Re-balancing the World with the Divine Feminine

For the women who started the Women Liberation Movement – or whatever equivalent of that movement happened anywhere in the world – the first aim has been almost automatically to gain access to all that men were authorized to do, that women were denied the right to do. It was quite natural that it would start that way, but is that enough?
A few decades later, women have done much progress in those areas that before were bastions of masculinity, and women have proven to a great extent that they can be as intelligent and gifted and efficient as men if not more, and do successfully the same jobs that men do, except perhaps those requiring exceptional physical strength.
But this first victory not only is still far from being won on all fronts, it is also not the real victory that needs to be won, from an evolutive point of view.
The problem with what has been achieved so far is that women have competed for equality with men in the domains where men used to reign alone. But all that has been proven in that way is that women can have the same qualities as men. It is still the masculine qualities that are seen as the top references in our societies.
Where is the true equality between the masculine and the feminine, that would honor and value the feminine qualities truly as much as the masculine ones? 
The Masculine still sees itself as the Superior, Dominant way of being and still holds the Feminine as quite not as important as itself. Significantly, by the way, the Masculine still insists that one of the two must be recognized as more important than the other and dominate the other. This tendency to see things as extreme opposites, one of which only must dominate, is typical precisely of the Masculine, with its very mental outlook on things.
In Truth, this outlook is not correct, of course: there have been other times and other civilizations where women were the dominant gender and oppressed the men in their population, and that was simply the other extreme, not necessarily much better than the one we live in now.
What is really needed is the equality between the two, so that balance and blending between the two enable the two sets of qualities to at last be equally present together in the same individual, whether masculine or feminine, without him or her being mocked or persecuted because he or she is not clearly enough true exclusively to the qualities usually attributed to her or his gender. One has only to look at the difficulties that homosexual people still have to be given the same rights as everybody else,  for one to realize how far we are yet from that  evolutive goal… But at least there is definitely progress in that direction.
It is this badly needed re-balancing and harmonizing of these two energies that the current new step in our evolution is working for primarily among many other things that also need to change, for this is the one change that will make most of the others much easier to bring about.
Until now, women have gained some condescending recognition from men, but at the cost of repudiating  and suppressing the feminine qualities in themselves, and reinforcing unduly the masculine ones – thus reinforcing in fact the present accepted predominance  of the Masculine in most of existing societies.
The Masculine’s basic attitude in Life – competition and fight – is still so deeply enmeshed for the time being in every aspect of our collective lives, be it in the couple, the family or in the larger groups human beings form too, we don’t even notice any longer its excessive presence, so used we have become to it. It seems to be part of the very nature of things, so much so that we don’t realize any more that things could be different than the way they have been for so long.
It becomes visible only from time to time, thanks to unusual circumstances that separate clearly the people who tend to allow only the Masculine qualities in themselves, from those who favor the Feminine qualities.
In the realm of contemporary movies, we have an obvious example: any film that is not mainly ‘action’ is seen nowadays as a ‘chick flick’, a girls’ movie… and considered ipso facto a lesser movie.
Well, the huge numbers of men who still identify only with their masculinity and shun anything seen as girlish, have better start changing quickly: those who chose the feminine qualities are not being intimidated any longer, and they are in equally huge numbers for affirming if need be the equal validity of their own point of view!…
This is exactly what has been happening with the unstoppable success of ‘Twilight’, first as a book saga, and then also as the movies made out of it:
In spite of being categorized from the start by the editor as merely ‘For young adults’, in spite of being then further downgraded by huge numbers of overwhelmingly male critics and other males of all ages as not just a book for teenagers, but, much worse, for teenage girls only,  with its story supposedly ‘a l’eau de rose’, etc, etc, still ‘Twilight” has been resolutely adopted by an equally overwhelming number not just of girls in fact, but generally of women too, from young adult to elderly, all totally enthusiastic about the saga, and giving every time a most resounding success to each new ‘Twilight’ film being released, however badly thrashed by the various male review writers. For the ‘Harry Potter’ books and movies, it was different: the huge audience every time was made up of both boys and girls, plus some men and women; but here it was shown that even alone without the boys and men, the girls and ladies were able to constitute all the numerous audience needed for making a film – worse, several films in a row, in this case – an enormous No 1 at the box-office, for weeks, every time!!!  The Power of the Feminine couldn’t be ignored or denied any more.
I am not saying that I approve of the extravagant ways the ‘girls’ part of this overwhelmingly feminine audience tend to express their enthusiasm even during the film shows, making them practically unwatchable for other people; that behavior of course I find objectionable, and I regret. But at least they know what they really like and value, and they go for it, whatever the more masculine-oriented crowds may say. Their appreciation of ‘Twilight’ reveals the deep relief they feel of getting at last a story where true love, yes, real true love, blossoms and persists and wins in spite of all the deadly difficulties originating precisely from a world ruled by the Masculine, among human beings just as among vampires.

The Cullens as portrayed in New Moon: (from le...

The Cullens as portrayed in New Moon: (from left) Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme), Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Ashley Greene (Alice), and Jackson Rathbone (Jasper). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the story itself, Carlisle Cullen (see my two previous posts) shows by his own living example how to balance and blend the masculine and the feminine qualities within oneself, and under his influence other vampires learn to do the same. In the same way, it is the true love Edward feels for Bella that enables him to stop trying to make decisions for her and to respect, however painful it is for him, her choice of becoming a vampire too, and of bearing until term their hybrid baby, although its very fast growth may kill her.
Similarly, it is only the compassionate, loving behavior developed thanks to Carlisle among the Cullens, that gains them strong and faithful allies for the final face off with the three dreadful Volturi –

The Volturi, from left to right: Alec, Marcus,...

The Volturi, from left to right: Alec, Marcus, Aro, Caius, and Jane, from The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

all male of course, perfect symbols in themselves of all the cruelty and mercilessness that their absolute power among all vampires has till then been based upon.
In their group of Executioners, the only female vampire, Jane, has lost all true femininity in her assuming – and thoroughly enjoying – the most cruel role: that of the Giver of Pain. She also enjoys being thanks to that terrible gift she has, the most important and most feared of the Executioners, especially whenever they are sent around on a mission by the Volturi: she then is the chief, the one who takes the decisions, as  in ‘Eclipse’ (third book/film) one fellow Executioner learns at his own expense when he dares suggest to consult the Volturi themselves for a decision that needs to be taken.
Jane, as well as her twin brother also in that group, still has the cute and sweet-looking face almost of a child, and a smile plays on her lips, that could fool you into believing she is an innocuous, somewhat mild vampire; but her eyes of steel and the pain she suddenly inflicts upon you by her mind-power quickly tell you how badly mistaken you were: her smile was only in sadistic anticipation of your pain.
That the utterly fragile Bella, a mere Human, in her genuine and intense sweetness of being, is revealed to be totally immune to Jane’s dreadful power just as she is to Aro’s (the chief Volturi) own mind-reading power (and also Edward’s for that matter), is a great moment in ‘New Moon’, the second book/film: Jane’s growing incredulity, then fury and humiliation, are just priceless, obvious under the impassible face she tries to keep, when for the first time in her life she has no effect whatsoever on her targeted victim, and Aro, Aro himself, her idol, laughs gleefully with actual admiration for Bella’s effortless defeating of both himself and Jane…!
Of course one has to remember that all of those so significant ‘details’ in the story are there only because the author, Stephenie Meyer, has kept throughout her consistent choice of having things play out that way. I, for one, cannot thank her enough for having made all along such astonishingly positive choices for her story. The ending too will be the true Happy End that has become so rare nowadays in novels. I say no more now, not to ruin my visitors’ full enjoyment of the next and final movie, the second part of ‘Breaking Dawn’, this coming November…
But you can expect some last installment(s) from my part too here, when that last film is out and I am free to comment to my heart’s content about it and the full Victory of the Feminine, nicely balanced as it should be with the Masculine!…


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nina
    Jun 25, 2012 @ 15:33:30

    I think the first part is brilliant

    equality will be measured by female qualities and characteristics being as valued as male ones.

    it will require a major cultural shift away from the warrior./corporate raider/captain of industry mentality of “came, saw, conquered and hoarded everything I could squirrel away in my cheeks”

    that me instead of you or worse, me at the expense of you

    and it means a shift for women too – to put an end to the myths that hold us back – that there are girls you marry and girls you have fun this – as this only benefits men and keeps women at odds with each other.

    ignoring our differences as just being part of the normal spectrum of human diversity and working with a focus on our common goals and needs

    raise everyone up more than where they are, but especially raise those who have fallen to the lowest social levels or down through the widening cracks in the system



    • Bhaga
      Jun 26, 2012 @ 04:03:32

      Thank you for the ‘brilliance’ comment!
      Your further comments show that you got exactly indeed the points I was trying to make, so thank you for that too.
      As for the second part, sorry, it does have to be less abstract, as it serves as the indispensable example which will translate the theory into situations in life illustrating both the excessive, nearly exclusive Masculine we are still living in, and the new direction shown so beautifully in “Twilight’. Sorry to be using that example again and again, there are not yet so many examples of that urgently needed new direction in human thought, I am really overjoyed that this one example exists at all, I cannot but use it every time, and it does deserve it. I’m overjoyed also that so many other human beings, mostly of the feminie gender, but not only so, are still able to feel also the importance of this story, of this shift in consciousness that this whole story represents and brings to life for us all to see and envision as our own human future.



  2. Nina
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 05:50:10

    it’s your blog, you get to use the examples that speak to you.

    I have enjoyed your blog for well over a year, and that is a lot longer than I have followed any other blog, so brilliant is a fair description.

    i was thrilled when you incorporated Star Trek after you commented on my borg post last year.



    • Bhaga
      Jun 26, 2012 @ 16:05:23

      Sure, you’re right, it’s my blog, but still I use it as a means not only of expression, but also of communication with others, so it’s better if I use examples that speak to them too, not just to me…!
      Funny that you mention Star Trek: I was just thinking of it yesterday and feeling it was time I put up another post about it! One idea of a topic popped up right this second in my head, I rejoice in advance about righting about that!!! Good, good… 😀



  3. Nina
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 16:46:24


    my role is complete.

    i am the validator!



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