The Needed Inner Balance

After publishing my just previous post, ‘C.L.E.A.N.I.N.G.’, I could nearly hear the particularly loud thoughts of many of the visitors to this blog, some commiserating with genuine sympathy and understanding born of similar personal experience, and some others on the contrary getting almost irritated with me for being so hopelessly inclined to keeping things, when for them it is so easy and simple: they just throw things away.
Yes, for this like for so many other human traits, you find basically two categories of people: the ones who keep everything, and the ones who throw away everything.
Each type of behavior can claim some good results in life for establishing its usefulness and validity, but the truth is, both are too extreme, and simply opposite addictions, one to compulsive keeping, the other to compulsive throwing away, that’s the only difference. Neither actually is better than the other.
What is really needed in both cases is for each individual, whichever compulsion s/he happens to be affected with, to gradually learn to sometimes do the opposite thing, however hard or downright painful it might be do to that the first times…! Gradually they will become able to do it more often, and with less effort, and a glorious day will come when they will feel free to keep or throw away anything, depending only on real good reasons, not any longer on any blind inner compulsion.
That’s also part of the process of Conscious Evolution, so that’s what I am working upon too, of course… I confess I find myself sometimes retrieving straight away from the dustbin what I had just managed to force myself to throw in it, but that’s the normal hilarious kind of behavior that happens while you are trying to change but are not yet very good at it!…
Happy are those who are already naturally balanced…


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  1. Nina
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 08:13:33

    I tend to go through cycles of collecting, then purging
    but sometimes I get stuck in my own inertia and just hang on and resist change

    so purging seems to break the stalemate and allows for evaluation of the needfulness or purpose of everything

    I like to fall back to basics now and then



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