June 6, 2012 at 10:45 am

Our body actually knows already, but it’s our ordinary consciousness that usually doesn’t know how to listen to it… For many years I have been using whatever can serve as a ‘pendulum’ (anything that can hang from a small rope or chain and rotate when the rope or chain is held between our relaxed fingers) and before I put anything into my body I ask my cells whether it’s a good idea (= rotation to the right) or not a good idea (=rotation to the left). So easy and practical, you love doing it always, it simplifies your life so much!!!
Over the years I have found that some things are good only if eaten alone, or not together with certain other foods; or they are good when taken early in the day, but not at night; etc, etc. Also don’t forget that we change as years pass, and our body needs may change to.And each body is unique, so what applies for one doesn’t always apply for another…
And very important too: the consciousness in which you will eat anything will have an effect on the way it will benefit your body or not. This is actually the ultimate influence that can potentially over ride all the other factors…!

Source of Inspiration

I’m going to request a
body that rejects food
it does not need or that
is not good for me.
Remember the money changing
machines that would return
your bill if you inserted
it incorrectly? My body
needs to learn that trick.

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  1. raiyankamal
    Jun 06, 2012 @ 19:51:47

    I’ve recently met a vegan person who said meat makes her fall sick since she’s turned vegan. It miight be actually possible to (consciously) train your system to reject things not good for you.



    • Bhaga
      Jun 07, 2012 @ 05:54:45

      Yes, it is indeed possible… But why not first of all listen to the body’s own wisdom? Otherwise, how to you find out what is good for you to start with?



  2. Nina
    Jun 07, 2012 @ 01:01:21

    I have felt sick off and on for years just looking at meat in the supermarkets.

    I went vegetarian/raw food this year and have lost over 60 pounds and improved both my physical and mental health.

    I have had ethical concerns for a long time about being a pet owner and eating animals.

    It was actually one of the easiest decisions that I made this year.

    but I gave up those kinds of fast so called foods years ago, they are nothing but starches, fats and salt with chemicals.



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