An Early ‘NDE’ from ‘Life’ Magazine, in ‘Mother’s Agenda’

In the extensive research I have done over the years in that so invaluable 13 volume document called ‘Mother’s Agenda’, which, the Mother explains, means her ‘Diary’ (in French the word ‘agenda’ has often this meaning), I was very glad to find the telling of an authentic ‘NDE’ (Near Death Experience) long before that name was coined during the Seventies by the researchers who studied that newly discovered phenomenon.

Of course NDEs have always taken place in some human beings here and there, and a few reports of such occurrences exist since long past Antiquity, but no one had really put together those known occurrences and recognized them as the same basic phenomenon. In the same way, at the time (July 22, 1967) when the Mother came to know about the story she mentions in the text down below, there was in the world no background yet of research into that whole topic, as would become available in the following decade. Nevertheless, the Mother immediately felt the evolutive importance of what was reported, and said so openly.

I was especially glad that she reached at once such a conclusion, as by the time I read that text in the 1967 volume of the ‘Agenda’, I had myself turned into an avid NDE researcher too, as I felt certain this kind of experience was becoming one of the main means used by the Evolutive Force to open up people spiritually in greater numbers than had been possible until then through the normally slow processes of spiritual development. But few were the other researchers, unaware as they generally were of any new step in terrestrial evolution, to reach such daring conclusions as mine, that it was all part of the new ‘strategy’ of the Evolutive Force to awaken spiritually a maximum of human beings in a minimum of time so as to make them ready for the great changes about to happen. When I discovered these comments by the Mother about that lone instance she was informed about at that early time, anticipating unwittingly the field of intensive research it did become later, I took those comments joyfully as a great confirmation that my own conclusions had indeed been right… Rewarding moment for a researcher!…

Here is what Mother had to say:

‘In a magazine (I think it’s Life, an American magazine), they published the story of a man (who is in fact one of the editors or administrators of the magazine), a man who was given an injection of penicillin but was allergic to penicillin. And lo and behold, all his cells begin to dissolve, while he, entirely conscious and as if concentrated in his brain, watches the dissolution. When it reached up to the heart, the doctors declared him dead…. The impression it had on him was that the cells had a kind of expanding movement, then burst and dissolved one after another: feet, legs, abdomen, everything. And when it reached the heart, the doctor said, “He’s dead.”  But he had taken refuge in his brain and thought, “I must hold out; if I can hold out here, concentrate and resist here, all will be well.” And that’s what he did. Then he felt all at once a power, he says, something so luminous, so beautiful, so gentle, so… so much more full of love than anything else in the


brains! (Photo credit: cloois)

world, such a marvelous sensation… that he let himself melt into it, and after some time, order returned everywhere and he came back to life! He describes that. He describes it (with sentences: it’s in a magazine, so he makes sentences), but his experience is really interesting. You see, because of that will to concentrate in what he conceived to be the essential part of his being, the center of his life, he suddenly found himself in the presence of that “power”…. He said he tried to recapture it afterwards, but “I forget what it was, I no longer remember, except for that sensation, more marvelous than anything one can conceive.”2

I found that interesting.

And that brought him back to life.


I took it as one of the signs that the Force is really at work. Because I don’t think that man had done any yoga, he knew nothing about those things; he is just a gentleman-who’s-had-an-injection-of-penicillin which he can’t tolerate (those accidents happen often enough), nothing else. There was just this idea that the brain is the conscious part of the being, and if he concentrated there… His idea was, “I want to know what’s happening, I want to be conscious of what’s happening, I want to see what’s happening.” So that’s what pulled the Force. A simple thing.

It seems to me there is a progress in human consciousness – that’s my impression.

An awakening.’


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  1. Nina
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 21:02:06

    it’s interesting.

    My paternal grandmother died during the birth of her last child.

    She survived and described a fairly typical example, years before the imagery were popularized by the media reports of these experience of being in a garden and seeing/taking to people she knew to be dead who wanted her to go with them.

    She said no that she was still needed and lived another 20 years, passing away in 1980 at 63.



  2. Bhaga
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 02:17:52

    How interesting indeed!
    Did you hear yourself your grandmother tell her story? Or is it from hearsay, from other relatives who told you so? Did she by any chance write it down somewhere in more detail? Was she an atheist like you, or practicing a certain religion?



  3. Nina
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 07:44:47

    I have the sense that she did tell me, but I was 12 when she passed away, so while I did spend time with her, she might not have.

    I beleive my grandmother had Lutheran leanings, but most of the people on this side of my family are not religious or believers particularly, and those who are, generally keep it to themselves, although, family funerals have been at the Lutheran church.

    one of my Aunts is the primary source of the family history information, and she has an amazing memory so the stories she tells are consistent down the decades.

    I grew up on tales of family ghosts, who were identified as my grandmother’s parents and one set of her grandparents. I have seen photos of these 4 people and been told that as a baby, I seemed to interact with the ghosts.

    there are many family stories about the ghosts not only being felt, but interacting to the point of drawing attention to seriously ill children – my aunt was awakened and followed a ghost into her daughter’s room and my cousin was very seriously ill and in need of medical attention, which might not have occurred if not for the experience….

    but I have no stories of my own about the ghosts



    • Bhaga
      Jun 30, 2012 @ 04:58:50

      So often while still small we are still able to see and generally perceive more of the full Reality, and then when growing up those more open senses close down to what is usually accepted in our family or society… and then also by our own developing mind which accepts those stupid limitations. What a pity! At least in your family people seem to have been quite open and receptive themselves, and so have been able to get the warning lovingly given by the ‘deceased’ parents – deceased indeed, but that means only that for a while they don’t have a physical body any more, that’s all!… Otherwise they are as alive as you and me, or often more, although not always staying in this dimension… except when for some reason important to them they come back briefly, like happened for warning about the child needing help. Those benevolent ‘ghosts’ of relatives and friends might be there around us in many more circumstances than we are aware of, but if they really want to attract our attention and if our own mind isn’t totally closed to that possibility, some interaction is still possible indeed, energized precisely by the mutual love that is still very much there.



  4. Nina
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 07:47:27

    I did have a personal experience many years ago of being suddenly projected out of my body and when I returned – it was a matter of a moment or fractions of a second, I had a sense of contact with entities

    that death not being the end of the human journey…



    • Bhaga
      Jun 30, 2012 @ 05:54:33

      Often we do go out of our body, but just like with dreams, when we come back inside our body we don’t remember because our ordinary mind shuts off memories from another dimension that do not make sense to it…! Good that at least that time you remained aware of having been out, and even remembered having seen/met some beings in that other dimension.



  5. mbwilliams
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 18:04:27

    Interesting – there are lots of stories I have heard about people who have remained conscious and aware of what was going on around them, even though they were in a vegetative state. Later they often suprise relatives or doctors, who observing them were certain they were unconscious. Although these experiences are very difficult to prove, I am convinced a kind of consciousness can exist even in these states. It makes me wonder if there is more than one centre of awareness.



    • Bhaga
      Jun 30, 2012 @ 06:46:40

      The problem comes only from the assumption by our present biased, materialistic science, that our consciousness exists only thanks to the activity of our brain. The real fact is the contrary: our consciousness (yes, I mean our BEING) exists primarily without a physical body, and puts on a physical human body only when we want to experience a physical lifetime as a human being, the human body being the best physical body available in the present terrestrial conditions.
      It’s like putting on a diving suit to stay for a while underwater, or something like that. Or what the astronauts put on to out into space for a while and be able to function to some extent there. For example, we can still communicate with the others, but not directly, and through complicated means as compared to the simple telepathy which is the normal, universal mode of communication when we are without a physical body or temporarily outside of the one we have taken on for a lifetime on Earth.
      So not ony there is still indeed ‘some kind of consciousness’ in people who are outwardly in a coma, but there is a good chance that their consciousness might be having a good time in its original dimension, enjoying a nice break from being encased in a tiny human brain as it has been most of the time since having taken on their present body. But if they come back to their body and tell stories of what they saw and did outside of it, the ignorant other human beings think they are crazy, so it is not easy…!
      There would be no such complications or questions, if only when we are here in human bodies, we were not so ignorant of who we really are and why we came here etc, etc.
      Always remember: Consciousness, Spirit, is the primary Reality of everything that is; the physical form is merely an external addition to that, in order for this primary Beingness to function outwardly in a given specific physical environment, that’s all.



  6. Nina
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 19:10:09

    the claims are extremely dubious unless the person comes out of the vegetative state.

    I am very concerned about this industry that has popped up whereby a person claims to be able to communicate for a vegetative or extreme autistic/mentally challenged adult or child



    • Bhaga
      Jul 02, 2012 @ 06:26:18

      Thank you for your comment and the link it contained to your very good post on that topic. I haven’t done much research on this precise new kind of situations, so I wouldn’t be able to give a valid opinion.You are probably quite right that in many cases the so-called communication comes mostly from the communicator, not really from the ailing mind that is supposed to express itself through her or him. But even if there is only a small proportion of real, authentic expression achieved in this way, isn’t it at least worth the try, and perhaps the repeated trials and the gradual progress that will be accomplished thanks to the many first mostly unsuccessful attempts?
      One thing you say in your post, which seems to me anyway too categorical: that telepathy doesn’t exist. It is not because it can be faked, and often is, that the real, genuine item doesn’t exist.



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