Ooops! Kryon’s Bursted Into My Blog!

Well, my intention had been to slowly, discretely introduce Kryon, by homeopathic doses at first, to my visitors, in case some of them were as suspicious towards channeling as I myself used to be not so long ago… and look what has just happened in my previous post!!! Speak of a discrete entry: Kryon has kind of barged in unexpectedly and all at once, with a looong channeling in full affirmation of unknown electromagnetic facts s/he had patiently presented to his/her audiences and readers one by one since years, electromagnetic facts that link us beautifully and very effectively with Gaia, the Earth, our host-planet, for all the duration – yes, past, present and future – of our involvement through many or few lifetimes in the terrestrial evolutive process, ‘The System’, as Kryon calls it, eager as always to explain it all to us so that, understanding how it all works, we are better able to use it deliberately for our own inner growth and personal contribution, precisely, to that  ‘System’, which is caring for everybody else as well. 
So here we are after this last post prompted by the strong inner experience it describes: a number of my visitors might still be reeling under the shock of so much information received all of a sudden, without having ever had the preparatory ‘homeopathic doses’ of it that I had in mind to give them first!… Sorry that it all came out, ‘Blam!…’, just like that, and perhaps knocked them down on their way by its forceful coming into their life.
I have myself met Kryon and fallen in love with that extraordinarily loving, full divine size Being. only after years of keeping safely away from anything as weird and reprehensible as channeling, which I thought had nothing to do with real, genuine spiritual development. The only thing that had managed at some point to break through that mental barrier of mine, had been the channelings of Seth by Jane Roberts, because out of sheer mental honesty I couldn’t deny the tremendous importance of most that was explained in the resulting ‘Seth books’. And I knew of at least a few other persons in Auroville who were also reading the Seth books, with a lot of appreciation, so that emboldened me to consider myself somehow authorized to read them too. Not that there was anything in Auroville that smacked of a controlling body spying upon what people read and making sure it was all only the ‘authorized’ stuff! There is happily no such thing, or I don’t think I would ever have elected to live here. But there is, inevitably, some ‘peer pressure’ or something like that, things that are done and things that are not, and for a long time I was not immune to that psychological pressure, doubled as it was by my own inner feeling that we in Auroville ought not to read anything but the books by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, which were giving us anyway all we needed to know for practicing the Integral Yoga. Yes, I agree with you, that was a pretty stupid and restrictive way of thinking but well, I have been nearly as stupid as any other human being can be, so I did think like that at some point!…
So it was with some vague sense of guilt and not quite openly that I started leafing through those first three volumes of Kryon’s books, given to me with smiling but firm authority by a new Guest of mine, staying in the extra room I have in my own house: a young, dynamic woman from Belgium who had already also attended every single Kryon event that had happened in Belgium since the beginning of the channelings of Kryon by Lee Carroll in the US.
Leafing through those books quickly turned into avid reading of them, as I discovered there exactly the right (for me) combination of spiritual love, so strong you could feel it filling the atmosphere around you, and of revelations in scientific knowledge that truly at last explained how this entire world works, physics as well as biology included.
Even in India I managed to find the following volumes published later by Lee and Kryon (Chennai, the regional big city beyond Pondy, known before as Madras, is quite an intellectual city with many large and good bookshops), and a whole shelf of those Kryon Books started developing in the library I had constituted at the Laboratory of Evolution, specialized on anything pertinent to the understanding of Evolution, particularly the Conscious Evolution that was nowadays becoming more and more necessary.
Until the year 2000 included, I was able to buy, among others, those Kryon books, thanks to the yearly budget that was allocated to the LOE for the purchase of new books. But afterwards it became impossible financially to continue.
Luckily (at least for myself) I had in the meantime become proficient in browsing the internet, and had seen that the new channelings of Kryon by Lee were accessible also on the Kryon Site, along with many other interesting things. You could even listen to those channelings, and it was all the more deeply moving, with funny moments as well.
So Kryon has remained for all these years one of the sources I enjoy the most going back to from time to time, ever grateful for all the insights it gives on the ‘Big Picture’, often corroborated by something or the other that Sri Aurobindo or the Mother have also explained. It is part of the food that nourishes my being day after day, and for which I am most grateful that on that day, through that nice Guest, it entered my life. I hope it will enrich the lives of most of my visitors as well.


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  1. raiyankamal
    May 28, 2012 @ 14:44:21

    no harm done, at least you are regular on the blog again 🙂



    • Bhaga
      May 29, 2012 @ 01:53:21

      Thank you, Rayan! It’s nice to know of one person who is happy I am back and takes the time and trouble to say it!
      My best wishes to you,



  2. Nina
    May 29, 2012 @ 03:46:42

    I too am happy to reconnect

    I find that I am disquieted by your recent blogs



    • Bhaga
      May 30, 2012 @ 04:21:58

      I wanted to reply earlier, but internet was irregular and too brief.
      Did you identify what was disquieting for you? Something specific, or just too much new information to receive and digest, and then slowly integrate into your world? The latter case wouldn’t be surprising at all, only normal, don’t you think?…



  3. Nina
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 14:21:33

    new information for which I had no clear assimilation connection

    so more a entirely new information for which I had no

    it’s difficult given my recent recovery from trauma to assimilate information
    that I previously had little or no awareness of

    to be able to connect it within my existing framework, which has been broken in several places

    which on some levels, provides a near fit for wholly new information to mend the framework and reshape it and make it stronger and enduring

    it that makes sense. I am not sure



    • Bhaga
      Jun 02, 2012 @ 06:30:12

      Not only it makes sense, but it is exactly the sense I tried to hint at in my own first reply, so now that you yourself make it explicit, I rejoice, both at having guessed so right and at seeing you already on a further healing track! Loving congratulations and hearty cheers!



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