A Precious Friend

A precious friend she is,
Looking into my eyes
With still, silent adoration…
A precious friend she is
When she jumps on my bed
First thing in the morning
And keeps following me
Wherever I go next:
Just settling down there,
Out of nowhere,
Within a few moments
Of my own change of place
All along the day…

A precious friend she is,
Trusting me so fully
She relies upon me
To save her from danger…
When there are strong noises,
Like firecrackers, fireworks,
Quick she comes to my feet
A scared kitten again
Under table or bed she hides,
Wherever I happen to be;
The whole world can then crumble down
All around us, she doesn’t care,
As long as she is hiding there with me…
Often I didn’t even know
And suddenly my feet
Feel her fur under them,
So soft and so mellow
As she lies calm and limp
Her world back together
Because I’m there…

A precious friend she is
When she just comes
For no reason at all
But to see me:
While I’m eating,
And then suddenly
I’ll feel her
Sitting on my foot
Under the table,
Or her tail curled
Round my ankle
Like a friend’s arm
Round my shoulder;
She’ll also come
While I’m working,
All focused on my screen
And staying there too long;
She just comes and sits there,
Waiting for me to look
And if I don’t notice
After a while she places
A front paw on my leg,
Just like that, silently,
And looking up at me
With her Egyptian eyes,
She sends up some sweet love
For me… so irresistible
My heart totally melts,
I too send her my love,
And thank her again for being
My precious friend…

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nina
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 14:14:19

    this is my favorite song by Queen and the late Freddie



  2. Bhaga
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 06:45:01

    I didn’t understand everything but what I did understand was lovely and funny. Thank you then! My own knowledge of the Queen thus gets extended, as until now I knew them only through their songs and music for a film I like very much: ‘Highlander”.



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