A Spiritual Experience Lived by a 7 Year Old Child

Translation of  “Une Experience Spirituelle Vecue par un Enfant de Sept Ans”

Having reread at one go last night a remarkable little book about the premonitory signs given by a six year old child about her impending death and her rapid return a few years later to the same parents, I remembered an also very remarkable account by David Spangler (a famous spiritual author connected for a time to Findhorn), of the extraordinary experience he had in Morocco one day of his childhood. I’ve never had but in French the later book in which David gave this account, so it is in French that I offer it here, hoping that the same text is in English somewhere on the internet for my English-speaking visitors … but that, I can check only when the internet connection will allow me first of all to post on my blog the French text as follows (replaced here by this translation, a corrected and improved version of the Google Translate text obligingly contributed by regular visitor Nina):

“We are in 1952, I am 7 years old, and on that day I’m driving with my parents, from the air base in Nouasseur to Casablanca for shopping. It is a journey that we have done many times, and I’m sitting in the back, watching the scenery.
Suddenly I am overcome by an energy that is flowing through my body, and I feel myself swell up like a balloon. Before I could realize what is happening, I am out of my body, that I surround though. Looking down and at the same time inwards, in some way, I see my physical form and my parents and our car, which become smaller and smaller, until they disappear completely. And then I find myself alone in a field of continuous white light …
Thus began one of the most powerful and most important experiences in my life. It happened without warning, and seemed like hours (actually a few seconds), giving me a vision of reality different from the one I had before.
I went through four well-defined steps. First of all, a sense of awakening, as if I was coming out of sleep, to perceive the sense of my own identity, which was not that of David Spangler, an inhabitant of the earth, with clear boundaries, but pure entity, which was one with the light around me and with creation. At the same time, I felt a deep joy, a feeling of liberation and jubilation, while boundaries were disappearing.
Then the light became still clearer in some way and I entered the last phase, I could “see” myself (but it was not quite a visual perception). However, the “me” that I perceived was not a body, but a configuration, at the center of which I was, an observer. In this scheme there were other personalities, some which seemed to be physical forms, but most seemed to be sets of qualities. At that moment I understood that they represented other aspects of myself, other lives, other experiences I had lived or that I’ll live, what I called in my earthly vocabulary the future. At the same time I caught a glimpse of births and deaths that I had lived and although I did not recognize any historical character, what manifested itself was a clear manifestation of the eternity of the soul and continuity of self beyond the physical dimension.
Until then it was just as if I woke up in a strange room, but a known one, and I looked around me to get a sense of orientation. I had the feeling of remembering, of remembering in the purest sense of the term. But as soon as I could find my orientation the situation changed and I entered in the third step. Configurations, lives, and even the light in which I was immersed, everything disappeared. Instead, I found myself in a state that I am unable to visually describe, except to say that I was in the embrace of a great presence. In this presence, everything seemed to be a profound unity, filled with love and serenity indescribable and irresistible power.
As if a curtain had risen, I had the visual perception of the universe, a big wheel made of stars and galaxies, all bathed in the golden light of billions of suns, all floating in a sea of spirit. It was as if I could see through the eyes of that presence, and as if for a moment we were one. At that moment I was united with everything that existed, every atom, every stone, every world, every star, seeing the creation not from a great distance, but from the inside, as if it were my own body, my own being. More powerful still than this perception was the consciousness that I had of the creativity flowing in all that I saw, of the joyous embrace of life and its blooming, the pace reminded me of a ball with its music and dancers, as they draw intricate configurations, changing and constantly unfolding.
And then I entered the final stage. Borne away by the cosmic dance, I saw from above both the earth and myself, David. At that moment I felt in myself the intent of being David, the will to be born that had preceded my current identity, my physical life, and that had given it life. I felt the link between that intent and all those configurations that were deployed in the creation, all in relation with what I call the “rightness of being born.” At the same time I came to feel a great love, not only for David but for all manifestations of human life, for all the drama and purpose of human existence, for the choice made by each soul, to incarnate, to be part of the dance unique to this planet. Then raised by the power of this situation, this love, I felt I was moving forward, when I found myself in my body, still looking out the window.
I kept from this experience two lasting impressions that have since influenced my life. The first is the consciousness of the spirit of life and creativity  that goes through everything that exists, and of my relationship with this spirit. It is a perception of the presence of God in creation and of unity through that presence. The second is the awareness of another part of myself, which is much larger than my personality; it is a deeper self, which is present in eternity, just as my daily self is present in time “.


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  1. Bhaga
    Jan 07, 2013 @ 02:05:43

    I hope this translation is okay… It always feels terrible to be re-translating into English someone else’s text originally written already in English as his/her mother-tongue!…
    Sorry David Spangler if you ever read what I have done with my poor English!!!



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