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A very interesting comment by a visitor having until now never expressed herself, prompts me to take up the topic she talks about, as the subject of this next post on my Research Blog:

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Anneli Karlsten Montin commented on The Inner Meaning I See in What Happened Here RecentlyBhaga, thanks for your blog posts, I find them peaceful, funny and curious, and also deeply interesting. I found Olga Kharitidis book about Altai, Umai etc really fascinating, and it reminded me that we can approach the truth about life’s reality from different angles, and still find the same source in the bottom.
I wonder now, are you familiar with the work of Machaelle Wright? I have studied her books and workshops for some 6 years now, and use what I have learned from there daily. She is in conscious contact with the intelligence within form around (and within) us, and she simply describes her experiences and what she has come to understand about this aspect of life. She calls it nature intelligence, and it is the conscious life that is all form (more specifically the devic level that designs the forms, the nature spirit level that inhabits and lives in the forms). We humans have our free will, but not the all-covering knowledge about balance. We may be in contact with this nature intelligence unconsciously (when we follow our gut instinct) and create some really good things, or we may be far from in contact with it, and just go ahead and create very unbalanced versions of our intentions.
Here, in this conclusion of her discoverings, it is not that we are making manifestations happen, we are not “gods”, but instead nature follows our intentions, our focus, and simply create it for us according to the choices we make with our free will, in order for us to learn from what we just created. We get to know ourselves, and now it is also time, urges Machaelle (after being deeply involved in communicating with nature for 35 years, and to apply their knowledge), to get to know nature intelligence. We are equal, co-creative partners in an involutionary/evolutionary balance, where we make the decisions in what to do and what to create here in our daily lives and on earth, meanwhile nature supplies the matter, means and action to make it come into five sense form. If we keep neglecting all the immediate and all-covering knowledge about dynamic balance in life (in every level of existence, micro and macro), we keep creating very unbalanced results around us. If we start turning to the intelligence within form, and ask “How is it appropriate to build this house/vehicle/garden?”, then we get results that are highly balanced.I both wanted to present you with this concept and hear your thoughts or maybe even experiences from this, and also I wanted to let you know where I come from in my view of life (as a way to present myself at the same time, since I don’t have any blog of my own yet, which by the way seems really stimulating to have…) :).Kindest regards, Anneli, Sweden

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At the time of writing this, my internet connection, as often, isn’t working, so I have been unable to go and check anything yet about Machaelle Wright, but I guess I can still start answering Anneli just from the viewpoint on this offered by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, as well as from the direct experience I happen to have had myself about this for many years.
What is certainly a distinctive aspect of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s evolutive vision and work is that:
1/ it includes the transformation of Matter too, and
2/ this transformation of Matter is to happen through a gradual awakening of the consciousness that has been present since ever in Matter itself, just as in every other level of the One Reality there is.
In this blog, what I mostly speak of regarding this, is the awakening of our body-cells’ consciousness, because this new development is already a fact difficult enough for most people to become used to, for a start!…
But Evolution is definitely not concerned with us Humans only, the new Consciousness-Force now at work everywhere on this planet is affecting everything.
Moreover, the very reason why it was indispensable for this new Energy to be activated at last in the atmosphere and very substance of the Earth, was that only this Supramental Energy, and not the other energies activated one after the other for the previous steps of terrestrial evolution, would have the power necessary for the consciousness in Matter itself to finally awaken back to its own secret divine nature. Without this awakening and divinisation of Matter too, one could never really speak of a ‘Life Divine’ upon Earth, for our poor physical bodies would be condemned to remaining in their present condition, which is far from being divine, with the constant and ineluctable threat of wound, disease or death. The tremendous unused potential that even scientists are starting to see in our DNA and in the normal immortality of our body-cells would remain only that: an unused potential.
In the past some of us humans had been awakening at other levels of our being, thanks to the growing activity of the spirit within each of us, for Evolution kept leading us forward, as a species too, into a life more and more influenced and guided from within by our innermost being: our soul.
But our physical body and generally all things physical were still considered off limits for this gradual spiritualisation of our being: Matter in itself was still believed to be alien and opposed to the Spirit, and devoid of consciousness.
This is changing, though. More and more of our renowned contemporary scientists now refute the materialistic dogma that is still the official basis of our therefore obviously futile attempts to understand the world in which we live, and ourselves within that world: more and more experiments everywhere show the undeniable presence of some form of consciousness, and even of will-power and capacity of choice, in everything, down to the quantum particles that are the very constituents of Matter.
The work of Pr. Amit Goswamy is particularly revealing and daring in this regard.
But we who concern ourselves, not in abstractions, but in what can be practically done already in our lives dedicated to Conscious Evolution, will not wait for the mainstream scientists to finally acknowledge the truth: with or without their permission, we will immediately take advantage of all the possibilities offered to us by this factual truth that Spirit and Matter are actually one, two forms of the very same unique Reality that everything there is, is part of.
Since ever there have been human beings capable of contacting the vibratory contents left in objects (rings, for example) by those who at some point used them on a daily basis, and of restituting the experiential origin of those vibratory ‘recordings’, with all the vividness of the visual and emotional situation, be it from centuries or millennia ago, a capacity known as Psychometry today.
And even more commonly, every modern man who has taken care of his beloved car like so many of them still do in spite of living in a ‘consumers’ society’ that pushes them to change their car again and again; most men build a relationship with their car that they know is really reciprocated by the car in some way, as crazy as this may seem to a dry rational mind. I remember a wonderful book by Lyall Watson that focused on that particularity of objects in general to last longer or remain in better condition than normal, because of the amount of actual tenderness their owners bestow upon them. In Lyall Watson’s findings, the opposite was true too: there were many cases of objects of all kinds taking revenge, so to say, on their careless or brutal owners by finding ways to hurt them or sometimes even kill them if they could manage that!!!
When I read that book, I was not surprised by those findings: in our little world of Auroville, I am well-known for the uncanny way the objects and clothes I use last much longer than they generally do for other people. I must say I am indeed the caring type to an especially high degree, and build up a little relationship with everything that is part of my daily world, and this may include sometimes everything I happen to come in contact with outside of my world.
Some other Aurovilians, not to mention all the ‘normal ‘ persons I also meet, probably consider me a bit queer if they see me saying a few words to the object I hold, or caressing it briefly the way I would an animal pet, but I know I am right, and my body knows it too: just as I am writing this, the body-cells in both my hands, although quite busy typing all these words for me on my laptop, still communicated fervently their own approval to me by suddenly warming up and sending to my central consciousness the memory of a totally unexpected (as usual…) but so moving experience I had years ago:
I was doing the dishes; and I was not doing the dishes consciously at that precise moment, I was doing them as unconsciously as anybody else would who is not leading a life of Conscious Evolution. I must have been preoccupied by some stupid usual human reason for being preoccupied, so instead of paying attention to what I was doing, I was washing those dishes with my mind somewhere else… when suddenly my attention was brought back to what was really happening – for something was indeed happening, something very special, down there in that sink, between my hands and those dishes they were washing: my hands – not me, but my hands – were full of love, radiating it quietly but so strongly it was the intense feeling of that love that had pulled my attention back there; slowly, lovingly, they were caressing the dishes they were washing, with as much tenderness and care as a mama would her child; and the cups and plates and bowls were responding joyously to their touch, and sending back love too to them, it was a wonderful flow of love from matter to matter, like a dance of love within Matter itself, so utterly sweet and moving that a few tears of soul joy rolled down my cheeks, while I was witnessing this so simple, yet so miraculous little event happening silently in that sink, on this small planet, in this tiny corner of the universe…

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  2. Monica Fabian
    May 24, 2013 @ 09:09:15

    Where can I find out, when Olga Kharitidi has workshops ?
    I don’t find her webside !

    Thank you very much !

    Monica Fabian



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