To ‘Recover the Lost Habit of Happiness’…

My friends on Facebook know it already, although you don’t know about it yet here, because of my technical incapacity to bring such links here too, and not just on my Facebook space: a few days ago a momentous minuscule event happened in my life, which I was waiting for since about thirty years.
Here goes:
A short piece of music by Vangelis that I had heard long ago at a friend’s place in another part of Auroville, and which had had a most wonderful effect on me, had remained since then a mystery and a loss, as I didn’t know the title of that song – it was a song -, nor even the title of the album it was from, and my friend, with all the many CDs of Vangelis music he possessed, had never been able to guess what that specific piece was, from the little I remembered of it later: the melody, and the words on which every verse ended, very striking to me, as they were ‘I’m happy, that is all I know…’ 
A few days ago while searching Vangelis on Google because of his Oscar-winning opening score for ‘Chariots of Fire’ (see my posts about that great film), celebrated again right now and played many times during these present Olympic Games happening in UK itself, it suddenly occurred to me to google precisely those words I remembered from that mysterious other piece, together with the name of Vangelis.
And the miracle happened. There it was on the screen, the title of my beloved song I had been looking for since so long: ‘My Face in the Rain‘, from the album called ‘Earth’, 1973.
My heart full of an almost sacred expectation, I listened to it again after all those years, and again it had on me the same so wonderful effect: the simple, true happiness it sang of flowed into my being again, calmly but irresistibly, from within.

Vangelis – My face in the rain lyrics</a>
If by the time I post this there is still no link in it allowing you to listen to that song directly yourself, please do find your own way to it, so that the rest of this post brings its intended benefits to you too, with my comments on it down below:
Being a researcher, in the intervening years I have learnt to observe exactly the whys and the hows of what is happening within me, so this time around I almost immediately noticed what was producing that effect on me; it was two fold:

1/ the lyrics and their very meaning:

    My face in the rain
I walk all alone
It’s Sunday, time is slow
I’m happy, that is all I know

2/ the rhythm of the melody, the way the song is sung, literally breathing these words out, actually as if they were written like this:

    My face…
In the rain…
I walk…
All alone…
It’s Sunday…
Time is slow…
I’m happy…
That is all I know…

Just try it yourself, simply breathing in, before breathing out each little line and letting it fade away into silence; then again breathing in, and breathing out the next little line…
What’s really happening is that you are slowing down your breath ever so naturally, and focusing in that way on your physical being, ever so naturally again, totally effortlessly. Automatically, you are relaxing, and your consciousness is settling back from your head and hectic mind to your body and its soon quieting physicality.

Now back to the words:
You will notice that what the words say describe precisely this very inner state when we go away from mental activity and somehow reconnect with our physicalness, generally by a renewed contact with our physical environment:
‘My face in the rain (or ‘to the sun’, as in the next verse, otherwise identical)… describes that contact deliberately looked for;
‘I walk…’, which is not ‘I run’ with its eagerness and excitement;
‘All alone’ doesn’t mean loneliness but the opportunity to turn inward and be more deeply oneself, in silence instead of the constant chatter and superficiality that company usually makes inevitable.
‘It’s Sunday’ brings in the ‘vacation’ feeling of having no duty, no work to do, and so, of having all the time you want… expressed next, so utterly well, by ‘Time is slow…’
… And the perfect result of that blissful absent-mindedness but full presence to the moment, that needs no justification, no reason for just being:
Happiness, all round and peaceful, both self-contained and feeling at one with everything else in the universe…
‘I’m happy, that is all I know…’

There you have it all, the inner contents, so to say, of simple happiness, and of the magic it works on our being.

I have tried above to bring your attention to the few necessary ‘ingredients’ that make the ‘recipe’ for what could be called, yes, daringly, ‘Instant Happiness’, for indeed such a recipe is there, only we don’t know it.
That simple song is providing it all to us.

Now why am I giving so much importance to happiness?…
Because it is our natural, divine way of being.
So much so, that it is what keeps our body in a state of health as well (see my post ‘Gesundheit’).
This is why Sri Aurobindo had that lovely line about happiness, as the ‘lost habit’ that we must ‘recover’, for happiness must become again our natural, spontaneous, constant state of being .
Remember ‘Mother’s Five Points Program’ (see my post), this short message by Mother indicating the five inner states that constitute the ideal inner attitude for doing this  ‘Integral Yoga’, this process of all rounded Conscious Evolution of all the parts of our being? Happiness is part of it of course. And how to be happy in the present condition of the world and of humanity, one might ask: by remembering always that it’s going to change, and better yet, it IS changing! Our personal, individual happiness is actually one of the things that help everything else to change faster, so let’s get on with it!!!
My own way of training myself to ‘recover the lost habit of happiness’, is to use songs such as the lovely one from Vangelis, and other similarly helpful songs, in whatever language happens to touch and move me, but with that particular rhythm that fits with one’s breathing and brings our whole being to this wonderful feeling that

‘It’s Sunday, Time is slow, I’m happy, that is all I know…’


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nina
    Aug 11, 2012 @ 17:22:49


    I found the song here:



    • Bhaga
      Aug 12, 2012 @ 11:07:06

      Yes, Nina, thank you for adding that other possible link for listening to the song. I did listen to that one,but was a bit disappointed: I found that the sound wasn’t as good as on the video I selected finally after looking at several of them that also offered images to look at while listening (why make a video of it at all if it is to show only that one shot of Vangelis’ face, not even so well chosen, and not especially inspiring).
      The link I gave was it seemed to me the best not only for the sound quality, but also for the relevance of the images to the actual lyrics and rhythm of the song. Down on the right corner that video is there in what is called a ‘Lyrics scroller’, I don’t know if you noticed it, it comes up only after a little moment, while the text of the lyrics shows up immediately on the top of the page.
      I like also particularly that video because it includes the piece of Vangelis music that precedes the song, in what I find a beautiful contrast, lost when you listen to the song alone in isolation from that piece, ‘The City, that it is part of: it starts with the slightly noisy, discordant sounds of big cities, on a rhythm slightly too hectic as well, and then after a few moments all quiets down, and following a touch of silence, the song itself starts, with that male but almost feminine voice, so pure, soaring towards the sky so beautifully…
      I’m glad you too like that song and find it wonderful.



  2. Nina
    Aug 12, 2012 @ 18:37:06

    your link in the article goes to the lyrics, there’s no video ….



    • Bhaga
      Aug 17, 2012 @ 10:41:08

      Now only (Friday morning, August 17th) I have again internet and was just able to check again… I got everything as usual. There is a technical mystery here; but do try my link again from time to time: for me it has been working almost every time, but once I indeed, like you, only got the lyrics on the left side, and the right side remained blank instead of filling up quickly first with an ad for Chrome, and then under that a small screen called “Lyrics scroller”, showing the title: ‘The City – My Face in the Rain’ above a picture of a green cyclone-like something (perhaps the inside of a twisted leaf???), and then the music starts playing while the video unfolds, the lyrics scrolling up constantly below…
      I do hope you too will get that on your screen some day when clicking on that link! Good that you have at least that other one in the meantime…



  3. mbwilliams
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 19:29:18

    I have spent a great deal of time pondering the question of happiness, and trying in my own way to practise it. What is most interesting to me about this post is that you refer to music. Isn’t it interesting that music has the power to undercut our intellect and go in ‘deeper’, straight for our heart? I think any schedule for happiness has to take music, and in fact art, as an integral part of the process of building happiness.



    • Bhaga
      Aug 17, 2012 @ 09:58:43

      Thank you for taking the time to comment!
      What you say is quite true; I will just add that the contrary is true too, and importantly so: isn’t it when you are happy that a song wells out from your being and expresses that happiness in the form of music, sometimes a song invented by someone else, but sometimes a song improvised on your own, just like that… This specific piece of music, by the way, is for me perfect because pecisely it has all the simplicity (melody as well as lyrics) and spontaneity of a song improvised by someone who happens to be happy, and just breaks into a serene song, like a bird would, sitting on a branch…



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