The Inner Meaning I See in What Happened Here Recently

Of course as always what has happened here over the last few weeks is not to be seen superficially, but in the context of the evolutive purpose of the very existence of Auroville as a whole, and, within that whole, of my own individual existence as well.
I am certainly not a daredevil trying to prove myself to the world or to my own eyes. I am not the adventurous type, rather the opposite. But whether scared or not, if I see and feel clearly that I must take a certain stand/do a certain action, I can’t help but doing it!… It has been the same already when I came to Auroville: I was terribly scared, actually I thought I was completely mad to go live in a place where everything would be so difficult, but at the same time I knew that this was the only choice for me, the only decision worth taking, the one that would really make the most out of this present lifetime I had finally decided to go on living. So although all the rest of my being was scared, my soul still won, and dragged all the rest, kicking and screaming, all the way to India, because that’s where Auroville was, and my soul wanted to participate in Auroville.
So I am not really brave at all, as some people believe: I wish they were right!… In fact my soul only is brave, the other parts of my being just have to follow, that’s all, however miserable they may feel doing so. Same thing about my so called strong will-power: it’s not strong at all, it’s just that I find myself sometimes saying or doing things with great force from some inner strength, while I am astonished at saying or doing those things without having had any conscious intention of doing or saying them…! Yet, there is a kind of inner certainty that this is the correct thing for me to say or do at that moment, and it is that inner certitude that gives me this unexpected strength against even the opinion of the bewildered others, or physical circumstances.
As for those others, they too are playing their role, whether knowingly or not, in this overall script that will have the best possible result for the inner growth of each of us and for the whole process of our collective evolution as well. Auroville is but one sub-play inside the overall  terrestrial Play at this point of its linear time, illusory but agreed upon by all participants as indispensable to the acting out of the Play.
I’ll explain what I feel I myself and Auroville have progressed upon through these recent events:
I was not quite sure I was really detached enough to let go of that house without much emotional distress if ever it became necessary; well, it did become necessary, and so I was able to see how well I took this loss, which at some point seemed bound to happen quite inevitably. I  can say now that I really was not terribly affected; on the other hand even after moving out to this other house because the worst of the cyclone was still to come according to the meteo, still something in me kept having more faith in the Divine than in the meteorological predictions, and I slept soundly that night… only to discover the next morning that no cyclone had happened and that my house, o complete delight, was still in the vertical position.
Yet the slight threat to the front foundations was still the same, and that is what motivated at last one capable person to intervene without waiting any further.
The funny thing is that at first, like all the others who had come before to urge me to move out, etc, he too came back from looking at those front foundations, saying something like ‘oh my god, what a terrible weather and a dangerous situation’, etc etc; but I suddenly couldn’t take it anymore, I just exploded, and blasted the poor guy right in front of the other persons who were there that morning at the Kitchen:
 ‘Stop this!!! Stop this nonsense!!! Of course it will go on like this if all of you keep imagining only that it will, instead of imagining deliberately another outcome, another possible future for this house, for this whole place!!! All those negative thoughts do nothing but attract the catastrophes they predict and anticipate, so please, if you really want to help, first stop this !…’
He was so stunned by my words, which he at once realized were right, it turned him around completely, and he decided there and then that he would not only change his thinking, but also add some immediate action to insure a more positive future: he would take up the protection of my house.
And so he did the very next day.
The email he at the same time sent around to all our major administrative Groups in Auroville had a contagious effect, and they too joined in that effort, each one in its own independant way; the interesting thing is that all of it became a concerted effort and a collaboration that no one had envisaged before, but which nevertheless happened, for the good of Auroville as a whole, I believe, breaking at last through the inertia and apathy that had been until then the only collective response to our plight on the beach.
Then the ocean itself in the following days became so calm I was able to go again in the water, and even to float and swim blissfully on my back, something I had not been doing since many months because the ocean was too rough!…
Next came the change in direction of the current, and the waves starting to deposit sand instead of taking it away!!! Day after day the high cliff dug out all along the shore became less high, it was being filled, and by now there is almost no difference in level anymore.
What a complete change.
Even the expected cyclone’s disappearance may have had to do with a change in way of thinking on the part of all the friends of mine who had come just before, nearly mourning me already, and insistently proposing to me other refuges more inland, in their own places for example; to all I had as patiently as I could explained how their own worrying thoughts were actually likely to make the very result they dreaded become true, and I had urged them to start countering any dire meteorological prediction by deliberate thoughts of a more positive script. Perhaps they all did start to do just that afterwards regarding this anticipated cyclone, and that sent it away indeed!!!
In any case, that time, not having my laptop, I didn’t have any possibility of calling upon you all, visitors to this blog who in other occasions had helped inwardly with such magnificent results; so that time it must have been just my own faith plus the changed thought of those other Aurovilians that were enough to push the danger away… With as always the help of the Divine Grace of course.
Well, all this experimentation with our collective thoughts has been for me a most fascinating thing to watch over this year, every time with a significant outcome… Thanks to all for their participation in this  spontaneously extended research work somehow sparked by this humble blog for the Laboratory of Evolution not only in Auroville itself, but all over the planet!… So, congratulations, and please keep at it, especially when you are not hearing anymore from me, which is generally a sign of trouble, as you may have noticed…!


English: Beautiful view of Pondicherry Aurovil...

English: Beautiful view of Pondicherry Auroville Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sushrut
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 11:26:47

    A sense of joy i felt ,as i read –
    These words of the path that you tread,
    Of the inner life’s journey towards light
    To an outsider , they give the seeker’s insight .



  2. Sushrut
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 11:34:20

    A sense of joy i felt ,as i read –
    These words of the path that you tread,
    Of the inner life’s journey towards light
    To an outsider , they give the seeker’s insight . 🙂



  3. Sushrut
    Dec 06, 2012 @ 16:10:40

    commented twice by mistake….Thank You _/|\_ .Glad you liked it ..:P



  4. Bhaga
    Dec 27, 2012 @ 05:07:45

    So now I need to log in again for posting a new text…



  5. Anneli Karlsten Montin
    Dec 27, 2012 @ 18:08:25

    Bhaga, thanks for your blog posts, I find them peaceful, funny and curious, and also deeply interesting. I found Olga Kharitidis book about Altai, Umai etc really fascinating, and it reminded me that we can approach the truth about life’s reality from different angles, and still find the same source in the bottom.
    I wonder now, are you familiar with the work of Machaelle Wright? I have studied her books and workshops for some 6 years now, and use what I have learned from there daily. She is in conscious contact with the intelligence within form around (and within) us, and she simply describes her experiences and what she has come to understand about this aspect of life. She calls it nature intelligence, and it is the conscious life that is all form (more specifically the devic level that designs the forms, the nature spirit level that inhabits and lives in the forms). We humans have our free will, but not the all-covering knowledge about balance. We may be in contact with this nature intelligence unconsciously (when we follow our gut instinct) and create some really good things, or we may be far from in contact with it, and just go ahead and create very unbalanced versions of our intentions.
    Here, in this conclusion of her discoverings, it is not that we are making manifestations happen, we are not “gods”, but instead nature follows our intentions, our focus, and simply create it for us according to the choices we make with our free will, in order for us to learn from what we just created. We get to know ourselves, and now it is also time, urges Machaelle (after being deeply involved in communicating with nature for 35 years, and to apply their knowledge), to get to know nature intelligence. We are equal, co-creative partners in an involutionary/evolutionary balance, where we make the decisions in what to do and what to create here in our daily lives and on earth, meanwhile nature supplies the matter, means and action to make it come into five sense form. If we keep neglecting all the immediate and all-covering knowledge about dynamic balance in life (in every level of existence, micro and macro), we keep creating very unbalanced results around us. If we start turning to the intelligence within form, and ask “How is it appropriate to build this house/vehicle/garden?”, then we get results that are highly balanced.

    I both wanted to present you with this concept and hear your thoughts or maybe even experiences from this, and also I wanted to let you know where I come from in my view of life (as a way to present myself at the same time, since I don’t have any blog of my own yet, which by the way seems really stimulating to have…) :).

    Kindest regards, Anneli, Sweden



  6. Bhaga
    Dec 28, 2012 @ 02:09:28

    Hello, Anneli! Glad to meet you!
    Thank you for your appreciative remarks about the contents of my blog. As far as I am concerned I write anyway, that’s something that is part of me, whether some other people are going to read it or not. But of course if I receive some appreciative feedback, it is all the more encouraging and rewarding to feel that what I am writing is of interest and use for some others. Also, as in the case of this comment of yours, various other points of view might be presented by some of those others, and a mutually enriching dialogue may start.
    Do you mind if I post your comment and the answer I will give to you, as my next post, so that the topic you bring up is given due exposure?



  7. Anneli Karlsten Montin
    Jan 10, 2013 @ 10:34:53

    Absolutely, I will be glad to “hear” your response! 🙂



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