Resuming Communication Through this Blog

Another long silence on my part… this time caused, not by any technical problem, but by the inner need to remain silent and keep my energy within myself for a while.
Since the cyclone, a lot of my time and attention had had to go to the innumerable outer needs and the endless trips to our Auroville Townhall in order to obtain, whenever possible, the funds necessary for the recovery of the place and of its activities. It has been slow, sometimes discouragingly so, but at last the place is enclosed again in a completed fence with a temporary Beach Gate that we close at night, and most of our Guest-Huts are in good condition again.
But then in the meantime another ordeal has begun: the accounting for all the monies received, with the vouchers and the bills carefully kept not being good enough in many cases, having to be redone and checked again, and the limitations of use discovered as narrower and more stringent than at first believed, and in one case an amount to be refunded… In spite of our goodwill and precautions, it became all so terribly complicated, with on top of it the end of the Financial Year (in India, March 31st) to make everything more administratively urgent than it would have been otherwise. With all this happening on an all-Auroville scale, the poor people at the various desks were going mad at those making mistakes like we did, and it was not pleasant for anybody to go through all this.
Mercifully enough, it is only after this accounting nightmare was finally over, that the ocean started again eroding with heavy waves the long stretch of beach in our area, a man-made yearly calamity due to the construction some time back of a port in Pondy, that disturbs the normal currents and tides and keeps accumulating behind the port all the sand that normally would come here and would replenish constantly our beaches on this side of the coast.
There is a heat wave also, since a few days, that forces everybody to quiet down drastically after dawn and remain basically indoors… until the evening brings back some freshness in the air, perhaps even a cool breeze that feels like paradise itself.
This heat wave at least is not supposed to last long, but still we are now in full summer, and even the normal heat does make life a bit difficult every year. Individuals and families, freed by the school holidays, tend to take refuge in the cool Hills of the South, the Nilgiris (Blue Mountains as they are poetically called) and our renovated huts don’t see many guests at the moment. This means financial problems for the place, but let’s see how we will go through that too…!
So now I feel again like coming back to my laptop and my blog, to let you know again how Conscious Evolution is going in this small sample of Auroville life outhere in Repos!
Inwardly too, so much has been happening, and keeps happening…

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