, never, never will I ever stand revealed to the others as that man did, never shall I openly tell higher truths, if such is the reward to be expected!…
And on this terrible vow uttered in such a desperation when what was most revered and precious to me was destroyed, that third and last scene stopped, and I was back into my central consciousness and my present body,  my face bathed in tears, for I was full of compassion for this thoroughly disillusioned human being, now poignantly aware of what the ignorant crowds can do to the wiser, better human beings trying to help them.
As if what I had just lived was not the only time when I had learned that terrible lesson the hard way, I briefly saw myself from far, in yet another lifetime, being burned at the stake; and I had a feeling of so many more memories deep down in me, better not to be investigated, when a lifetime had ended dreadfully because I had spoken the truths of the future to people not willing to hear them…
Not really surprising after all this, that I was so afraid of crowds!!!
And yet, there was also for me a most important lesson to be learned: how, in spite of all that, not to fear, and not to despise, and not to hate.
We all are the unconscious Divine growing more and more conscious, we all have been at some point as unconscious as those we now judge, so there is no point and no use despising and hating anyone. To prevent them if we can from doing wrong deeds, yes; and of course to ourselves outgrow the fear we may still have of them, by learning to trust and call in the Divine Protection, while keeping only perfect Peace and Power and Love in our being.
Not so easy to do… and yet it is what must be done by as many of us as possible at this point in terrestrial evolution when all these problems originating from other lifetimes can and must be dissolved, like the old dramas that they are, to be replaced by the much more joyful and luminous stories we will now stage together on this renewed terrestrial scene… A final Victory to be won, and this lovely planet Earth will be no more a Battlefield, but a vast Playground for all those who want to play the New Game!…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. raiyankamal
    Apr 26, 2012 @ 04:16:54

    Welcome back to “the internet” Bhaga, and thanks again for a nice post.

    living a life, from all the lives one has, during a certain period in time sounds like disagreeing with non-linearity of time. Please correct me if I’m missing something. Since time in non-linear, it may very well be more than just circular, could curving around itself like the patterns on a brain coral. So when time closes down on itself, the lives on different points in time become close to each other, or may be identical, in higher dimensions. It probably is easier to “jump” between lives closer to each other on that curve, but this is just a theory – I don’t know how to prove or disprove it.



    • Bhaga
      Apr 26, 2012 @ 05:59:20

      Interesting theory, Rayankamal…!!!
      I myself don’t know enough for proving or disproving it either, but from the few experiences I did have of directly reliving some specific episode of this or that lifetime, there was no feeling of greater closeness to anything in particular.
      The ‘tunnel’ effect, whether consciously experienced (as preceding my moment meeting Jesus-Christ on a road) or not (as for the two ‘problem-seed’ moments), seems to me a kind of constant as the way our consciousness moves from one inner dimension to another. I don’t remember right now which scientific theory has like that tiny (or big?) dark holes as passageways through everything, or something like that… Does the way I describe it evoke any known contemporary scientific theory that I could just google up to refresh my memory???
      Any hint or glimpse of another lifetime that you are aware of?…



      • raiyankamal
        Apr 26, 2012 @ 19:30:54

        The holes you are referring to are probably “wormholes”. They are like shortcuts between two points in space-time.

        Quantum physics is probably the one to explore among the branches of contemporary science, but my knowledge of it is limited. Regarding the “jump” or “travel” between life times, I think we have always been capable, just didn’t knew. Some of us can perform (or facilitate, like your friend helped you) those jumps because they have developed the talent, I would call it the artistic aspect. But the mechanism is still to be understood, which I would call the scientific part of it. Like early humans who first started using the fire. They had to go through many trial and errors before finally they knew the right materials and techniques to start a fire at will and sustain it.

        I think I’ve had glimpses from other life times, I think everyone does. But Only until very recently I had ignored them as unrealistic imaginations. These days I’m experimenting with paying attention to them and see where they can lead me to.


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