‘Twilight’: at last good, great, evolving vampires!

I am especially happy right now, having just seen again and again the very nice few seconds (!) of the teaser released today in advance of the real teaser that will come tomorrow for celebrating Edward Cullens’ birthday, which Tolkien’s Hobbits would call his ‘eleventy’ birthday: yes, ever young Edward will be 111 years old! For all those readers and movie-goers who have followed his story in the four volume ‘Twilight” saga written by Stephenie Meyer and in the films being made out of them, this birthday will indeed be something to celebrate, and so shall I certainly do myself, although quietly at my home in Auroville!…
I wish more people in the world would realize what an incredible breakthrough it is in our Human Collective Subconscious that one of the darkest ‘horror’ myths peopling it, the Vampire, is changing.
And changing for an amazingly better way of being, if you look at how unexpectedly that story unfolds: Edward, the oh, so handsome vampire in Forks, Washington, High School that human seventeen years old Bella falls in love with, and who loves her too more than his own life, is not an ordinary vampire at all; he belongs by choice to a very special Vampire Clan (or ‘Coven’) in which all members, living as one family, have at some point opted for a ‘vegetarian’ lifestyle, that is, to feed only on animals, and never on humans.
This is a very demanding, almost impossible choice, as human blood is for a vampire the normal diet, so extremely appetizing that its very scent is already nearly irresistible. But they are all following the extraordinary example of Carlisle Cullen, who has kept from his long past Human days his idealistic nature and indomitable will-power: turned centuries before into a vampire against his wish, he has put all his determination into remaining the person he truly wanted to be, whatever clamoring that new, imposed outer nature may have exercised on him. Having discovered then that vampires can very well live on animals only, he resolved to do so, and little by little some other vampires around him made the same difficult choice.
Now in our times several other such ‘vegetarian’ covens have come into existence, and this new trend is gaining, although those who are among all vampires the equivalent of Royalty, the formidable but cynical Volturi in their underground Italian palace, see such a deep change with quite a suspicious eye, as well as the growing influence and natural authority that Carlisle is gaining from more and more others simply out of the deep respect they feel for his remarkable sincerity and integrity.
The Volturi on the contrary rule since very ancient times through the fear they inspire to all by their cruelty and their iron laws, few but never questioned, applied mercilessly through their cohort of executioners, all gifted with special powers that terrorize even the most courageous ordinary vampires. Among the Cullen ‘family’, though, some have special inner powers too, that Aro, the chief Volturi, would like very much to add to their own already dreadful personal entourage.
Bella herself, although a mere human, would be for them another tempting addition, as neither Edward’s nor Aro’s mind-reading powers can penetrate her mind, totally protected somehow by the depth and truly loving character of her thoughts. Impressed in spite of himself to find she can resist him, Aro is stunned to see that her love – for one of them vampires! – is so pure and strong she would die to save Edward, nearly put to death when he himself tries desperately to protect her from the gigantic Executioner told by Aro to kill her: as a Human who knows that Vampires really exist and so who could always betray them, she must be executed, and is about to be, once Edward is forcibly kept aside.
It’s only a last second revelation by Alice, another Cullen family member caught together with them by the Volturi, that saves Bella: Alice, who is gifted with vision of the future, reveals that she has already seen Bella as the vampire she actually wants eagerly to become. Edward thinks it is only out of love for him that she wants what is in his eyes such a horrible transformation, so he keeps fiercely refusing to help her realize her wish by biting her as she implores him to, so Alice promises to the Volturi that she herself will transform Bella if needed, but it will be done soon, and they will be informed when it will happen, so they will know there is no need anymore to kill her. With that promise from Alice, Aro and the two other Volturi reluctantly allow them all to go, but the promise will have to be kept, or else…
Back home in Forks the re-united Cullens continue to coexist pacifically with those crowds of humans around them, including Bella’s own family, all still unaware of what those slightly strange but so nice and good-looking Cullens really are. Edward and Bella decide to get married, according to the wish of old-fashioned Edward, and then only will he transform her; ironically – and Bella’s ego cringes with humiliation -, such a marriage at their young age will appear to all as one rendered necessary by a pregnancy, when in reality it is not so at all: Bella had no such principles and would have been quite willing, but Edward had always insisted in having no sexual relations in spite of their mutual desire, not only because of his own principles, but also because he was afraid it could be dangerous for Bella, much too fragile for him with her still human body.
Once they are at last married, though, she manages to convince him to at least give it a try, while she still is human, so that she does get to have a normal human honeymoon before being changed.
In spite of Edward’s lingering fears everything goes fine also for Bella, but what they didn’t know could happen does happen: Bella becomes pregnant. Their unborn baby, a half-human, half-vampire hybrid, is loved instantly by Bella, but its extraordinarily rapid growth quickly puts her life in danger, to Edward’s total despair, but he respects Bella’s choice to have that baby even if it might kill her. A last minute kind of ‘ceasarean’ delivery allows the baby to be born just in time, but practically killing indeed its mother in the process. It is only at that extreme point, when it is a question of saving Bella’s very life, that Edward finally does what he sees now needs absolutely to be done: he bites her softly, lovingly, introducing deliberately at different places into her human body the vampire poison that will, painfully but effectively, turn it into a vampire body. After the few excruciating days that the process always takes, a slowly transformed Bella, seemingly in deep sleep, comes back fully to life, her eyes suddenly open revealing she is indeed now at last what she wanted so much to be: a vampire.
This is the point in the story that is reached at the end of the film ‘Breaking Dawn” Part 1. But having read the book, I know what the Part 2 now being in preparation will be about, as shown already by today’s 10 seconds teaser-trailer and the previous one: so, be warned! Plenty of SPOILERS AHEAD!!! If you don’t want to know, stop reading now…

It will be about how Bella starts her new existence as a vampire, and the unexpected deadly crisis that will still arise:
She is as perfectly beautiful as those Cullens she had so often secretly admired, and as extraordinarily strong too, but otherwise still pretty much her usual self, she discovers with joy.
Most importantly, she feels perfectly able to control the wild thirst for blood that was supposed to take hold of her as a ‘newborn’ vampire and to make her dangerous to all around her for the first few months of her new life. With astonishment on the part of her new vampire family and with relief on her own part, it is seen that thanks to the deeply calm temperament she has probably carried over from her human to her now vampire nature, she is remarkably not dangerous, and her child can already be given to her without problem.
But that child, called Renesmee (from Renee and Esme, the two grand-mothers’ names), soon attracts a much greater danger: she is mistaken from afar for one of those human children turned sometimes into vampires at such a young age that, their growth process being suddenly stopped forever, they couldn’t control or hide their vampire nature, and couldn’t be taught to do so either – so, being a threat for all the other vampires’ needed ‘invisibility’, they all had to be eliminated immediately when found out.
The adult vampire who has seen Renesmee soon reports her existence to the Volturi as one of those forbidden child-vampires, and Alice in a vision sees the Volturi on their way to kill the child and get rid of the Cullens too if they can. Witnesses are called in haste, from friendly other vampire covens, to testify that Renesmee is simply a hybrid, born that way from her human mother and her vampire father, a rare but known kind of child, who is growing actually even faster than normal, and can very much be taught the proper, responsible behavior that will not endanger the vampires’ hidden existence.
Not having anymore that excuse for attacking the Cullens and forcing them to join their own dreadful troops or die, the devious Volturi would attack without any excuse at all if need be, but they, and all other present, are in for a surprise: Bella, who at first kept wondering why she didn’t seem to have any special power like some other vampires had, has finally discovered her Power, and has trained herself intensively in the few days before that final encounter… 
I will not tell more, so that the wonderful secret of Bella is not revealed to my visitors before they either see the film (coming out this November) or read the fourth volume of ‘Twilight’: ‘Breaking Dawn’.

The Dawn that is finally breaking is that of Bella herself, that main character we have followed from her arrival in Forks, the rainiest spot in all the US, to live with her father so that her re-married mom in the sunny Phoenix, Arizona that Bella liked so much more, could be free to follow her sportsman of a new husband in his many travels here and there. Thinking always first of the happiness of those she loves, not of her own, lovely but shy and dreamy Bella was the extraordinarily sincere, naturally good person that Edward in his more than hundred years of existence had ended up believing didn’t exist, so had stopped looking for… 


Already on November 18th, 2011, I posted a first article about ‘Twilight’ for the release of the first part of ‘Breaking Dawn’ on the big screen; if you are interested in reading more on what is so remarkable about this story, please don’t hesitate: just go to that date on this blog, or write ‘Twilight’ in the search window, and you will get another dose of further enthusiastic comments from me on this unexpectedly great saga!



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