Let’s Do It Again!… Please Help Protect Repos Against Further Sea Erosion!

A Guest-Hut and the Cafe in the central area

Hello, all of you reading this…
Perhaps you are among those who participated already in the collective effort in inner help for protecting Repos, the little place on the beach where I live in Auroville, from the assaults of the waves that were eroding that area of the coast with unprecedented violence in June this year.

On July 5th, after a few huts had gone down to the sea, when our biggest house here became the first really serious casualty I sent a call out for inner help from all to pacify the ocean and stop this rather dangerously increasing erosion.
From the very next morning, and until a few days ago, that is, for about a month and a half, the ocean has behaved very nicely, retreating away from the shore and leaving some beach space clear for people to walk and lie on.
But since two or three days the water has been coming closer again, again touching sometimes the base of our most endangered buildings, although not violently.
It so happens that I was myself not well during these last days, feeling exhausted and somewhat sick from overwork, so certainly my own inner attitude towards this erosion danger has been less peaceful and less strong than it had been previously.
Whether as a result or not, I couldn’t say, but this morning, for the first time since July 6th, the sand a few meters only from my own house was wet, on the small cliff of sand left by the violent waves of June. I asked inwardly if I should call again for help, and the answer was ‘yes’.

So here I am, renewing my call to you all: wherever you are, in whichever inner way comes most naturally to you, please help protect this place and the whole area around it from further erosion damage!

Let’s renew together this exercise in faith and affirmation of the usually untapped thought-power we human beings all have at our disposal, individually but also collectively, and must learn to use more and more as we keep evolving towards our true, divine nature…

The entire Earth is now a vast ‘Laboratory of Evolution’, we are all part of that huge process, let’s use our blogs also for training ourselves in this kind of collective Inner Action, that’s also what Internet can be for!


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  1. Kapil
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 12:21:31

    Dear Bhaga,

    It was a great relief to all of us as the prayers were being heard and i personally was there to witness it. Its little sad to hear the currents are getting stronger again which implicates danger to the existence of our beloved beach. Hence i stand with you and all, to pray to the Almighty to help us save Repos and the beach. May the prayers be heard and Lord bestow joy and love upon his children.




    • Bhaga
      Aug 21, 2012 @ 15:45:06

      Thank you, dear Kapil, for your support!
      The thing is, we are not yet out of the period in the year when it is the erosion that tends to happen. Then comes the period when on the contrary there will be, if all goes normally, some rebuilding of the beach… but it is very important that in the first period the erosion shouldn’t cause damage also to the buildings inside Repos itself, for they, alas, will not get rebuilt just naturally together with the beach!!! And the beach itself doesn’t rebuild itself fully either, so year after year there is less of it to start with…



  2. Nina
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 15:37:54

    does your recovery/resumption plan include adding some break waters for an artificial harbour?

    that would be a way to slow beach erosion – but that’s dependent on the shoreline configuration – how many natural barriers you can incorporate

    doesn’t help with water level, but it will break up the waves more



    • Bhaga
      Aug 21, 2012 @ 16:15:07

      Those long term outer protections cannot be built but by the Indian Government. There is indeed a plan to put them, and the money for that seems to have been allocated already, so something will be done at some point, let’s hope soon.
      It is not the water level which is the problem, but a port built some years back along the coast, that has disturbed greatly the natural rhythms of currents and tides, hence this now excessive erosion time, followed by an insufficient rebuilding time: most of the sand that should naturally come this side to replenish the beaches here is instead accummulating like a mountain behind the port… A totally man-made catastrophe, until now allowed to continue by not correcting its cause. Everywhere in the world there is like that an increasing coastal erosion, also because of the creation of ports, although it is mostly the rising sea level (global warming etc) that is officially blamed.



  3. Nina
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 16:54:52

    Ahhhh I see – so actually – you need to see if the port can be made legally to pay for at least part of the repair bill for your area, since there’s a connection between their environmental impact on the local region.

    I am not familiar enough with India’s laws, but I do know that in Canada, that port would be partly responsible for the repairs –

    the lack/uneven scientific and equitable environmental protection laws and will to enforce them is really a global problem



    • Bhaga
      Aug 21, 2012 @ 17:20:12

      India is protecting the legal rights of Auroville through the ‘Auroville Foundation’ it has created especially for this purpose, but in this specific case the lands and buildings in question might not be considered worth saving – and such matters might not be to be discussed on a blog either, as we Aurovilians are granted a special status, but are usually not asking for Indian citizenship (except of course those of us who are Indian nationals), as this is not the purpose of Auroville.



  4. Nina
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 16:56:46

    business has to bear the cost of doing business – not cause damage and let others pay for it or suffer the losses and consequences……

    yes….. we need to raise the aggregate vibrational frequency of the planet

    work and play well with others and not just other humans…



    • Bhaga
      Aug 21, 2012 @ 17:28:16

      I would say you are quite right, it should be that way, and hopefully it will become more and more that way if all sincere people in each country insist on it – and in the meantime Auroville is meant to be a first example of a society where people do things the correct way even though there is no police and no prison as threats for those who wouldn’t by themselves follow the correct way…



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