Repos Beach Erosion Rant… and Prayer

I want Life to be beautiful
Not just my life, but all of Life…
I know it is coming, coming,
More and more and more and more,
But in the meantime
The place where I live
And that I love,
Repos, has its feet in the water,
Waves silently glide
Further and further in
Under a building’s foundations
That we need so badly
For a better purpose
Than being washed away.
I want Life to be wonderful,
And it will be, I know, I know,
But what about just right now?…
Oh, no more hurricanes, please,
No more earthquakes,
No sea rising either, ever!
And, especially not wanted here,
No more man-made beach erosion!!!
Why do people build stupid ports
That block the sand that should come down
And keep our beaches here full grown?
Why do politics always win,
And money too, and corruption?
Enough is enough:
We are now in 2012,
In July, half-way through the year,
It is high time that our Time changed
From linear to Eternal
And that we got some holiday,
We the Humans down here on Earth,
Relaxing into some well-earned Rest…
Repos means Rest, and I want it
For myself and for this land too,
Now so bleak and desolate
Still six months after that cyclone.
I want rain, and I want flowers,
I want sweet water in our wells,
I want chairs around our tables
And people sitting in those chairs
Enjoying again some fruit juice
And some nice, healthy food as well,
And enjoying the ocean’s sound,
But not so close, oh, not so close!
A beach must regrow, that mellows
And puts a little far away
The contact with the surf’s hollows
So exciting for the surfers
But not so for the poor swimmers…
When I came down again this time
Volunteering for this period,
I knew it would be difficult,
But not so long, oh not so long!
I am getting so damned tired
Of these endless difficulties…
I thought it would come earlier
That we win some of our powers back,
That we get massive help from Space,
That the Earth changes would be less…
But this slow struggle lingers on
Stretching like in Eternity
And all my efforts seem in vain,
Although I do feel I’m growing,
All that growth within seem in vain,
Ineffectual, incapable
Of changing the course of events
And protecting all that I love.
I am not asking for so much:
Just that this place be protected
And be given back a safe life
For living up to its true name
In the adequate surroundings…
‘Repos” was named thus as a beach
Overlooking the ocean
But the ocean was not a threat,
Or else it could be influenced
So as not to remain a threat.
Why do I have now to watch
Our fence again being destroyed
All along the shore by the waves –
Our fence that the cyclone tore first
And took so long then to rebuild! –
Again being all washed away
While we stand helplessly watching?
Yes, you are right, I am bitter
And in my bad mood I complain:
Why is our so great Oneness,
Our oneness as All There Is,
Going like this against the script
I lovingly wrote for this spot?
Why for one full month have those waves
Dug that deep into our long shore
Day after day so furiously?
So now it’s coming out here
As this rant on beach erosion
And absurd random destruction
Of part of Auroville’s body…!
This is my blog, faithful mirror
Of whatever goes on in me,
So this too had I must write indeed
And express it for what it is,
Although not very ‘yogic’, I agree!!!
I’m not trying to look perfect
When I am not, and when inside
I have these conflicting wishes:
To go with the Whole, no problem,
Or to stand my ground, so to say,
And insist that my little Dream
Can also exist, well hidden
Quite discretely in its corner
Just for my joy, and that of those
Who also always loved this place.
Why shouldn’t it be possible
To have our tiny paradise
Restfully giving us its Rest
While the Whirlwind and the Drama
Go on for as long as needed
In all other aspects of Life?
There must remain, when all is hard,
A little softness there somewhere,
Not just inwardly, but outside
In our poor daily lives as well,
So this is my joyful request
To All That Is, our Oneness:
Just keep this little place safe,
Make it a haven of safety
For us to rest when we grow tired…
Here is my vision of this place;
Will it come true?
Who will help me to make it true?
If this vision, when you read it,
Touches you too, perhaps inspires you,
Join your inner prayer to mine,
Your mind-energy, will-power,
To make it come true, together.
If some day you come to this place,
You will be most welcome to stay
And to – you too – enjoy this Rest!…



“In a haven of safety and splendid soft-repose,
One could drink life back in streams of honey-fire,
Recover the lost habit of happiness…”
(Sri Aurobindo, ‘Savitri’, p.15)

Repos is starting a new phase of its life, a new birth for a future based on the respect of its true identity as indicated by the very name that the Mother, founder of Auroville, gave to this specific spot on the Coast of Coromandel: she named it “Repos”, which means “Rest” in French.

So, “Repos” is the perfect place for all those, whether Aurovilians or visitors staying in Auroville as Guests, if they want to learn what true rest is: to discover how exactly true rest feels, what brings it to our body and entire being, and how to experience it at will in our life elsewhere as well. It is one of the most essential conditions for our well-being, psychological balance and overall health.

In “Repos” it is first of all the natural surroundings that will help our body to relax and reconnect with the deep, tranquil rhythms of nature and the universe around us. The vast expanses of ocean and sky, the combined sight of them, the sound of the waves, all have in themselves a calming effect on body and mind, resulting in a widened and serene consciousness.

Hammocks, easy chairs and even huts for those who wish to stay provide the comfort needed, but in the spirit of a simple life-style, away from the empty luxury of the usual ‘beach-resorts’, away from the false need of drugs, alcohol or other addictions.

Healthy, nice-tasting food and refreshments are of course there too, but only as an additional treat, always leaving the main focus on the central gift the place has to offer: the restful effect of being at the seaside, under the soft swaying of the coconut palms in the breeze.

For those interested in exploring the still deeper ranges of possible states of rest, Biofeedback sessions and Courses in Cellular Consciousness are available at the special wing  of the ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ Research Center located in Repos.

An area within the compound is provided for decent and discrete sunbathing; parents of small children can have rest too, thanks to the Baby-sitting Service and the Playing Area, with a Sea-water pool where kids can also be taught to swim; adults too can take a safe dip there if the ocean is rough. On days when it’s calm, Dolphin Watch can be organized with the local fishermen. A tennis court and volley-ball court provide some extra opportunity for mild sport activitry, which induces better rest later. Beautiful books, music and films are available in the cozy collective spaces on the compound.

At night, after a good but light dinner, moon and stars replace the sun to shine upon the shimmering ocean; a last stroll on the shore readies everyone for an early and restful sleep…

The huts can be booked all around the year by individuals or groups wishing to benefit from what the place has to give – as long as they themselves are ready to respect that special atmosphere and role of “Repos” within Auroville.

(The above text is a first draft by me – Bhaga – of the new vision of Repos that all our energies could join to realize)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Raiyan Kamal
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 16:26:45

    Really sorry to know about the beach erosion. The new vision for repos sound amazing. Hope you will have all of it realized soon, if not already.

    Are you losing a lot of foundation soil/sand from your buildings fast ? You might like to try putting some sand bags or better some rocks around your perimeter to secure the sand/soil. And start planting trees for more permanent future plans.



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