Usefulness of Living With the Divine

When one is just beginning to experience the Divine Presence, one would wish that it may happen all the time, so blissful  and fulfilling that inner contact is. But when it starts happening more and more often, to the point of becoming a continuous experience, then going on with all the normal activities of outer life becomes more and more problematic – or one has to be careful not to let oneself be totally immersed into the experience, for then its intensity would irresistibly engulf the consciousness in the Inner Reality, leaving no part of the attention or of the energy available for attending to anything in the outer world.
There comes a time when instead of having difficulties in interiorizing one’s consciousness, on the contrary one finds one’s consciousness more or less constantly pulled inward. Even the body and its cells, when they too have learned to feel the Divine Presence, may also have trouble resisting the inner pull and remaining tuned towards the outer reality. As I was writing these lines, several times I have had to stop for my consciousness needed to go within, and so did the consciousness of my body too. Only after a while every time was I able to ‘surface’ again in the physical world around me, my laptop, my desk, my tiny Research Office, my house, Repos, Auroville, India, the whole world, the Universe… and then the loop would close upon itself: from the Divine as the Infinite Beyond, my consciousness would sink back again into the Divine as the Intimate Presence of Love and Bliss within, and there I would remain absorbed again for another while…
This was yesterday night.
This morning the same state of divine intoxication is still overwhelmingly there, as soon as I allow myself to sink however slightly into that inner ocean of bliss… Luckily there are no guests just now, so I can indulge in that welcome inner vacation without having to keep myself available for whoever may need me. The employees are there, but they are more used to from time to time finding me in this kind of condition, my eyes having closed by themselves, my body immobile and unresponsive to outer calls. They probably suppose I am able to sleep really deep, even in daytime and in sitting position!… Anyway they know I am a bit weird, and being not only Indians but simple villagers, they are more apt to perceive something of my real condition, and respect it; but for most of the Westerners or more educated Indians who stay here as Guests, such a behaviour would be simply weird and unacceptable: the Guest-House Manager is supposed to be at their service, almost like a slave I would say; of course I’m not playing the part even if I see some of them expecting it; being in Auroville they shouldn’t have such expectations at all, and it’s good that with me at least those expectations are not fulfilled!… But I owe them some disponibility and normal care while I am their host. And I must seem ‘normal’ and be able to socialize a bit, otherwise most of them will feel uneasy and flee away from this strange place with these strange people!…
Blogging is one of the best activities when in that inner state. I am alone with myself, my body is at rest, with just the eyes and the fingers busy – in a relaxed way… I can stop for a while whenever need be, it disturbs no one. I have usually no stringent timetable for my writing for it would interfere with the inspiration I need to write anything.
Interruption for three hours: going to another Auroville beach settlement with Repos Support Group to meet the coordinator of the Auroville  Beach Erosion Control group that tried for the last few years, in vain until now, to get something done to protect this coast. Very cordial and fruitful exchange, a big file of documents to ingest and digest during the week-end by our Repos Support coordinator, who luckily knows already a lot in this field… The next steps after the week-end were also delineated, then everybody went back to their respective corners of Auroville. After a light lunch, I am back here at my Research desk.
It will be so great if we in Auroville manage to be instrumental in finding the right way to avoid further beach erosion in this whole area! That would indeed be an example to show-case, as in India not enough is done yet to protect the coasts…
What can be in all this the use of people like me, who are not good at technicalities ?…
Well, the one thing I can do, and have been indeed doing until now, is to keep loving this place and not abandoning it, be it during the cyclone last December, the tsunami alert a few weeks later, or during the hard, eroding waves of June, trying again to come strongly in the last ten days…
For quite a few people, it is what they see as my courage in staying here through all those hard situations that has decided them to help this place in whatever way they can.
It is true that to stay here can be scary at times. Still, I just can’t run away and abandon this poor place which has given me so much for so many years, and which I love.
Also, there is the faith I still have, in spite of all the disappointments, that the real solution will be found, and it will not be too expensive, nor too difficult to realize.
Since the situation has really become a bit dangerous here, two quotes from Sri Aurobindo keep coming to my mind and heart.
This one:
“So long as a cause has on its side one soul that is intangible in faith, it cannot perish.”
And this other one:
“All is not settled when a cause is humanly lost and hopeless; all is settled, only when the soul renounces its effort.”
(Thoughts & Aphorisms, # 254 & 270)
All right then, if in my lack of effectiveness on the material level this is the only role I can have to save this place, then I’ll have it.
If through the mere strength of my simple resolute presence here the Divine can attract and gather all the other persons, from near or far, who will be instrumental in saving Repos and this whole stretch of the beach, then let it be my role.
I only pray to be given the courage and endurance and patience to keep up the torch of the faith for as long as it will be necessary before the happy result comes.
This is an example of what living with the Divine can be useful for on this material plane. 

The divine essence

The divine essence (Photo credit: Guðskraftur)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nina
    Sep 21, 2012 @ 18:15:17

    yes, too often people – the customers – tend to forget that
    “customer service” is not the same as “customer servant”

    I relate to what you are talking about finding that balance between touching or being in tune with the inner journey’s destination – that pool of tranquility is divine

    crystal reflections on the water, as if winking and teasing – certainly inviting play and lingering lounging

    something about being in water or just imagining visualizing it
    restorative like being in the womb

    perhaps that’s the psychological cascade, a tapping into that sense of returning to source



    • Bhaga
      Sep 22, 2012 @ 04:46:42

      By the manner you describe how it feels, I see you now begin to know something of what I am talking about… What a great change in you!…
      And as that Source is in fact omnipresent and as that Womb encompasses All That Is, it is also our Oneness that we feel and are again in that way. Isn’t that wonderful!



  2. Nina
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 09:23:29

    yes, on many levels

    hugs, Nina



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