Ode to Blogging: Annual Report of the Laboratory of Evolution, 2011-2012

The Laboratory of Evolution in Auroville is part of a vaster internal organisation that regroups the many educational and cultural activities that are going on here, and raises funds especially for them. Every year each activity so funded has to write then a ‘Progress Report’ about what it has accomplished during the previous year. Here is down below what I have felt inspired to write yesterday night concerning my own part of the work for the ‘LOE’:
As founder and head of the LOE since 1984, I am particularly concerned with the scientific aspect of the Research work that was planned from the start to be done in the Centre, called for this very reason a ‘Laboratory’. Lack of the required appropriate space, equipment and experts  prevented us until now from doing that aspect of our work in the way I had envisaged at first. But some ‘laboratories’ at least were permanently available to us during all those years, and that was our own inner beings and physical bodies…!
In Auroville, to be a Researcher in Conscious Evolution means that you will have to be at the same time the voluntary guinea-pig and the researcher watching, recording and analyzing the experiment while it is going on at every single moment of your daily life, conducted in mostly unexpected ways by the new Evolutive Force now at work upon Earth.
In the light of the explanations and advice given by those two first Pioneers of Conscious Evolution, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, I have been practicing their “Integral Yoga” to the best of my ability since 1971 when I first came across their writings. I deliberately came to Auroville the following year in order to experience also the additional challenge of Collective Evolution towards what has been until now only an elusive goal for Humankind: Human Unity.
The forty years spent in Auroville with that inner attitude of a Researcher-cum-Guinea-Pig have been eventful indeed, but then also quite fruitful in terms of the results of the Research done throughout it all.
The problem was, how to get the accumulated documents (mostly personal journals and diaries, but also many articles from various sources) to reach in the right way the people who might be interested in them for their own adventure of Conscious Evolution as well, wherever they might live on the planet?
A website was tried for several years, but proved to be too expensive and technically demanding. Only a year ago did I finally find the right ‘planetary communication’ means, and that was: a ‘blog’.
More and more individuals everywhere are nowadays starting to ‘blog’, that is, to express themselves as unique individuals wanting simply to share whatever they have to say with other unique individuals elsewhere who also have something to share. Several big companies like Google or WordPress provide an ever-increasing range of attractive, very diverse templates that can be chosen and used for free by any would-be new blogger as the framework into which to post her or his texts and/or photos, and gradually build-up, at their own slow or quick pace, a whole ‘blog’ that other bloggers may chose to visit, and re-visit if they become interested. It is even possible, through a mere click on the appropriate button, to ‘follow’ someone’s blog: one will henceforth be informed automatically by email whenever that blogger puts up a new post on her/his blog.
After this first year of ‘blogging’, the results are quite encouraging for the complete neophyte I was: there are by now 150 ‘followers’ of my blog, although it is far from being an entertaining one, named as it is ‘Lab of Evolution’ – for it is naturally by me as a specific Researcher but in the context of our Research Center in Auroville that the documents and articles are being gradually published in ‘posts’ form. The newest posts are the ones you find first when you click on the blog’s address to open it, but all the older posts remain always accessible as well. Besides the regular visitors come also every day a number of new ones, and they too may come again or not, leave a comment or not, and each time you can edit it out, or answer it, starting what might become a whole conversation…
Together with those texts by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother that are central to the Integral Yoga, I include on my blog texts from several other persons who, I found out, were contemporaries of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and who on their own also received intuitively and then spread in their own way some notion of the new evolutive step about to start taking place on Earth: Edgar Cayce in the USA, J.R.R . Tolkien in England, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in France
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a philosopher who ...

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a philosopher who trained as a paleontologist and geologist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and some others later on,  all contributed something to the gradual understanding by more and more human beings that a new evolutive era is beginning. The most complete communication of this fact and the main work for its advent have been accomplished by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, but all those others too in various parts of the globe have found some inspiring way of telling that fact to the world, however incomplete may have been their own understanding of it and their personal capacity to realize it in their own life.
So the contents of my blog are appealing probably by their diversity: diversity of the sources used as well as of the aspects of the inner or outer work needing to be done, that are presented. Places in the world other than Auroville are in the same way presented in that blog because there too some important work for the conscious evolution of Humankind is happening. Special individuals exemplifying particularly well something specific that is characteristic of the ways this new evolutive step is taking place, are also presented. The ‘Lab of Evolution’, one realizes, is not limited to our Centre in Auroville, nor even to Auroville as a whole, but it is revealed as existing already a bit everywhere, and potentially in everybody. In that way no one feels excluded from the fantastic new Possible that is being introduced throughout the blog. In all this what concerns me finds its place, being understood that I myself represent only one sample of what is happening in Auroville. My own case might be especially relevant because I do my inner work in deliberate connection with whatever else is happening worldwide, that is also actually Conscious Evolution.
This blog is of course, besides its own contents, an ongoing experiment exploring the incredibly important role on a planetary scale of this ‘blogging’ trend increasing every day more among the most disparate persons, whether men or women, old or young, rich or poor, straight or gay, of all skin colors, from the vast populations of our biggest countries to the lone individuals from the remotest corners of our planet. People have visited my blog from the most unexpected spots on Earth. It feels just wonderful. What a great way these blogs are to contact each other, to discover each other’s rich uniqueness, and through this mutual appreciation to find a sense of universality in that sheer number of bloggers that just grows exponentially! As a Researcher, I would advance the joyful hypothesis that the Evolutive Force itself has inspired some people here and there a few years ago to start communicating freely in that so rewarding  ‘one-to-one’ new way, different from Facebook and such, and now it’s an explosion of friendships sparkling irresistibly like fireworks all over the planet…
This extraordinary new phenomenon definitely deserves ongoing study and direct participation from a Research Center like the Laboratory of Evolution. Besides the usual courses (about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the Spiritual Dimension of Auroville and other such topics) now and then asked for by individuals or small groups, this daily ‘blogging’ has been my main activity during this last year, so significant and effective that it is likely to remain an important part of my Research life in the future too.


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  1. Nina
    Jun 19, 2012 @ 21:52:11

    life is an experiment

    nature experiments and so should people



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