Another Major Good Surprise for Repos

I know, I’m not writing much on this blog these days… Not that I don’t want to.
When so much is going on, both within and without, that one must absolutely attend to, one tends to shut up, kind of automatically, in order to somehow keep one’s focus on that, which is the present somewhat life and death priority.

Within, what is happening is easy to guess: the inner turmoil still there in my being underneath the peace of mind. At some levels the still lurking subconscious anxiety, or impatience, or anger, sometimes surfaces, taking its toll on the peace of mind…!
Without, a lot is happening too, which I finally feel able to tell you about, now that I’m reassured it’s not a daydreamed imagination I’m going to wake up from at any moment.
For it is like a dream come true: how many times I have felt terribly alone here at the human level, with no team around me for doing all the many tasks that must be done all the time in order to keep a place like Repos in good running condition. As incredible as it is, lo and behold, a full team of other Aurovilians, each one with his or her specific skills, is suddenly at the disposal of Repos whenever needed!!!
“How is that possible?!?”, I hear all of you wondering in your minds…
Well, a few weeks back I had put a little announcement in our internal newsletter saying that the ‘Early Breakfasts’ were being resumed at Repos Kitchen. Two persons came one morning from another Auroville community which has been started and developed quite beautifully over the last few years. Before leaving, they invited me for lunch in that new place the following Monday, adding that we needed to speak together.
Not being well, I had to skip the following Monday and was able to go only on the next one.
I love going to that place whenever I have an excuse to do so, for everything is so neatly organized, so pleasantly clean and nicely taken care of, I sigh with envy, wishing things would be like this in Repos too.
On that Monday I was in for a shock: I was taken at once to the office, and shown the new model of a hut in bamboo, simple and functional, yet very elegant, a few of which, I was told, could soon be built in Repos as additional guest-huts people would love to use, ensuring the needed higher income for our place.
And I was told also that, as now the new place I was visiting didn’t need so often the help of the team constituted for its quick development, the various members of that team could dedicate some time and energy to Repos as well, as and when required.
This was the office of their coordinator, who had been very moved by his visit to Repos and had felt they should help. Together with the other person who had come – the main person in charge of the new place – and all those others who were part of that team, they had decided to help in that way, and do their best to repeat in favor of Repos the same miracle they had accomplished together when developing that new place.
The coordinator, though, fully aware of the special difficulties to be faced in the case of Repos, jokingly presented to everyone this new  challenge, by giving it the nickname “Repos: Mission Impossible”… !!!
I nearly fainted while listening to all these fantastic good news; but the excessive emotion was soon brought down to a safe level by the very nice lunch I was taken to in the welcoming dining-room where everyone was gathering by then.
Since that blessed Monday, the collaboration has started on all the many fronts that must be tackled all separately, but at the same time.
Phone calls, emails and reciprocal visits have been happening a lot already, and some of the preliminary administrative hurdles have been successfully passed, sometimes amazingly so.
The most important of those daily small or big miracles is the fact that… I’m still writing from the same house, still standing on its fragile little sand cliff with the same only few meters distance from the reach of the waves. The ocean is acting up a bit these days, no doubt, but until now not in too violent ways. So this morning it was in my house that we could have our meeting with one of the main Aurovilian journalists for the next issue of our monthly magazine, ‘Auroville Today’. I had with me for the interview not only my new ally the coordinator, but also my faithful ally of those last six years of struggle in Repos against the all-out commercialisation started by some new Aurovilians convinced that this was the right direction for Repos, and for Auroville at large. This long-time ally is a simple but good-hearted man from the local fishermen colonies, who as a boy joined the Auroville schools and as a young adult was accepted as Aurovilian. His preferred speciality is in the medical field (X-rays & EEG machines operator), but at present there is no such work for him so he helps me by organizing and supervizing the many tasks requiring teams of extra workers, whether to rebuild our fence or some of our huts. He and his lovely wife have two adorable small kids, whose presence is such a pure blessing that in and by itself it gives me faith in the future of this place.
Conversely, this Tamil Aurovilian has somehow faith in me, or rather in the sincerity he sees that I try to put in all that I do. And we share our faith in the Divine who is the real Doer behind and inside all of us down here…
So yes, if you too have been doing your part by sending your positive thoughts or prayers for the survival and recovery of this place, yes, your efforts have had good results, please continue, and receive all our deep gratitude for your so precious and powerful inner support…

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  1. Nina
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 23:27:31

    Reblogged this on Living Well and commented:
    There’s a good lesson to be gleaned about mindfulness and self care taking in here

    Thank you Bhaga for sharing part of your own internal resolution process

    but also, it’s a good lesson in remembering that it’s a good thing to delegate and accept help when it occurs

    i guess especially when we are so used to being the one providing the help
    makes it challenging to accept sometimes

    the lessons are endless ripples, eh?



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