Yet Repos Is So Beautiful… A Paradise To Be Saved

English: Young women looking at the Bay of Ben...

English: Young women looking at the Bay of Bengal at Puducherry, India Français : Jeunes femmes regardant le golfe du Bengale à Pondichéry, Inde (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It pains me to have now on my blog (see my previous post) those terrible pictures of imminent destruction on the seashore side, without having at the same time some pictures showing also the beauty and charm of the main part of Repos, still so captivating to most of the guests that they call this place ‘a paradise’ and keep coming back.
A young Indian couple, Apoorva and Deelipan, does just that, arriving again and again, just whenever they can, to spend some time here in the naturally restful setting and atmosphere of this place. Over the year that this has been going on, we have become good friends, and I have discovered that both of them, although she is from Mumbai, are students in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, right at the Pondicherry University situated only a few kilometers North of Repos along the same Coromandel Coast on the Bay of Bengal.
They have known Repos before the cyclone and after, and now also after the hard sea erosion of last June. They are very concerned, for the place in itself and for me particularly, with my house so dangerously close these days from the approaching ocean.
The  young woman did tell me once some months ago that she had been selected to be part of an International Youth Forum dealing with environmental issues, and that she wanted to mention Auroville and specifically Repos about the coastal erosion problem, but only three days ago did I start realizing the potential importance of that possible show-casing of Repos, its present condition and the various remedies being envisaged, that may need some kind of support also from this International Youth Forum to be realized.
I felt at once it was necessary that they come again as soon as possible, so that they would meet those Aurovilians who have recently started helping Repos, a team this young couple might then decide to join in their own way.
The problem was, I didn’t have their phone number or email address. How to contact them???
So strong was my feeling that they should come, I sensed very clearly a sort of beam of energy suddenly shooting out of my heart and going out into the universe, calling them!!! Nothing like that had ever happened to me before, and it happened on its own without any warning, so I was quite astonished, and chuckled to myself. So many strange things these days, this one was just one more to add to the growing list…
That was three nights ago.
Well, yesterday, the bell rang, and there they were, all smiles, at my doorstep.
I stared at them for a split second, and then exclaimed with joy: ‘Great!… You have come!…’
After I explained to them how I had actually ‘called’ them, they laughed with me at how well it had worked: one can indeed sense such things, they said, and I was glad to see they didn’t consider me nuts because of the unusual way I functioned. I pointed out that in our ongoing evolution as a species, it was this kind of capacities, among other things, that we had to deliberately train and develop in ourselves, especially we the people having chosen to live in Auroville.
During the ‘Early Breakfast’ at the Kitchen, they met indeed the new friends of Repos I had also alerted… through a normal phone call, in that case!…
We all had a very good talk, and then later on back in my house I talked again more personally with them, sharing my views of the way mentioning Auroville at that Forum could be a great idea, beneficial also to all the young delegates who would be there from so many countries, this time precisely here in India, and on the specific theme of Coastal Erosion.
It all starts on October 6th in a special place shared by India and Bengladesh, then from the 16th it will go on more centrally in Hyderabad.

You can see the website at this address:

You will find the name of my young friend, Apoorva Usha Kulkarni, among those of the 35 ‘Messengers’, she is the one from India, Union Territory of Pondicherry.


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