Seth: “You get what you concentrate upon”

The interviews given by Anita Moorjani illustrate so well one of the major points she has learned from her NDE and brought back into her daily life henceforth:
It’s time I re-emphasized once again the importance of our thoughts, given the results they actually lead to…
I’ll do it this time through a quote from a ‘Seth Book’: ‘The Magical Approach’, in which are collected a number of sessions given by Seth to help Jane (‘Ruburt’, as Seth calls her, saying it’s her name as the more masculine-oriented entity beyond this lifetime) and her husband Robert Butts learn to pay more attention to a possible alternate way of living life, a way that would rely more on the vaster and deeper reality, ‘All That Is’, that our individual lives are part of. The process as well as the results of such a different approach would seem to our mind unusual and irrational, but so wonderfully effective that it would seem to be a ‘magical’ approach, but it is actually the natural way we have always been supposed to function, rather than the too limited and exclusive intellectual way prevalent in our times, that cuts us away from everything else:


“I am doing my best to explain the very practical aspects of the intellect’s beliefs, and their strength in drawing experience to you. At one time you both had difficulty with understanding some of these ideas. Your own relationship, your private beliefs about the sort of persons you wanted individually for mates, brought about incalculable actions that led finally to your meeting – yet it all happened “quite naturally”, of course. Your beliefs bring you into correspondence with the elements likely to lead to their affirmation. They draw from Framework 2 all of the necessary ingredients. They elicit from other people behavior that is in keeping with those beliefs.
Your own attitudes, for example – and beliefs – about foreigners, Prentice-Hall, people’s stupidity and lack of integrity, put you in correspondence with those same beliefs on the part of others, resulting in the translation fiasco. An entirely different kind of behavior could have been elicited from those same people. Like attracts like in this regard. Those same people, for example, all have, as you do, beliefs in peoples’ trustworthiness, and so forth and so forth – but under those conditions, at that time, you each – or rather you all – were in correspondence at many levels. The books were published. They have helped many people, and that is because you were also in correspondence as far as many of your more positive beliefs are concerned, and those did outweigh the others.
You get what you concentrate upon, and your beliefs are largely responsible for those areas on which you concentrate.
There are no magical methods, only natural ones that you use all the time, although in some cases you use them for beliefs that you take for truths, when instead they are quite defective assumptions. A small example – one, incidentally, that Ruburt finally realized; but it is a beautiful instance of natural methods. He used it beautifully, even though the results were not pleasing at first. It also shows Ruburt’s growing understanding:
He heard tomorrow’s weather report (yesterday), groaned, thought of a very uncomfortable 90 degrees temperature tomorrow and imagined himself miserable with the heat. Indeed, he began to feel warmer. In a flash he remembered previous days of discomfort, and in the next moment he projected those into the week-end. He felt trapped. Midway through the process he tried to catch himself, but he believed that his body could not handle the heat and that belief outweighed his intent to change his thoughts, so they kept returning for perhaps ten minutes.
He continued, however, to remind himself that he was not going to worry about tomorrow today, regardless. He told himself that the prediction might be wrong, and he began  with his intellect to pile up evidence that could in one way or another bring about a different, more beneficial experience. He did this by recognizing the way he had earlier been building up the picture in the old manner, by collecting all the evidence that fitted it. He used the same process, only for a more beneficial picture, and the process works. You have only to become aware of it.
Your experience will follow your concentration and belief and expectation. The mind is a great discriminator. It can use its reasoning to bring about almost any possible experience within your framework.”

(Note by Robert Butts:
In October 1979 Jane and I saw, to our dismay, that the Dutch publisher of the translation of ‘Seth speaks’ had violated his contract with Prentice-Hall by making many unauthorized cuts in the book. It was supposed to be published in its entirety, but language difficulties led to the mixup. After hearing from Jane and me and her editor Tam Mossman, the Dutch publisher agreed to market a new, uncut translation of ‘Seth speaks’ this year. This will be an expensive undertaking – one we feel bad about now that our initial anger has passed.)

If I have myself come to see the weather as very much within the scope of influence of my desires and my thoughts, on the other hand the power of our expectations about the behavior of others is something I personally still keep forgetting!!!
I see it happening in the criticisms and negative expectations about others as expressed by my friends or collaborators, and I scold then for that, but I am also doing the same mistake over and over again myself, realizing it generally too late, when I have probably already provoked the wrong results instead of the more beneficial ones that were also possible, if only I had deliberately expected them…

Being rather optimistic by nature, I tend first to trust people and expect only good from them – to the point of being possibly naive. But if once, or several times, I have been disappointed, I do start expecting from the same person the wrong behavior I am now too automatically associating with him or her. reinforcing then unwittingly the chances that he or she will indeed again behave in that same wrong way. My thoughts should on the contrary always keep open the possibility for a different outcome, and even deliberately expect it, so as to give the maximum chances to the better outcome.

What interests me tremendously in all this is that at last here is a veritable clue about the way things work, how this world functions. It’s not philosophy or idealism, it is information I can put to good use in my daily life to make it work.

This specific book, ‘The Magical Approach’, is one of my favorite ones in the whole series of Seth Books, because the sessions in it came at a time when Jane/Ruburt and her husband could see something was deeply off, for her health was deteriorating more and more rapidly and painfully.  Her inner life out of the physical body and when only adventures in consciousness were involved, had really started with the coming of Seth, giving her from then on the impulse to try things in that unusual direction so as to become aware  of more dimensions in which a human being also existed.
But in the meantime daily life and its normal occupations and activities had been going on without much change in the way they were living them. In those new sessions of 1980 Seth, going back to the beginning of his work with them, pointed out very clearly what had been amiss on their part.
On p. 45 already he told them this:
‘At a conscious level, of course, neither of you realized, or wanted to realize, the kind of complete repeal and overhaul that was implied in our sessions, and for some years you managed to hold many official views of reality along with the newer concepts, not ready to understand that an entire new way of thinking was involved, a new relationship of the individual with reality. So you tried out some new methods piecemeal, here and there, with good-enough results.’
Again on p. 118 he will make the same observation:
‘Now in the world you early formed your own beliefs and strategies. In midlife you were presented with our sessions – or the two of you presented yourselves with them, if you prefer. You recognized the overall vitality of our material – but again you didn’t realize that it meant a complete reorientation of your attitudes. You didn’t realize that you were being presented, not merely with an alternate view of reality, but with the closest approximation you could get of what reality was, and how it worked, and what it meant.’

To have a very independent mind had been beneficial at first as it protected Jane from getting imprisoned in the limiting dogmas of any church, and of the medical system as well; but she had mostly kept the same intellectual skepticism towards what came from Seth as well, although they had been having those Sessions for so many years. This unchecked attitude ended up limiting her and preventing her from benefiting as much as she could have out of Seth’s teachings. About quite a few topics Jane felt she knew better than being influenced in her own beliefs by what Seth was saying.
About reincarnation, for example: convinced that no such thing existed, she fiercely resisted the information received, to the extent that for a long time Seth couldn’t even bring up the subject openly and in its full scope. Only gradually did she accept the possibility that it might be true, having in the meantime had dreams or other kinds of inner experiences that did confirm the veracity of the fact.
But still, accepting finally what Seth was saying on this point was a ‘piecemeal’ acceptance, not yet one that modified their existence at a fundamental level.

Of course, to have an NDE and learn it all at once through the direct experience of the truth of it all in the worlds where we are conscious of the true Reality, is an easier and faster way of learning, as we have seen for Anita Moorjani!


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